Sunday, December 15, 2019
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Governments and lawmakers in Turkey, the U.K., India and elsewhere have been steadily eroding the bedrock idea that a central bank should be left alone to manage the economy based on evidence and data – not political goals.
When I have an idea, I give it sufficient thought, do my research, conduct a SWOT analysis, reach out to my trusted advisors as well as my core team for feedback and finally follow my gut.
5G calls for densification which means more antennas and equipment in urban areas. However telecom deployments have always faced resistance, people want the coverage and service but they don’t want to see the equipment anywhere near their homes or their neighborhood, it’s the eternal contradiction.
Figure out how to test your idea with the tools that you have available and go from there. Don’t intellectualize your idea. It belongs to the world, not your head!
Location data is at the heart of every single mobile interaction so that when you use Glympse location solutions, you will receive safe, temporary and private location sharing experiences utilizing the context of location and ETA data to unlock efficiency for consumers and businesses alike. This insight is key to identifying new opportunities for revenue and efficiencies.
I value what my team has to say and together we try to determine the best course of action. Most of the times, when decisions need to be taken I just challenge them with the right questions and they come up with the solution. I value proactivity, sense of urgency and creativity. My team is empowered to run their operation and when requested I am happy to provide support. I truly believe and embrace servant leadership as it is my expectation that it permeates in all of our organization.