How CR7 CRUNCH FITNESS continues to dominate the fitness industry?



Whenever we try to treat ourselves with a good workout routine, there are certain challenges that we never seem to overcome. At the peak of our motivation, we often set new goals and go on to buy ourselves a gym membership or a cool set of exercise gear to keep ourselves committed to the cause. But does that truly ever work? Quite soon we start losing interest in our training sessions as we glide down the mountain of self-pep and start procrastinating. Ever thought about why we are unable to break this cycle? It’s simple – our training sessions miss that core element that drives any human to do anything- FUN!

Crunch Fitness model is renowned for its colorful personality, creating one-of-a-kind kickass group fitness classes and unique programming for their members.

Let’s Make a Lunge Date

CR7 Crunch Fitness knows serious fitness is hard, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be ‘an edge-of-your-seat’, ‘can’t-get-enough’, ‘look-forward-to-your-workouts party’. CR7 Crunch Fitness believes that real exercise can be tremendously fun by fusing fitness with entertainment, knowledge and the right equipment. From one on one training to small group classes, CR7 Crunch Fitness members can choose from a variety of membership plans to build out a fitness routine that works for them. On top of that CR7 Crunch Fitness offers services like warm and welcoming customer service, hustle free enrollment, unique crunch-branded group classes and last but not the least- lots of free perks for all of its members. In the US, the Crunch Fitness model is renowned for its colorful personality, creating one-of-a-kind kickass group fitness classes and unique programming for their members.

It was not always like this. Back in 1989, Crunch Fitness started as a small fitness studio in a cold basement that offered aerobics classes in East Village, New York City. Even back then they made it their mission to compose exercise routines that changed the traditional notions of training from ‘serious’ to ‘amusing’ and pioneered a philosophy of  ‘No Judgments’. There are no judgments at Crunch Fitness – No too much or not enough. No glares of disapproval. With these beliefs they serve a fitness community for all types of people, with all types of goals, exercising in different ways; working out at the same place together. 

In 2010, Crunch Fitness USA decided to expand globally with the aid of franchises, giving aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to establish their own business. The investment fund behind this project came from a merger deal with CR7 by Cristiano Ronaldo, as a joint venture. The company acquired an active club in Maria de Molina 33, with only 600 members. They took it over, rebranded it into CR7 Crunch Fitness that successfully hit the mark of 4200 members within the next 2 years.

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The Fitnesstopia at Crunch Fitness

Today, three decades later what started in a basement, Crunch Fitness has grown as name brand, a leader in high-value/ low price segment and is the fastest-growing fitness franchise—recognized and respected world over. Headquartered in New York, Crunch Fitness has two locations in Madrid and over 300 clubs worldwide and counting. 

Another indicator of Crunch Fitness’s success is their inclusion on Entrepreneur’s list of Franchise 500, Top Franchise for veterans, 2018. The company was also awarded Best in Category, Franchisee Satisfaction awards the same year by Franchise Business Review.

On a Roll

Furthering their culture of no judgments, the company is very straightforward when vetting potential franchisees. They look for partners who are passionate, committed and who have a solid management background. Even so, it is a solid investment decision and a great business opportunity. The investment return can easily be achieved within the first two years of becoming a CR7 Crunch Fitness franchise partner. 

Once a prospective franchisee is identified, CR7 Crunch Fitness offers not just initial training but provides consultation from start to finish. The greatest value of being a CR7 Crunch Fitness franchisee is that the company has its own resources to offer, from the pre-sale phase and to the validity of the center’s activity. These resources are available and easily accessible online so that the franchise owners can use them when required. CR7 Crunch Fitness also has its own platform called Crunch U, a place where franchisees can access materials as part of their training. Advanced modules allow them to stay up to date with respect to the competition and witness the direction of the company’s evolution. In addition to Crunch U, CR7 Crunch Fitness has a specific platform for their franchisees, where they can gather information to guide them through every phase of the project. They also provide construction manuals and additional support for operations, business management, marketing, and sales.

That’s not all; Crunch Fitness has also developed a system dedicated entirely to daily activities related to the brand. A place where their franchisees can work on all kinds of marketing and advertising designs, forms, messages, posters, etc. by simply using their editable design templates. By automating such tasks, potential franchisees save time and effort while maintaining brand consistency. 

In the future, CR7 Crunch Fitness aims to grow through corporate acquisitions to at least 10-12 clubs by 2020 while leaving the ‘franchise’ opportunity open to investors and entrepreneurs.

With a commitment to encourage, empower, entertain its members to live a fit life and ensuring its franchisee’s success; CR7 Crunch Fitness will go on making its mark on the fitness industry.

Are you ready to embrace that kind of philosophy? Are you ready to CRUNCH?

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