Cevitr: Redefining Business Processes with RPA



“When you try and replicate success in a different environment in a saturated market place it may pay you a lot of money, but you may not necessarily get the satisfaction of having achieved something significant. Old wine in a new bottle does not necessarily make for good wine,” says Mudholkar. So when after 25 years of experience in the IT sector he spotted a market need for RPA to be made accessible to businesses of all sizes. He decided to get out of the comfort zone of doing more of the same to doing something new.

Today, with the belief that “an idea becomes a great business opportunity when it creates endless possibilities.” Jaideep along with his team is working to disrupt the conventional status quo in creating a business with truly endless possibilities and also preparing businesses now for the future workplace. “We value combining years of professional experience with the exuberance of youth in building the next generation of business leaders and a business that is in tune with the current generation”, says Jaideep Mudholkar, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Cevitr.

Cevitr was hence founded in 2018 to explore the endless possibilities of this game-changing technology. Cevitr builds Automation solutions for a digitally empowered workforce and has made it their mission to serve large and small enterprises to free-up employees from performing important but mundane routine tasks, such that ever-increasing workloads are managed effectively. In doing so Cevitr strives to deliver incremental economic benefit to the organization while facilitating greater employee satisfaction through the pursuit of more challenging tasks. They have offices in Hampshire and Cheshire.

“An idea becomes a great business opportunity when it creates endless possibilities.”

Unlocking the Potential

As the aim is to digitally empower workforces they offer Digital Workmates and consultancy services, becoming its clientele’s digital transformation ally. The offerings include a simple business engagement model, complemented by two unique commercial propositions ‘Zero CapEx’ and ‘a savings-based charging model’ through CevitrJo (the digital workmate) platform, which can be described as:

• SimpleJo: The simple CJs are designed to execute those processes that typically require no subjective judgment to be applied and are the workmates of choice to start the digital empowerment journey.

• SmartJo: The smart CJs have cognitive capabilities and the ability to execute more complex processes harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence. The smart CJs learn from their workforce counterparts solving problems and executing complex tasks with subjective decision making.

This makes Cevitr’s RPA more effective and intelligent than the ‘off the shelf’ offerings. And ultimately makes disruptive innovation in the form of RPA & AI accessible to businesses both large and small.

The Difference Maker

“We aspire to be a global business that succeeded in disrupting the conventional status quo by making disruptive innovation available to businesses large and small. In doing so we would have built an organization that is a ‘Great Place to Work’ where the exuberance of youth is ably supported by experienced professionals thereby aiding the professional development of all colleagues who work in Cevitr,” cheers Mudholkar. And what further solidified Jaideep’s passion for RPA industry was learning a common impasse. Where in 9 out of 10 client meetings over the last 12 months they encountered situations that businesses that have the potential to harness the power of RPA have not even heard about the technology and are frankly amazed by what it could offer. “This has inevitably led us to the conclusion that our mission statement is in perfect alignment with the market reality. Moreover, the kind of technical skills that are required for training a Digital Workmate is perfectly suited for the younger generation where we have seen colleagues in the age group of 19 to 25 excel, thereby opening up opportunities like never before,” asserts Mudholkar.

Jaideep Mudholkar, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Cevitr.

His rationale is hence clear: RPA is the future workplace; it needs to be embraced by businesses or they will lose their competitive advantage and find themselves with inefficient staff and low levels of employee retention. “With the prediction that by 2025, the majority of the global workforce will be comprised of Millennials and Gen Z born between 1983 and 1999, Workplaces of the future will have to be ready to leverage the talent of this highly educated and capable workforce by meeting their expectations of work experience. This expectation does not involve spending hours on tedious and repetitive tasks but it does involve embracing technology and working on a variety of customer-focused and value led projects,” affirms Mudholkar. Although robots can’t adjust their behavior the same way a human can Jaideep suggests that the Digital Workmate is a fast learner, even if it does only what it is trained to do– where no subjective judgment is to be applied. The advantage is obvious: “The Digital Workmate doesn’t try and make sense of or understand data, making it the perfect employee for sensitive information and confidentiality,” shares Mudholkar. As for all the hype regarding RPA in the marketplace Jaideep acknowledges, “It can make it problematic for companies to know how to start with RPA and where and how it will be most effective within their organization. The task of process selection can be a daunting one and potential adopters can become intimidated at this stage. The cost to implement RPA can be high which is a limitation for SME’s, this is where Cevitr’s monthly subscription and pricing models come in to make RPA accessible to all. Moreover, it is our view that overcapacity is being sold in the market which will certainly slow down future growth as organizations who have invested in the technology focus on ensuring that that existing capacity is utilized to its fullest extent.”

When Jaideep is not transforming businesses he can be found cooking, golfing or just being a “Couch Potato” watching TV.

The Path Forward

As a fast-growing tech company that aims to uniquely position businesses for the future of work, Cevitr will keep pushing themselves to remain current, relevant and useful to their clients. Cevitr will continue to increase the capability of their platform with AI and Cognitive solutions to complement their existing RPA offering. Geographically, Cevitr is looking to expand further into the U.S and other markets. There is no way they are slowing down…

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