holo|one: Bridging Physical and Digital Worlds




"This is the start of something big – we truly believe that AR will be all-present in a few years, as soon as hardware possibilities catch up with the technology’s potential", says Sven Brunner, Founder, CEO of holo|one and a passionate cyclist, often racing to the office on his beloved bike.

While at the moment, most commercial products are oriented towards the consumer market, a new generation of spatial computing devices such as the Magic Leap One and HoloLens are appearing in the market. Big players such as Microsoft, Apple and Google have entered the AR hardware market while others such as Airbus and Boeing have been developing their own software for a while. Indeed, the AR wave is picking up and Sven is ready, "It’s one of the fields that will change how we interact with technology and ultimately how we live and work", adds Brunner.

Founded in 2016, holo|one is headquartered in Lenzburg, Aarauerstrasse with an additional facility at Berlin, Wattstrasse and another office is soon coming up in Chongqing, China. The Augmented Reality company develops standardized Augmented Reality applications for big and small businesses and focuses on manufacturing, maintenance, and architecture. The ambition of Holo|one is embodied in the slogan "Revolutionizing Industries", to make a practical contribution to industrial digitalization and redefine workflow process.

holo|one’s success shows, in likes of, Airbus that after a product review decided to start collaborating, including a proof of concept within the company which Brunner and co-founder Dominik Trost proudly credits to their highly proficient team. "The team works for holo|one because they believe in our vision and our company. They don’t just put in the hours: they are working here because they truly believe that we will be the next big thing", says Brunner. "Without each and every employee believing in the bigger picture, we couldn’t have achieved what we have and couldn’t hope to achieve anything in the future".

The ambition of Holo|one is embodied in the slogan "Revolutionizing Industries", to make a practical contribution to industrial digitalization and redefine workflow process.

Creating Outcomes

Step right in. The company's business application suite- SPHERE - is a cloud-supported solution that acts as a three-way bridge between company data, employees and the holo|one AR applications ("modules"). "The real world is essential to our product. We use AR-supported digital files and tools in order to solve real-world problems, such as machine failure or error-prone processes, quicker and more efficient", explains Brunner.

The three main use cases of holo|one can be described as: The first use case is Remote Assistance which is covered by the module EXPERT a sophisticated tool, through which a remote call can be established. A business-own expert sees through a local worker’s eyes and can assist him step by step in solving the problem with a wide range of AR tools. Other use cases are covered by modules WORKSPACE and TASK, for Augmented Collaboration and Workflow Support, respectively. Employing these modules, meetings can be held remotely with no loss of communicational value. Here CAD models can automatically be displayed in AR as converted 3D models. Routine training steps and work processes can be supported by AR checklists, manuals, and files of all kinds.

holo|one's developed applications make the work more exciting, faster, more precise. "By blending the real world with digital files, Augmented Reality has the potential to not only be a fun gimmick but actually enhance work processes in a lasting, permanent way", carries on Brunner. Additionally, ‘Sphere’ is designed to be independent of platforms and devices, which ensures compatibility with differing Augmented Reality devices. Furthermore, the smart architecture allows businesses to easily integrate new AR devices and platforms (HoloLens v2, Magic Leap One,…). Thus, companies won’t have to spend huge sums on customized solutions or scramble to develop something themselves – they can download sphere, and start using AR to add value within their businesses and processes. By eliminating costs, errors, and headaches across different industries and use cases, holo|one dares to become the leader in providing standardized AR-applications so that companies have a single AR provider for all AR-related applications.

While Brunner believes that AR has massive potential he does highlight the gap between hardware possibilities and software capabilities has still not matured enough, which can impede the growth of reality technologies. "Augmented Reality is fully capable of replacing the smartphone one day. Should hardware manufacturers not manage to catch up while the technology is still ‘hot’, it might be that public and investor interest might wane", predicts Brunner.

Sven Brunner, Founder & CEO, holo|one

The Bigger Picture

Brunner has grand plans for holo|one and they are rapidly gathering pace. Over the next few months, holo|one aims to undergo rapid internationalization, grow extensive distributor networks and continue building its technology- SPHERE, that is an essential part of the 4th industrial wave.

Sometime in the future, the company plans to open their products to the broader public for everyday AR experiences which are right now unfortunately tied to the price, availability and portability issues. "We have a vision of Augmented Reality being used in our everyday lives, something we will help realize with our products", says Brunner. But as for now by empowering businesses with their solutions and becoming the de-facto standard in all things augmented reality, holo|one's ultimate aim is to become Augmented Reality what Microsoft Office is to working in an office – indispensable! "People across various industries don’t yet realize the enormous potential AR holds – we plan on showing them and creating a new future together", declares Brunner.... They are just getting warmed up....

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