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The 10 Fastest Growing Franchises, 2019

On the cover

LIME Painting

“As founder and CEO of LIME, I most value our culture for excellence and stewardship. Being that we are a premium brand that serves an affluent demographic who wants quality, we are a unit of business owners who deliver a world-class product and service consistently.”

not OptionaL

Meet the Leaders

Franchising is the way forward for those looking for growth and opportunity.

CR7 Crunch Fitness

Are you ready to crunch

CR7 Crunch Fitness model is renowned for its colorful personality, creating one-of-a-kind kickass group fitness classes and unique programming for their members.


Brock Blake, founder & CEO

The main purpose behind Lendio’s marketplace is to better serve the needs of underserved business owners.


JP Piccinini, Founder & Owner

A real estate brokerage firm dedicated to exceeding expectations through productivity and true service.


Health and Wellness. You can have both.

People come here for a workout but they come back for the way it makes them feel both physically and mentally. It’s all of the reward with none of the risk.

B.O.R. Restoration

Nick-Anthony Zamucen, Founder & CEO

Frankly, we were tired of pushing the work down the street to other companies who didn’t have the same values or client satisfaction goals we did, so we created Best Option Restoration to be the company other restoration companies should have been.

Must read


New international standards encourage financial institutions to be more transparent about their exposure to climate related risks.

Space is governed by five key international treaties, known informally as the Outer Space Treaty, the Rescue Agreement, and…

What is light (knowledge, design) becomes global while what is heavy (manufacturing) is local, and ideally shared.

The cost of obesity in the Asia-Pacific region is estimated to be roughly US$166 billion annually.

The cost of obesity in the Asia-Pacific region is estimated to be roughly US$166 billion annually.

Technological advances are now upending old business models, threatening future of megacities.

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