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With an exhaustive experience of over 22 years, Yogesh Pramod Desai is the President and CEO of Primaverse LLC a globally operating multi-disciplinary engineering services offshore provider. He led most of his professional years as an expert civil engineer followed by managerial roles in some of the biggest consulting firms. As a magister in structures, Yogesh has made a significant contribution to the progress of engineering bodies functioning in the North American market, while specializing in the arena of land development, land surveying and structural. Yogesh has performed in diverse cultures and markets, in regions as far apart as the US, Australia, Europe, Mauritius, and India. Working with multi-cultured teams refined his people management skills and instilled him with sharp managerial skills. Besides being an exceptional cross-cultural manger, Yogesh is well seasoned in situations demanding outsourcing and offshoring of decision making in addition to the execution of the project needs. Precisely, all this gives him an edge as an initiator who can manage an enterprise right from its inception.

Outside his profession, Yogesh trains students and professionals in CAD. Among his peers, he is known for his ability to motivate people and a charismatic persona.

“Give your idea a chance to succeed. Even you fail, it should not matter. Do not look at what people say. Early struggle/failure is the always first step for success.”

The never-give-up attitude!

When Yogesh first decided to open his firm, he had a strong support system with him. He says, “I received strong support from the family specifically my wife, Jyoti. Nobody has been a businessman in our family, doing a job is a normal thing. It was always great to break the shackles however there was a fair amount of risk involved also with no prior background or running a business independently. We (me and my wife) were very open to taking new challenges as we had no debt then and hence, we wanted to give it a good shot before discarding the idea of running our own business.” Like every business, in the beginning, they struggled between the budget and revenue in a small office with just 1 or 2 customers/employees, however, their determination, hard work and consistency led Primaverse on the path of growth and success. He shares, “It started by wearing multiple hats of running operations in the morning and doing sales in the night as initial customer base was from North America. The personal visits to the US helped to get the client’s confidence and getting more business.”

Primaverse is an engineering services firm that provides services to AEC (Architectural-Engineering-Construction) companies in western countries along with serving mechanical engineering domains. Their practices include civil engineering, building information modeling (BIM), mechanical engineering and sign manufacturing. They help clients reduce design & engineering costs, meet project deadlines, and sharpen their overall competitiveness in their respective market spaces. Their main focus has always been on providing the best solutions to the customers and this is what sets them apart. For them, the mantra is ‘Consistent Quality with on-time delivery’. Adding further Yogesh says, “The current problem that the western world is facing is shortage of qualified staff. Primaverse helps companies in providing qualified staff with the desired experience based out of India. This helps companies in western countries use resources as on need basis. The assured quality delivered matches with western country standards and specifications.” Henceforth he explains the motivation behind his business is to bridge this gap “through resource availability, having the advantage of time zone difference by keeping the offices active and running 16-18 hours a day and ultimately reducing delivery time by 1/2.”  Yogesh’s vision is to be the top global computer-aided design and drafting partner for the AEC industry by anticipating demands of the industry and providing on-time solutions and creating ‘center of excellence’ for engineering professionals across the globe. He exclaims, “PrimaVerse is determined to provide consistently high-quality services to the AEC industry by maintaining the highest standards of work-approach.”

What’s ahead?

According to Yogesh, his greatest accomplishment has been building a customer base with trust and honesty which is thousands of miles away. Presently, Primaverse has offices in the US, India, and Australia. When asked how he ensures customer satisfaction in this scenario, Yogesh mentions, “Good domain understanding, meticulous project management & delivery processes & sound technological expertise enable us to meet our commitments. At our delivery center is in Pune, the engineering & educational hub of India; we are hence able to source the finest engineering talent for our clients. Our engagement models are designed to suit the short/long-term business needs of clients. Through robust data security processes, we assure them of the complete protection of their intellectual property.”

Yogesh Desai, President & CEO, Primaverse

Yogesh Desai, President & CEO, Primaverse.

However, with the rise of artificial intelligence and automation, Yogesh knows it’s critical to keep pace with time. He shares, “The upcoming trend of artificial intelligence is very encouraging. I would like to develop a product for the services we offer to make things easier for the industry. The product should have the capability to reduce human efforts drastically for a repeat-task.This would help to reduce local dependence and add more flexibility to operations and project delivery with cost savings as a secondary product. Although I have seen resistance in the initial stages by in-house engineer/CAD Technician, the services provided are not to take their job but they can produce more qualitative productive work and send regular and repetitive work to Primaverse as resources are trained at that level.”

Yogesh defines himself as someone who values performance with ownership. As his legacy, he hopes to be recognized as a pioneer in land surveying and land development offshoring. To all those who wish to step into the same shoes as his one day, he has the following advice to offer, “Give your idea a chance to succeed. Even you fail, it should not matter. Do not look at what people say. Early struggle/failure is the always first step for success. Have patience for 3 years to see the success of your idea. Work hard and give it the best shot. 99 out of 100 times you will succeed. Unfortunately, even if you fail after 3 years, you will still not regret giving wholehearted efforts to succeed.”

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