‘Leaving the world better than we found’: How Best Option Restoration is thriving in the restoration industry by focusing on their values.



Whenever a natural disaster occurs, it disrupts human life in more ways than we can count. The strong winds blow away almost everything, the giant waves wipe out anything that comes it’s way and the fire leaves nothing but ashes. Though humans are extremely resilient when it comes to facing adversity, we still often find ourselves in a clueless spot when the time comes to reform our lives. Even if it’s simple water pipe damage in the basement, the flooding water gets our nerves stiff with the fear of uncountable damage and how much effort it’s going to take even after it is fixed. A single spot of mold in the bathroom makes us cringe so bad that we’d rather not touch it and pray for it to go away on its own as if it never happened. The truth is that we can’t stop accidents from happening, whether that’s from Mother Nature or our own mistakes.

So what got Nick-Anthony Zamucen excited about working in the restoration industry in the first place was making a positive impact on the lives of others. Later as the founder of Bio-One Inc., the nation’s largest crime and trauma scene cleaning franchise with over 90 locations throughout the US, being in the business of reforming lives for almost a decade and a half he became well aware of the need for a traditional restoration company to complete, rebuild or restore a structure. “When Bio-One franchises perform a crime or trauma scene remediation, there is often a need for a traditional restoration company to complete a rebuild or secure a structure,” shares Nick. Best Option Restoration (B.O.R.) was therefore spawned off their sister brand Bio-One to work hand in hand with it.

“Frankly, we were tired of pushing the work down the street to other companies who didn’t have the same values or client satisfaction goals we did, so we created Best Option Restoration to be the company other restoration companies should have been,” says Nick, Founder, and CEO of B.O.R.

B.O.R is operating successfully in 13 locations as of now. They aspire to grow alongside Bio-one expanding across borders and become an international franchise within the next three years. The plan is, to begin with, Canada and then move in the U.K. and beyond. The aim is to be in Brazil in the next five years.

We’re dealing with people’s homes, their lives, and we need to respect that. They’re not just a client, they’re someone who needs help, and we’re here to do just that.

In Business of Helping Others

“This industry needs a better reputation. We tend to have a very blue color, not caring, “just grip and rip it” mentality about the industry. We want people to know that in a time of need, they can count on a company who cares, does what needs to be done and won’t take short cuts,” carries on Nick. “We’re dealing with people’s homes, their lives, and we need to respect that. They’re not just a client, they’re someone who needs help, and we’re here to do just that.”

The franchised organization holds expertise in water, fire, mold and storm recovery. B.O.R. works by their motto of ‘Leaving the world better than we found’ and is committed to helping those in need after a disaster. “We always have the client’s interest first and do what they want done, not just push an agenda on them. Our clients appreciate the constant care we place on their time, home and lifestyle. When we leave, not only is the home better than we found it, but our clients have peace of mind that the job was done right and on time. These qualities we take on every job,” says Nick. With their state of the art thermal drying technologies, they are in and out of people’s homes in much less time than other remediation companies. “We are using technology to our advantage and hope to make it an industry standard,” states Nick.

On the move. Constantly helping others.

With B.O.R. ‘You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself’

Additionally, B.O.R is the only franchised restoration company that’s not only technically innovative but will also bill, negotiate and collect the franchisee’s insurance invoices. So that the franchisee can focus on growing their business and not sit on the phone or a computer trying to collect payments while their business suffers. “We value our franchisees the most. Without our franchisees success, we’re not successful. We pride ourselves in not only a stellar network for our franchises, but their success is always top of mind for us. We succeed when they succeed,” says Nick. “We’re all in this together, to make BOR restoration the elite franchise in the restoration space.”

When looking for new franchise partners, B.O.R. shortlists 35-60 people with a strong business background and carry hail-fellow-well-met kind of personality. They reach out to people who really want to make a difference in their community. Someone who can get out there and shake some trees. Though, historically such businesses have been dominated by men, at B.O.R. they believe in investing in talented individuals rather than looking into their gender. As of now, they have equal female to male owners. “Don’t ever underestimate the power of the woman,” adds Nick.

Nick-Anthony Zamucen, Founder, Best Option Restoration

Nick-Anthony Zamucen, Founder & CEO, B.O.R

In order to set their franchisees on the path of success, B.O.R. provides extensive training to their new partner that doesn’t simply end after the initial training class in Denver CO. The company organizes weekly webinars, bi-weekly phone calls, email marketing blasts, monthly service reminders, annual meetings and has a full back office support team. Along with the invoice collection from insurance companies, they offer training for adjusters, custom-built technologies, a full white hat SEO team and graphics creation for marketing. There’s a 24/7/365 helpline available for franchisees via phone or email and they make sure there’s always someone on staff ready to take the calls. Nick describes this partnership as, “We’re one big happy family at Best Option Restoration. We call our annual meetings ‘the family reunion’ because that’s how we think of it, as big family. I think our franchisees see themselves as a respected part of not only our growth model but a success story.”

B.O.R.’s expectations from their growing partners are very simple but in today’s dog eat dog world they are rarely found. “We expect our owners to have their head and their heart in the right place. Marketing and growing a business, whether in a franchised system or own your own in tough. There are ways to cut corners that aren’t hard to find or figure out for yourself, but we expect our owners to have the utmost integrity. We expect all of our owners to not only respect the customers but their employees and themselves,” says Nick. “Winners don’t cheat, they win with integrity, and that’s the B.O.R. way.”

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