Let’s face it, mowing the lawn is not a favourite job for any homeowner; unless, of course, they have a ride-on mower, which really is a game-changer; rather than spending a couple of hours pushing and grunting, you simply ride over your lawn on a state-of-the-art mower in less than half an hour and it’s job done!

If you are looking to replace that ancient push mower, here are a few reasons to opt for a ride-on machine.

    1. Zero Turn – Check out the amazing John Deere zero turn ride-on mower, which turns on a sixpence, eliminating the need to trim around trees and along fence lines. Older models left a circle of grass at least 6 inches around a tree and if you have lots of trees, that’s a lot of clipping or strimming. Zero turn mowers have a special front axle, with wheels that revolve on an axis, making the mower turn on itself.
    2. Safety – Sitting astride a John Deere ride-on mower is far safer than pushing a machine, as debris can be thrown from the side, which could cause injury. Of course, you should read the user manual for any grass cutting machine you buy before using the equipment; better safe than sorry. Simply put, sitting on top is safer than standing behind.
    3. Time-saving – No one wants to spend half the day mowing the lawn; investing in a ride-on means you get to spend more quality time with your family. A 54-inch cut width means the lawn is soon finished and the height of the cut is fully adjustable, which means you can cut long grass once, then lower the cut and give it another run. Add up the time you save in a year and that’s a lot of downtime to add to your experience. Click here to learn about the benefits of CNC machining.
    4. Help your neighbours – Most of your neighbours will be working out when they cut the grass and won’t have the luxury of a ride; some prefer it that way but there will be some who will welcome your offer to run over their lawn! You’ll be the most popular guy on your street, that’s for sure! Then there’s family members; hook up your trailer and take your John Deere ride-on to their place and give them a surprise. You don’t have to tell them you really enjoy it anyway!
    5. Professional finish – If you pride yourself on the condition of your lawn, the ride-on is for you; a powerful V-Twin motor drives the cutters, with speeds up to 11kph. If you would like to try out any of the John Deere mowers, start by Googling the nearest showroom and make an appointment via the website or just turn up. Your garden maintenance will never be the same again!

Two years limited warranty awaits the new owner of a John Deere ride-on mower, which is built to the highest standards, as you would expect from a leading name in agricultural machinery.

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