Social media for businesses is here to stay. According to current figures, almost 84% of B2B marketers use social advertising, which is second only to search engines in terms of success. The social sphere has a lot to offer B2B brands, from cultivating consumers to exercising industry influence.

However, it can’t be denied that B2B social media marketing is challenging. Fortunately, we have created a guide to assist B2B brands in developing a successful social strategy.

Start with LinkedIn

Facebook is the only social media network that B2B marketers use more frequently than LinkedIn. For one thing, LinkedIn offers a lot of prospects with a conversion rate that B2B specialists view as promising if you work on your marketing.

The secret to creating lasting relationships with clients is empathy. Additionally, with the adequate technological stack, businesses may modify their sales strategies to take advantage of LinkedIn for remote selling, utilizing technologies for face-to-face conversation to detect the tiny signs that promote trust. Moreover, they can guarantee that everyone has internal access to real-time data and can work together to discuss successes and difficulties.

Start your winning outreach with the leads that follow your company. They are already familiar with your brand and that makes them qualified to a great extent.

But before you start, make sure you have the right tools for LinkedIn marketing. You will need help from a good tool that can work for your LinkedIn sales and marketing efforts. With it, you can automate repetitive tasks and get analytics so that you know how you’re performing on the platform.

TikTok is important for B2B marketers too

A Comprehensive Guide to B2B Social Media Strategy

Unquestionably, one of the most important components of internet marketing and advertising nowadays is video. We enjoy watching videos in our spare time, which increases the likelihood to interact with the brand and business-related videos.

That’s where TikTok comes into play.

You may quickly create a video to broadcast on TikTok if any aspect of your company process is entertaining to watch.

Moreover, you can publish video clips on a variety of topics such as:

    • Product tutorials
    • Industry insights
    • Brief interviews with your internal specialists
    • Guidance on how to solve a problem
    • Quick tips and tricks that highlight your leadership

Better yet, switch up the kind of videos you make so you can entice new viewers with engaging content.

TikTok is a fantastic tool for humanizing your brand, which may be particularly helpful for “dry” industries or businesses that have trouble explaining a highly technical service.

If it becomes difficult to acquire a lot of TikTok followers, make sure you consult professionals that know the platform very well and have proven experience in the niche. Remember, do not take shortcuts, you need real users.

Don’t forget Instagram

Instagram is an already established platform and it only makes sense for your business to use it with the aim of boosting its reach and acquiring new leads.

Instagram is a flexible tool, but posting without a plan won’t get you the results you want. Knowing the ultimate objective will aid in the planning of your strategy and the customization of your posts.

Moreover, spend time and money creating high-quality content and treat each Instagram post as a mini-campaign. Your ROI will immediately increase as a result of this. Prioritize quality over quantity. Five high-quality photos every week are preferable to three average ones per day.

Facebook is still in the game

A Comprehensive Guide to B2B Social Media Strategy

Although Facebook is more widely used as a social networking site, it also has an active user base that is more inclined to share, like, or comment on a post.

Facebook Business Pages are a fantastic way to tell prospects about your business and products while also stimulating their curiosity. Creating Facebook Business Pages or Product Pages can raise awareness of your brand (or products) and provide information on the features, advantages, and offers of your products.

When it comes to B2B demand generation, Facebook Communities and Groups are quite effective.

Because they are short on time, the B2B audience prefers to interact with content that is useful. They can be motivated by Facebook Communities and Groups focused on particular subjects, which will result in a highly targeted and interested audience.

Include Twitter marketing too

Twitter gives you the chance to connect with your target market when they’re on the go. The main focus of the platform is on mobile devices.

Moreover, the platform is primarily based on short-form content. Despite the fact that there are now 280 characters available instead of the initial 140, this is obviously not a format for lengthy readings.

Give your target audience bite-sized material that will grab their attention rather than trying to jam your message into a tiny box.

The best videos are those that last for around 15 seconds. Or perhaps you could share a quotation from an authority figure or some of your own content.

Of course, you should always aim to entice viewers to return to your website, but keep in mind that even if they do, they’ll still likely be using a mobile device. So, make sure to optimize your messaging for mobile screens.


You’re losing out if your B2B business doesn’t have a social media strategy. Finding your audience and developing your brand can be much easier if you apply what you have just seen in this article.

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