Eduardo Salazar: An Agent of Change



When Eduardo Salazar and his partners divested a similar venture a couple of years back, they felt that a lot of value was yet to be made. So when the opportunity materialized they came back to the BPO industry because of the positive impact it could create. They were right.

Founded in 2013, OneLink serves customers from different GEOS namely Colombia (Medellin and Bogota), El Salvador (San Salvador and Santa Ana), Nicaragua (Managua and Leon), Guatemala (Guatemala City) and Mexico (Ciudad Obregon). The purpose is to Revolutionize the BPO industry through innovation, entrepreneurship and a culture of happiness; generating value for its partners, customers, and the community. The Contact Center with a Smile, as it is called, provides innovative and customizable solutions for businesses of all types including but not limited to clients in consumer, telecom, technology, travel and leisure sectors. Its services include customer relationship management, sales, technical support, finance and accounting, logistics, supply chain, and other back-office services. The company provides customer support and technical support for their client´s end users through web channels such as web chat, web forms, email & social media and are managing over 3.5 million monthly interactions across their sites. They also generate content for support web sites such as articles and product updates. Furthermore, they develop content for social media accounts like tutorials and generate promotions for top LATAM & US brands. Together, they work with their partners to increase customer conversion rates, improve NPS or CSAT and generate efficiencies through the execution of successfully proven processes. But the experience is not focused only on the compliance of metrics, but on adding value to their clients' business through strategic initiatives and innovation.

"I value what my team has to say and together we try to determine the best course of action. Most of the times, when decisions need to be taken I just challenge them with the right questions and they come up with the solution."

The Visionary

Eduardo Salazar serves as Co-Founder and CEO of OneLink. He completed his MBA from J.L. Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University in 2002, and Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Administration and Marketing from Universidad Rafael Landívar. The secret to his success lies within his leadership style of being 'participative'. "I value what my team has to say and together we try to determine the best course of action. Most of the times, when decisions need to be taken I just challenge them with the right questions and they come up with the solution. I value proactivity, sense of urgency and creativity. My team is empowered to run their operation and when requested I am happy to provide support. I truly believe and embrace servant leadership as it is my expectation that it permeates in all of our organization", says Salazar.

Team. Culture. Solutions

To foster an environment that values this approach, Eduardo's center of attention has been on building a company where the Incredybles® (nickname for employees) felt appreciated, empowered and properly trained to be successful at dealing with the increasing complexities of the BPO world. For most of their Incredybles® OneLink is their first work experience, while some through careful selection build a career path with them, and yet for others, the company serves as a launching pad for their future professional interests. Demonstrating a high level of responsibility and accountability in the workplace, the Incredybles® quickly develop leadership skills that are highly desirable for all businesses and therefore other opportunities present for them outside in the form of a higher wage or work in the field of their studies. By, "the generation of thousands of quality jobs in the region. Providing the first work opportunity to the new generation and showing them through training, leadership, and teamwork their true potential...… being a solid stepping stone to their future", says Salazar, he aims to contribute to the well being of the communities as well as the local economies as envisioned ever since the inception of OneLink.

As a result of this effort, OneLink has a culture based on its values of - Happiness, Leadership, Solidarity, Engagement & Excellence. It is the passion generated by these values that have allowed the company to excel in a highly competitive industry, proving time and time again that HAPPY PEOPLE = HAPPY CUSTOMERS. In one key incident, an airline had one of the biggest pilots strikes in the history of aviation. It was reported that the contact volume more than tripled from one day to the other and the flight inventory was limited for rebooking. OneLink's team, though, came together to maximize hours and developed robots leveraged by artificial intelligence to support the influx of contacts. In a short period of time the company successfully implemented an array of solutions to provide relief to the situation that lasted for three months.

Indeed, OneLink is a one-of-a-kind organization that through 'innovation' and 'entrepreneurial spirit' has changed the dynamics of the industry adding value to their clients.

Eduardo Salazar, Co-Founder & CEO

Looking into the future

The company has reinforced its corporate strategy on trends like push to self-service, automation and artificial intelligence. By hiring experts, heightening importance on the training and development of the workforce, investing in technology, and attracting the best talent available the company plans to embrace these changes OneLink aims to offer a seamless, frictionless customer experience driving resolution on the first contact; and furthering their self-service options.

By never settling for the norm, OneLink will continue to challenge itself to remain cutting edge, offer personalized service and be a true partner to their patrons. "Although we are excited about the opportunities and potential new business opportunities that are surfacing as a consequence to automation, we remain convinced that there will always be a need for humans to interact with humans and we want to focus on being prepared and trained to make sure we thrive in higher complexity interaction in the long term", says Salazar and so does his drive to bring positive change to the communities where we live and operate...

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