Sunday, September 24, 2023


Manar Awawdeh

"By focusing on innovation and continuous improvement, we aim to enhance our company's growth, reputation, and impact in the digital marketing industry."

Jordan Guildford

"We are not trying to duplicate anyone else’s efforts. We are always looking for opportunities to serve where no one else currently exists."

Rustin Yasavolian

"We want clients to be educated about what they are purchasing. The more they know, the easier our jobs are."

Damir Muhic

"We are more user-experience-oriented due to the nature of our products, which we like to call our little wooden wonders. We consider it important to experience our products in space."

Julius Wiseman

"At Footprints on the Moon Consulting Services, our goal is to help young people from underserved places into the medical and dental sciences and various other healthcare professions."

Urban Property Firm

Elayne Francis-Brunson

"I believe America has become a renter nation. The current economy, which includes inflation, corporate layoffs, & the FDIC taking over banks, will only increase the affordable housing & rental market demand."

Madeleine Richards

"For a sustainability strategy to be successful, it needs to be genuine."

Dorothy Pinyoloya

"Through our collective efforts, we have transformed a mere concept into a vibrant reality. We remain steadfast in our mission to shape a brighter future for Malawi and the South African region."

Lindsey Lewis

"As an advocate for empowering others interested in learning more about the financial industry, my goal is to transform the status quo by being a CATALYST for change."

Zac Muir

"The company’s legacy is also the people in those companies who excelled in part through our partnership and went on to start other companies that also excelled and created opportunities for more people."

Ashley Deland

"I genuinely believe that part of my purpose is to educate, advise and support women in gaining the credibility and visibility they need"

Sumit Arora

"By nurturing and supporting emerging talents, Sumit hopes to contribute to the growth and success of future leaders in the payments space."

Carolina Alvarez

“We have shown the importance of what we provide at job sites to our clients and know there will be a continuous need in the post-pandemic world,” says Carolina. “Our growth is our people and our communication style.”

Phil Bartocci

"You have to have the mindset that you are the best company for the job and that no one can handle a customer better than you can. It’s also good to know and understand that if you can’t handle or service a customer—they will find someone who will. It’s always good to ask for forgiveness and not for permission as well—you should always be pushing the envelope."

Nick Beuke

“Listening is everything, listen to what your customer is telling you they want, and then delivering in an honest, transparent manner. I don’t agree with trying to manipulate people or situations for success, I do not believe this is sustainable.”

Patrick Davis

“Our company will continue to absorb or create other companies that can be vertically integrated with us. This lets us be less reliant on lower-tier service providers”

Ty Jackson

“Our team at SeventySix Capital is confident that new fan engagement technologies, such as blockchain, AR/VR, the metaverse, NFTs, crypto, and others will have an outsized impact on the sports industry”

Ben Weiner

“As part of our commitment to diversity, we also proactively offer professional development and workforce training opportunities, including a partnership with the Technology Association of Georgia”

Breanne Sich

Fast forward to today, Mealshare has provided over 5 million meals to youth in need. We have created a community of partners that work together to make sure kids are getting fed across the globe and are 1200 partner restaurants & counting. I made my way from Community Leader to VP of Marketing for Mealshare, and we grew our team of 4 to a team of 15+

Jordan Fuchs

“Each passing year, I have gained more and more valuable insight into our business model and inner dynamics and have now become the organization's business administrator.”