Revolutionary CEOs, 2019

Their passion, vision and courage have led them to the top of their respective fields.

On the cover

Nishidha Kumaresan

"When I have an idea, I give it sufficient thought, do my research, conduct a SWOT analysis, reach out to my trusted advisors as well as my core team for feedback and finally follow my gut."

A leadership culture is one where everyone thinks like an owner, a CEO or a managing director. It's one where everyone is entrepreneurial and proactive.


CEO of the Year

Marc rippen

CEO & Founder, Alergty

Marc is an experienced and highly skilled engineer with over 30 years of experience. He has worked for multiple fortune 500 companies, Department of Defense (DOD), NASA, SOCOM, and DARPA commercializing dozens of ground-breaking and revolutionary technologies. He holds various degrees across multiple interrelated disciplines including Microbiological Sciences and Immunology, Biophysics, Analytical Chemistry, Masters of Aeronautical Science, Management of Engineering and Technology.

CEO of the Month
Chris Ruff
President & CEO, Glympse

Chris has spent 25+ years in various executive leadership roles in the software, mobile, and IoT industries. Prior to Glympse, he spent 12 years as CEO & President of UIEvolution (now Xevo), a global leader in enterprise software for the connected car, mobile and the Internet of Things. In his role at Glympse, Chris is responsible for leading the company’s growth and global strategy, facilitating company activity in sales, marketing, partnerships, and product development.

Chris’s constant efforts by which he has transformed the traditional culture at Glympse to something more dynamic, focusing on a culture where team members feel empowered to share their ideas and think outside of the box. “When you give your employees/team the power to make decisions (and fail -just fail fast!), you do not have to micro-manage. I am not a micro-manager, instead, I give my team the tools they need to be successful and then I let them do it.”


CEO Watch

Meet the Leaders

Passion ◇ Vision ◇ Courage

Eduardo Salazar

Co-Founder & CEO, OneLink

“I value what my team has to say and together we try to determine the best course of action”

Candice Simons

Founder & CEO, Brooklyn Outdoor

“If you exhibit the type of behavior and ethics you want to be represented within your company, you are a lot more likely to see them mirrored”

Lindsey Myres

Founder & CEO, Concrete Blonde Consulting

“We’ve already seen great success, but our drive is continual as we strive to remain relevant in an ever-changing world.”

Simon Laboschitz

Co-Founder & CEO, Khora

“Figure out how to test your idea with the tools that you have available and go from there”

Marlon Nichols

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Cross Culture VC

“I’m going to look at culture from a global perspective and try to identify emerging trends”

Leticia Latino

CEO, Neptuno USA

“My goal is to create meaningful relationships that transcend products, services, projects and time”

The world unlocked


Social enterprises are changing business in interesting ways

Joseph Stiglitz and Amartya Sen have underscored the need to develop alternative approaches and indicators regarding macro-level growth.

EU and Japan. The world’s biggest trade zone?

The economic agreement is the largest bilateral trade deal ever made by the EU in terms of market size and will be the largest zone of free trade created in history.

How can we support young job hunters in South Africa?

"I experience financial challenges in the case of going to drop my CV, so I have been asking my mum and even my husband, to drop my CV on my behalf on their way to work to save on costs.

What sort of jobs are women taking these days?

Female participation is growing at nine times the rate of men’s. Women are dominating both full and part-time employment growth. Here is the breakdown of the jobs they are taking.

Why open borders? $100 trillion, that’s why.

Opening the world’s borders could increase global GDP by US$100 trillion. This could be the solution for the lack of well paying jobs everyone is looking for. Sometimes the answer is so simple.

Interference with Central Banks. Not a good idea!

Governments and lawmakers have been steadily eroding the bedrock idea that a central bank should be left alone to manage the economy based on evidence and data – not political goals.

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