As a manager of a large business, you have several departments under your wing. You acknowledge that you are not an expert in the functions carried out by each valuable section of the company, but you are confident in those that oversee them.

While most certainly not an authority in the field of IT and software development, you do understand the risks of cyber security. You happen to have lunch with the head of the development team and try to broaden your knowledge by asking her some basic questions to understand. Part of the conversation centred about the importance of web application security testing.

You have read about other larger companies than your own coming under attack from cyber attacks that take down their websites for what is a significant time. Having the installation of quality security testing is invaluable for some of the following 8 reasons.

    1. It ensures that some of the information that is entered into the website remains confidential such as customer data which only authorised developers and users should have access to.
    2. Having a robust system in place to carry out web application security testing ensures that such testing can take place all the way from the initial coding right through to the website entering the cloud in the public domain.
    3. By installing a system such as GuardRails it allows that work can be continued while testing takes place with only important alerts bothering the IT team, rather than worrying them about meaningless snags. Instead, they might like to concentrate on web design tips to highlight your brand.
    4. Cyber attackers are always lurking, so having a proven system in place is crucial to prevent your information being compromised and used in a malicious nature.
    5. Because the attacks are undetectable to the naked eye, a system such as GuardRails, initially developed by a professional hacker, who used his knowledge to ensure security for clients, will find security issues.
    6. A quality security testing system allows the software development team to concentrate on their work without any worries, while management can make informed decisions, set budgets, and designate correct time periods for projects safe in the knowledge that no time or money is being wasted.
    7. Using the very best web security systems allows guidance to spot vulnerabilities, the provision to customise it to fit your needs, a quick hassle free set up and immediate detection of any issues. All of which allows you some quality downtime with the whole team.
    8. GuardRails is up there with the very best security options as it is compatible with many version control systems, programming language, framework, database, and integrated development environment.

Web application security testing is crucial for your website and the integrity of your company, which relies on offering a service and retaining the confidence of all clients. Having insecure software would be a ridiculous conception when quality systems like GuardRail are available. Having such a software solution provides security with minimal effort without any time being lost.

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