Friday, July 1, 2022

Artificial Intelligence

The AI revolution has begun

The AI revolution has begun!

The application of the computational analysis and learning techniques described in previous research, manifest themselves in the form of artificial intelligence (AI). AI represents...
A telephone, lying open and close

AI’s reaching potential

Google recently unveiled its latest talking AI, called Duplex. Duplex sounds like a real person, complete with pauses, “umms” and “ahhs”. The tech giant says...
Microsoft logo painted on a brick wall

Microsoft aspires to inject AI in everything

For the past some time Microsoft has made increasing forays into the field of AI and their application in software assisted applications. In the...

Relax! The Terminator is not here yet!

Scientists are known for making dramatic predictions about the future – and sinister robots are once again in the spotlight now that artificial intelligence...

Jobs in the age of automation

By now you’ve probably heard how robots are going to take over our jobs. And how this will leave future generations with plenty of...
A system of gears | Aspioneer

Does the new industrial revolution spell end for jobs

Robots have been taking our jobs since the 1960s. So why are politicians and business leaders only now becoming so worried about robots causing...

Automation, robots and the ‘end of work’ myth

Can you imagine travelling to work in a robotic “Jonnycab” like the one predicted in the cult Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Total Recall? The image...

Artificial intelligence: between scientific, ethical and commercial issues

The fatal crash involving an autonomous car operated by Uber in the United States was a tragic but timely reminder of the dangers of...

AI like HAL 9000 can never exist because real emotions aren’t programmable

HAL 9000 is one of the best-known articifical intelligence characters of modern film. This superior form of sentient computer embarks on a mission to...