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Kumar Subramaniam is the Co-Founder & CEO of the company Kaaspro INC, based in Chennai, India, offering innovative and reliable health information technology services since 2010. The company was founded with the aim to consummate all the needs of medical professionals and healthcare organizations around the world by providing them accurate and reliable medical information technology solutions as per their specialties. Also, they offer them customized cloud-based solutions such as EHR, EMR, medical practice management systems, personal health records, and others, which enhance efficiencies and patient outcomes. 

Kaaspro is indeed a progressive company that strives to empower health care professionals and medical practices and helps them reach their maximum potential through optimal use of their time and resources. They seek to come up with the best patient health record systems/practice management systems that provide customizable, flexible, and virtual workspace to the modern medical fraternity. Moreover, the way they present complex and innovative health information technologies in easy-to-use templates is unique and remarkable. Every function is carried forward effectively and securely to ensure that the clients are able to manage their medical data efficiently. 

“Our products are aimed at facilitating a seamless flow of crucial health information while ensuring the efficiency of health care facilities. Our services and products are designed and customized to improve not only care quality but also patient safety. Resolving the hassles in accessing critical medical data is our primary concern.”

Subramaniam has almost three decades of extensive experience in the IT field. His endeavor in the healthcare industry was sparked by a serendipitous visit to a medical facility while accompanying his wife. Unsurprisingly, he found himself struggling with various medical records and reports that were to be taken to different caregivers. This inspired him to use his skill and experience to create a robust, secure and efficient electronic medical data management system. He met with several health care providers who were keen to make suggestions and share details about their various requirements and difficulties. And before long Kaaspro’s novel, ’75Health EHR’ was launched, putting down any skepticism that was raised in the way.

“For creating a system to revamp health tech and facilitate smooth and safe data flow, we had to face challenges such as privacy protection and data integrity,” shares Subramaniam. “We addressed these issues by having a secure system in place that assured data privacy and security through stringent strategies.”

Kumar Subramaniam, Co-Founder & CEO, Kaaspro

What lies ahead?

Subramaniam’s typical workday includes meeting with clients, discussing the various possibilities with his team, and participating in the design aspects. In moments of uncertainty, he doesn’t shy away from taking an expert’s opinion in order to achieve a better output.  He says, “I’m privileged to head one of the finest health information technology services companies in the contemporary world. I have always taken the responsibility of interacting with different professionals in order to ensure that our products meet their specific needs. At Kaaspro, we try to understand the requirements of our clients completely first, and then leverage technology to deliver the best solutions to clients. This culture has been our stronghold since the inception of our company.”

However, catching on to the speed with which the technology around the globe is evolving surely creates a lot of pressure on all types of businesses including Kaaspro. But Subramaniam has a plan to win: 

“We have always been charmed by challenges. With health information technology being developed, implemented, and revised at a rapid pace these days, having a stable platform in place to make durable observations is not easy. The speed with which things are moving creates challenges in contemplating the full impact of health information technology upon factors such as access, safety, care effectiveness, cost, and the experiences of health care providers and patients. We have planned to face such challenges by designing adaptable and practice-specific products that are highly scalable and secure. Therefore, we follow approaches that satiate the unique needs of all types of medical practices, such as private practices, clinics, and multi-specialty medical institutions. In the years to come, we plan to become more holistic and spherical in focus instead of maintaining a linear cause-and-impact relationship. In addition to medical information systems, we have plans to expand into related technologies such as integrated data streams, automated notifications and alerts, and reporting systems.”

Finally, Subramaniam says, “We have a clear vision about enhancing the care quality and patient outcomes through making smooth and safe information flow in medical organizations. I believe accurate and efficient medical data management by using the most advanced and reliable technologies will be our legacy. We have plans to adapt in tune with the changing times and technologies. We will strive to keep abreast of evolving technologies and future requirements.”

Even outside work, Subramaniam spends his time mingling with peers and experts in the business. Apart from that he enjoys attending seminars and workshops which he finds enlightening and educating. 

Subramaniam is truly dedicated to his cause and we at Aspioneer really hope that he captures all his visions and dreams. Since nearly 16 lakh Indians die every day due to poor management of hospitals and lack of proper treatment. It is high time that things get better! 

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