Saturday, December 9, 2023


On the Cover

Winnie Chlomin Lee

The flagship stores, also known as “Bridal Dreamlands”, promote comfort and relaxation, ensuring that every bride feels beautiful, joyful, and confident. The brand firmly adheres to the belief that on her special day, “how a bride feels is just as important as how she looks”

Nancy Boehm

“I believe the biggest adjustment about turning the business into a franchise was the transition to the support and training expert and not the school owners.”

Christina Vitagliano

“Each venue is uniquely designed, filled with witty relatable local pop culture artwork, interactive fun monsters as upbeat music broadcasts from an on-course radio station. We appeal to humans of ALL ages!”

Lori McCauley

“We are looking at technology to help create a Smart health environment in the home. We are also piloting a residential care community in Northern California to potentially add another arm to our franchise offering in our future.”

Pertunia Sibanyoni

“The key challenge was to turn the business around, one that had been in operation since 2002. In the 15 years of its existence as a business, it had never been operated as a franchise with a dealership network not showing any growth.”

Chelsea Sloan Carroll

“Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, and average Americans discard more than 60 pounds of textiles a year. The stores do good and feel good because people can swap out their stylish clothing for cash instead of discarding their items.”

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Jane Grote Abell

“To promote goodwill through our Product, Principles, Service, and People.” Our name derived from Latin means “to give a good thing” and Our Promise is to “serve the best pizza and make your day a little better.”

Andrea Moore

“Discovery Point was one of the first in the childcare industry to add an educational emphasis to the ways of traditional care. Over the years, that educational focus has been refined and has evolved into a research-based strategy aimed at teaching and developing the minds and social skills of young children. There is an acute focus on maturing them into caring, responsible young adults.”

Launch Entertainment Park

Erin Arnold

“As we began to see the market become saturated in certain geographies, we knew we had a choice: stay the same and get into a price war with our competitors to see who could last the longest, or set ourselves apart by evolving, innovating, and offering a premium quality experience that our competitors couldn’t replicate”