Otherwise commonly referred to as abrasive blasting, this technique has long been used in various industries, from automotive and marine to construction and manufacturing. The process requires sophisticated machines that make the task easier and quicker than usual, perfect for large-volume applications and mass production.

For instance, many professionals are nowadays investing in high-quality automated sandblasting equipment that achieves the best surface preparation in the shortest possible time. It boosts productivity, reduces manual labor, and delivers consistent results, making it an incredible asset to the industry.

The following points elaborate more on this equipment and how it makes life easy for workers in diverse fields.

About the process

In simple terms, it is a surface finishing or preparation procedure involving specific powered machinery to accurately spray abrasive materials onto a surface using high air or liquid pressure.

It is called sandblasting because silica sand was the first media used when this technique was created years ago. But this media is rarely, if ever, used anymore, primarily due to safety concerns, with silica posing a risk to human health. Also, it has low recyclability value, turning into dust upon impact with the surface. Invariably, synthetic or manufactured media is widely used today.

Besides adding texture to finished concrete, the method is widely preferred to clean and prep steel structures and other metal objects. Also, the media used in the blasting process often changes depending on the specific project. For instance, you can use abrasive plastic or steel with hot water to remove grease or rust from a surface. Alternatively, glass beads can help eliminate calcium deposits from tiles and other places.

Diverse equipment and their uses

Although there are many machines to choose from, you should determine what you need it for and check the features to ensure it is the right one for your needs. For instance, you can choose an automated one if you wish to produce a large number of parts with minimal labor. Alternatively, you can select a blast cabinet that can be automated if necessary.

The following are some popular ones you might find interesting to know about.

    • Rotary head table blasters – You can load small or large batches of parts of various sizes and shapes, choose the cycle time, and allow the machine to complete the task effectively.
    • Inline conveyor systems – It is excellent for continuous processes, ensuring diverse parts are blasted evenly regardless of their complex structure. You can choose the speed and stream exposure to serve large volumes of pieces simultaneously.
    • Inline basket blasters – Going further than the manual variant, these machines incorporate a continually-fed process, quickly preparing several small parts simultaneously as they tumble within.
    • Pipe and cylinder blasters – They can work simultaneously on the inside and outside surfaces of huge pipes and cylinders with remarkable precision.

Investing in a dust collection and filtration machine is advisable as it can keep the workstation and the environment debris-free.

Always buy from a trusted supplier

It is prudent to choose a reputable manufacturer for your automated sandblasting equipment needs, as it will ensure you receive the best product and support for your money. Also, many professional suppliers custom-make other machines that your work may require, enabling you to avail yourself of several top-grade items at affordable prices. You can check their product list and quality guarantee, ask for a quote, and find other relevant details to know if they meet your specific needs.

Typically, it is best to opt for companies that serve various industries, such as aerospace, construction, civil engineering, railway and other transit, military, shipyards, etc., indicating they have experience creating equipment for all sorts of needs. Also, ensure they provide repair and maintenance services besides installation and technical support, allowing first-time buyers to get the hang of the machines quickly.

Finally, choosing someone who also provides spare parts is essential, as it will ensure you always have working units.

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