Monday, December 11, 2023

The 10 Best Performing Smart Grid Solution Providers, 2019

'The Grid is built to be Smart.'


On the Cover

Dr. Farrokh Shokooh

“ETAP’s employees are driven by their passion and uncompromising pursuit to create the absolute best software product for electrical engineers.”

Oliver BAUD

“Our organization is particularly driven by innovation and therefore promotes creativity at all levels and in all jobs. Our organization is also very customer-centric and all collaborators are encouraged in developing a customer-centric approach and sensitivity.”


Sandra Trittin

“Energy is an important element of our daily lives. By working in this industry it is possible to influence our future energy usage and behaviour, and therefore also making it better in our daily lives.”

Dr. Jemma Green

“Leading the global democratization of energy movement where people have access to energy, can participate directly in energy markets and improve their lives and the lives of others have always been our outright goal.”

Photographs of Power Ledger staff David Martin – Director & Co-founder, John Bulich – Director & co-founder & Dr Jemma Green – Chair & Co-founder in their offices in Perth. 071118.

Xie Jian

"We will focus on a standards-based and efficient completion of the manufacturing facility fully in accordance with our plan while continuing to inject more human and material resources as needed. With the groundbreaking project, Risen Energy is bringing its technologies, manufacturing capacity and comprehensive strength to a new level."

Risen Energy's hetero-junction cells promise a conversion efficiency of over 23%.​

Erik Nygard

“Our culture has shifted in the past two years, scaling up but continuously enjoying the challenges we drive, striving for real-world change and proving that the future can be sustainable and renewable.”

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