The glitz and glam of owning your own business are part of what drives so many people towards this path. While there are many upsides to entrepreneurship, often what you are not seeing are the many layers that go into the overall process and career path in general. Hearing success stories and reading about business owners and how they got to where they are is great for inspiration and motivation, but be sure that you also understand what it takes to get to that point. If you currently own your own business or are considering breaking into this sector, you need to make sure that you understand that doing so is more than just putting your name on a building.

Education is Critical

You can start your own business with little to no education but there is some truth to the saying that knowledge is power. While entrepreneurs may not seek out advanced degrees or MBA’s, going to college to earn an undergraduate degree can help set you up for entrepreneurship in many ways beyond just your education making it a critical step in the journey. If this feels financially out of reach don’t fear the need for loan assistance.

It is rare that anyone is able to pay cash out of pocket to fund an entire degree so if that also applies to you, know that you are in the majority. If you are unfamiliar with the loan process you can utilize the internet to do the shopping for you so that you can ensure you are getting the best deal. You can shop personalized rates on student loans in one online marketplace which is also great for efficiency as well as your finances.

The Demands are High

When you own your own business, you want to have your hands in everything, but that can put you in a tricky spot. While it is true that the best entrepreneurs understand their businesses inside and out, those same individuals also understand the importance of not being spread too thin. The two sides of entrepreneurship are going to have your emotions running high right along with the demands of your role.

Time management skills are going to help you out a ton in your efforts to balance being involved with taking a step back when necessary. Knowing which parts of your business you need to pour yourself into, and which parts you can hire someone to manage either in-house or through outsourcing is going to ensure that you have the most energy for the most essential tasks. The worst mistake you can make is being too insistent that you spearhead every single element, this is not sustainable in terms of your mental, emotional, and physical health, and it is also counterproductive to growth and innovation which all small businesses need.

Your Personal Relationships Can Be Affected

Those who set out to start a business for themselves need to realize that this season of life might mean a strain on, or loss of, certain personal relationships. However, don’t assume that this is automatic and something that cannot be prevented because those two points are certainly myths. Rather, take the time to talk about your aspirations with the people in your life that you love the most. Setting expectations for your friends and family about this new shift in your priorities will help lower the possibility for resentments to build and simultaneously increase your support network.

For those who have spouses and children, talk with your family about what life might look like now that you have a non-traditional professional job. This might mean a shift in household responsibilities for the whole family, and it is critical that you be on the same page. Within your circle of friends, make it clear that you might have to be pickier about how you spend your time for a while but that you still want to work together to maintain those friendships. Some find it helpful to schedule in personal time as if it were another element of their workday. Knowing that the third Wednesday of every month you have dinner with your best friends can help you mentally commit to the event in advance so that there are no excuses to skip like there might be with intermittently scheduled hangouts.


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