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CEO's to Watch, 2021

"Opportunities don't happen. You create them."

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Alicia Carroll

“We’re launching a new tool at TIG where companies and individuals can sign up using an electronic device. You can upload videos/webinars, job boards, and even resumes.”

Women Leaders 2021
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Neil Mistry

“IT modernization is our passion and we feel we do it better than anyone else,” says Neil Mistry Founder and CEO of MIS3

Greg Hemmings

"If we want to see the transformation happen in our world and our communities, we cannot wait for governments leaders to make the necessary change. It is we who have to stand up to the challenge and make the change happen"

BizBoard CEO
Business Leaders 2021, top CEOs 2021

Kent Vaughn

“Walking away from a big salary with great benefits to change the world. In my last company I started out to change the world (and had a lot of fun and success along the way), but after 20+ years the magic was gone. It became just a job with a great salary and benefits, but no fulfillment and certainly no opportunities to make a real difference!”

How to Boost Pharmacy Benefits Optimization

- Brandon Newman, CEO of Xevant

“Very rarely do you see young companies projecting their future success in a global context. Where we provide a unique solution in allowing companies to set on a journey to specifically develop a global-scale business, rather than considering global market entry as an afterthought to growth.”

BizBoard CEO

Reports show an increase in domestic violence and possibly in child maltreatment during the pandemic.

Amy Hedrick

Cleanbox Technology uses UVC light for surface decontamination, specializing in high levels of efficacy in the shortest amounts of time. We leverage the science of ultraviolet C-wavelength light to clean devices.

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Dan Prince

“Understand that failure is always an opportunity for growth. Never take anything personally. Don’t get all up in your feelings. Keep going and don’t expect anything for free. Work for it. Be and do your best, all the time, every time.”

Ocean waves becoming more threatening to erode coastlines due to climate change

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Adriana Mezic

"AIMdyn is a small high-tech woman-owned business built in partnership with my husband who is the world-renowned scientist and an expert in the Koopman operator theory."

Debra L Griffin

“Healthcare is a basic right and patients should share in the ownership of their health histories for engagement and appropriate decision making. Health is the real wealth.”

Debra L Griffin

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