Located on the banks of the Columbia River, Vancouver, WA, is a city with no state taxes. It is why many retirees call Vancouver, WA, their home. The city also has a low business license fee of $200 and attracts many budding entrepreneurs. Small businesses make up about 95% of the city’s economy. You, too, can start your business and reap the benefits of low taxes and the thriving economy of the city of Vancouver.

A website is almost customary for any business these days. With most business being done virtually, thanks to the COVID-19 restrictions, you too need good website design Vancouver, WA, to take your business to new heights. Here are the five elements that your website design should have.

Device Optimization

Over half of the global web traffic was generated through mobile devices in Q2 of 2021. Thanks to the advent of smartphones, they are a go-to for anything from information to entertainment and even good health. People turn to their smartphones as they are compact, easy to use and provide instant gratification for information. Therefore, when you consider website design, you need to make sure that you optimize it for all devices.

Need For Speed

Vancouver is a thriving economy, and the citizens are constantly looking for valuable and credible information on various subjects. To deliver to the needs of millions searching for various products and services, a website that is fast and efficient is crucial.

To explain this further, say you run a travel company, and your website lists the attractions in Vancouver, WA. Travelers trying to access this information will be put off if the site takes time to load. Your users will immediately switch to a faster one. A 100-millisecond delay can cause conversion rates to drop by 7%. With so much competition out there, swiftness becomes a basic necessity, not a luxury.  

Avoid Clutter

You are spoiled for choice regarding the plug-ins you can add to your website design in Vancouver, but it is advisable to use them stringently. Too many pop-ups can be jarring. Keeping a minimalist approach when it comes to your website is sensible. It is also a good idea to let there be white space so that your customers can focus on the vital elements of the website. Instead, provide meaningful content that customers find useful.

Search Engine Optimization

The significance of an effective SEO strategy is obvious but needs to be reinforced. You cannot put too much SEO into your website. The internet is dynamic, and you need to keep up, or you will wither away. Constantly optimizing your content to meet the latest SEO trends will give you a top ranking. Using meta tags and alt tags can go a long way in making it web-friendly.

Hamburger Menus

Your menus can be quite long based on your service offerings, but you can still keep your website design in Vancouver, WA, clean by using hamburger menus. They drop when you hover over them and close when you move away. It makes navigation easy without taking up too much space on your homepage. It is beneficial for mobile devices as the screen is much smaller.

Your website is the gateway to your business, and how you design it can play a vital role in its success. You can use the website design tips mentioned above to ensure a good website that attracts users and keeps them there. To ensure your website is optimized in the best possible way with minimum wastage of resources, you can also consider taking the help of a professional web marketing agency. The experts in the field of web marketing would be able to offer the best optimization advice and services in consonance with the prevailing trends and upgrade your website to bear the best market results.

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