How Alkalign is Driving a Fitness Revolution by Redefining Self-care



Ever since its inception in 2015, Alkalign has been challenging its members to step outside their comfort zone not in terms of metrics and measurements, but in mindset. Alkalign’s belief is that self-care is a lifestyle. It’s not just about fitness, food or whatever the latest fad is on the market. It’s about taking a longer term and a more holistic approach to health and wellness. 

Alkalign inspires people to think beyond the typical marketing norms that flood our feeds, infiltrate our inboxes and prey on our deepest insecurities. Alkalign empowers people to dial down the inner critic and dial up the commitment to consistency, quality, and connection in everything they do. From the way they eat, move, sleep, hydrate and connect with others, Alkalign is committed to helping its clients feel better in mind, body, and soul. It’s a place where you can get a really challenging, focused and effective workout without running the risk of injury. It’s a community where you can participate in nutrition coaching that focuses on fueling your body for good vs. punishing it for bad. It’s a culture that encourages connection to both self and others. 

“I am passionate about health and wellness and want to help people feel better both now and for the long term,” says Erin Paruszewski, Founder and CEO of Alkalign.

Alkalign is defying the odds when it comes to its mission and messaging. Refusing to jump on the fad fitness bandwagon, Founder and CEO Erin Paruszewki jokes that their obsession with alignment, safety and sustainability “isn’t exactly the sexiest sell, but having aches, pains and health issues that prevent you from enjoying life isn’t sexy either. We want our clients to be around a long time and healthy enough to both workout with us and to continue whatever it is they love doing.” 

Erin further elaborates, “The purpose of Alkalign classes isn’t just to exercise. It’s to teach people how to move better so they can feel better and live better. It’s ironic that movement is something we all (hopefully) do every day but none of us were taught how to move properly. We got up one day as a toddler, started walking, our family cheered and we were off! We don’t take into account how repetitive movement in improper alignment affects or even accelerates the wear and tear on the body, eventually leading to bigger issues. I was lucky enough to experience those setbacks early on in life thanks to a whole host of injuries from ballet, marathon running, and skiing. It allowed me to pivot in my own movement mindset and inspired me to help others do the same. It’s never too late to begin again. When you know better you can do better and we are helping our clients move better and live better every single day.”

Alkalign operates boutique functional fitness studios that offer group classes combining a proprietary blend of the best of Pilates, yoga, barre and physical therapy. Classes incorporate elements of strength, balance, flexibility, mobility and mind/body connection so the body is both challenged and restored in every class. Instructors go through hundreds of hours of training and continuing development to ensure they are knowledgeable and available to the client to give them modifications and individualized attention. Erin reiterates “This is so important in creating a culture where people feel supported, safe and where they can truly invest in self-care.” 


Health and Wellness. You can have both.

Alkalign attracts people across various demographics. Men, women, athletes and fitness fledglings alike find solace, sweat and sanity in the 7 different class formats offered. The one thing all Alkaligners have in common is an appreciation for their health beyond the weight scale. Even if that’s why they walk in the door initially, and that’s ok, it’s the connection with the mission, messaging and mindset that keeps them coming back so consistently week after week and year after year. “People come for a workout but they come back for the way it makes them feel both physically and mentally. It’s all of the reward with none of the risk.”

It’s evident Alkalign offers so much to its clients and that more communities would benefit from having a local studio. The demand to franchise was immediate. “Within hours of announcing the launch of Alkalign, a former employee of mine who had moved to SoCal called to say she wanted in. Sleep-deprived and overwhelmed from the launch, I did what any good entrepreneur does, I said YES. And so it began. Partnering with Kate and Peter is one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Alkalign offers robust and ongoing support to its joining partners. They provide initial training to the instructors, as well as support their ongoing developments. They work closely with their franchisees on site selection, build-out, marketing, promotions, retail offerings, sales strategies, and staff training to ensure that each franchisee’s needs are being met. Alkalign franchisees are treated as family members vs as ‘Studios’ or ‘Units’. They work together to ensure that everyone is getting what they need and that everyone shares the same sense of success and achievement. “We all work as a team,” says Erin.

Erin Paruszewki, Founder & CEO, Alkalign

Like its studio offerings, Alkalign focuses on quality when it comes to franchise partners as well. They are looking for individuals who are authentically passionate about the Alkalign vision and what they stand for. Functioning as an owner-operated model, they expect the franchisees to walk the walk and talk the talk. Committed, coachable and growth oriented are non-negotiable. It is a tight-knit team where everyone has a voice and collaboration is key. Erin says, “Our ultimate goal to be the best part of someone’s day.” 

Currently, Alkalign has 5 locations; Menlo Park, CA; Los Altos, CA; Irvine, CA; Atlanta, Georgia and Grand Rapids, MI with plans to expand to additional markets in the U.S. and internationally.

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