Monday, September 25, 2023

The 10 Best
Supply Chain Solution Providers, 2021

On the Cover

Brandon Daniels

Supply Chain Risk Management in itself has emerged to be a multi-faceted and dynamic landscape of risk vectors and opportunities that must consistently be assessed and constantly updated to reflect the ever-changing geopolitical landscape.

Fawaz Khalil

“Supply chain and logistics are ModusLink’s DNA, it is why it was founded and continues to be what we do,” says Khalil. “We love helping customers provide better service to their customers, both existing and new ones.”

Pat Garrehy

“Combining CRM and ERP on one platform goes a long way to solving the majority of the problem. This is a particularly beneficial strategy for the manufacturing sector to optimize forecasting and more seamlessly share sales and production information.”

Bill Michels

CIPS serves both individuals and organizations of all sizes and across all sectors. It serves its members with knowledge and learning resources, globally recognized certifications, and the educational resources for practitioners to earn those certifications.

Rafael Zakinov

“Our commitment to delivering value to our clients separates us from our competitors. Also, partnering with brands who we believe have a strong likelihood to grow. We believe that as they grow, we grow.”


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