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Elite Window Cleaning is a professional window cleaning service company headquartered in Ontario that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every window attended.  It was founded by Chris Stoness in 2012 as a commercial high-rise window cleaning company and at the beginning of 2013, a new “low-rise” division was added to the company. In 2017 they started pushing the business to operate in multiple cities and is now spread over 21 locations across Ontario. The company began franchising in 2018. Also operating under the name Lemonade Window Cleaning, the company is ready to launch three new locations across Florida and is well on its way to rapidly expand across the Southern United States.

“Window cleaning doesn’t need to be a bank-breaking home service, it can be for anyone who values their weekend,” says Chris Stoness, Founder and CEO of Elite Window Cleaning. “We want to be accessible to as many people as possible on the terms they want to use because our focus has always been creating great customer experiences with excellent technicians.”

Elite aims at being a cleaner, safer and better company with its core values set at innovation, gratitude, commitment & fun. The goal for the company is to provide the safest, cleanest and most cost-effective window cleaning available as of today. It also targets creating a safe work environment, where people are given the opportunities to thrive in the field. 

“It is our belief that work should complement and empower you to have the freedom you want in your life and we are excited to show you the tools to get you there”

With this focus, the company has revolutionized the window cleaning industry in North America– developing a unique and durable process in the form of a custom three-part filtration system built into the vehicles with specially designed carbon fiber water-fed poles to provide crystal clear spot-free windows every single time. It is called job pods. This method allows them to attain zero mineral, zero sediments, and an ultra-pure result. Since the pure water is particle and mineral-free, it evaporates in a spot-free manner resulting in the windows being cleaner than ever possible. This gives the company a competitive edge over others in the industry still resorting to conventional cleaning techniques.  

The innovation behind job pods, Stoness shares was actually born out of a huge necessity for change. In 2015, Chris Squires (COO) joined him to help expand Elite and push towards the goal of $1 million gross revenue. It was also this year that Stoness watched Squires slip and almost fall from the top of a forty-foot ladder he was at the base of. Luckily nobody got hurt but they realized the system of cleaning from a ladder was what needed to change.  This led them to seriously consider water fed poles. In 2017 they went to Phoenix, to the International Window Cleaning Association Convention to see if there was a way to get more out of the water fed pole systems available in the market to maximize speed and efficiency for crews while keeping everyone safe and planted on the ground. “We purchased a slew of equipment from multiple manufacturers with the idea of putting together the perfect water fed pole system. We realized that everything fit into the car which we were loading to go to the airport!” exclaims Stonnes. “At that moment it was decided to build the system to fit entirely into a small car and the idea of the Job Pod was born. As soon as we got home, we found an aerospace engineer who helped us turn the vision into something that was real and built to last. Two years and ten models later Elite has the Job Pod, the most technologically advanced and efficient window cleaning tool available on the planet!”

Because the entire system is housed inside the vehicle, there is no need to unload anything other than the poles used to clean and a hose to attach to a water bib of the property. This quick and easy turnaround time allows Elite to push the envelope when it comes to efficiency and (more important to clients) price. By increasing the efficiency of the technicians Elite passes the savings on to their clients and has carved out space in a brand new market that didn’t know window cleaning was a service they could afford three times a year. The company also emphasizes customer service, client management, and client resolution as part of all the aspects considered. This translates to the fact that one can easily get a quote for the services across various platforms like the company’s website, over-the-phone, facebook, text messages, email, yelp, google, bing and so on. These measures were made to make the company accessible to as many people as possible on the different terms they wish to use.


With safety being the main concern, Elite has also managed to keep the workers planted safely on the ground and off- ladders yet allowing them to clean windows on buildings and homes up to 60 feet tall. Therefore, ensure to protect them from potential fall hazards and additionally, protecting the property from damage caused by leaning ladders. While the training program embedded with the company to create excellent technicians has also turned out to be lucrative as the scaling has increased. “Elite has “It” and you can tell,” says Stoness. “The way everything neatly packs away into the Job Pod, the clean-cut technicians, the guaranteed work and the safer method all package together for a superior customer experience. It’s about making sure everything comes together, not just focusing on one single aspect of the job.”

One more thing both Chris’s loves about their business is that they have created a model that gives franchisees the tools to build the future they want all while working a 35-week season and then take 17 weeks off in the winter to do whatever they want. “It is our belief that work should complement and empower you to have the freedom you want in your life and we are excited to show you the tools to get you there,” says Stoness. With this in mind, they developed the Elite back-office support system. Elite’s corporate team takes care of the incoming calls, scheduling, route mapping, invoicing, collections, digital marketing, and brand awareness so that the time invested by franchisees is complemented by the business foundation Elite already has in place. It allows franchisees to focus on their strengths and grow their business more quickly because they’re not getting bogged down by time-consuming support activities that are ultimately still incredibly important for running a business.

The company serves homeowners and business owners looking for affordable window cleaning solutions. To date, it has provided services to a variety of commercial clients all across Ontario including universities, car dealerships, hotels, residential homes, restaurant franchises, and hospitals. By tailoring the price to fit a broader market this past year Elite cleaned the windows for more than 4,000 jobs system-wide. Further, every year, Elite puts on Superhero Day. The company as a part of its social and people-friendly activity has been making children smile for nearly half a decade by dressing up their technicians as superheroes and cleaning the pediatric ward of the Kingston General Hospital. And donating 10% of all revenue from the day back to the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation and providing the hospital cleaning for free.

With the ultimate goal of bringing the window cleaning service that was once considered a luxury to the masses, Elite is now planning on setting up over 100 job pods across Canada and the Continental United States within the next 5 years with further expansions by franchising the brand. 

Largely; Elite Window Cleaning has managed to re-write the book in terms of service-based careers, opening doors, carving out futures and cementing itself as the gold standard cornerstone of the industry.

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