Greg Hemmings: Creating a kinder world, one story at a time

Storytelling is an art. Right from the stories, our grandparents told us, to the stories we read in books, every story creates memories. However, we have to accept that the most impressive, entertaining, and mesmerizing way of storytelling is through movies. 

There are many storytellers in the world, but there is only a handful of those who create a real impact that remains for ages. One such storyteller is Greg Hemmings, the Founder & CEO of Hemmings House Pictures Ltd. Recognized as an impactful filmmaker, Greg speaks his heart out through his movies and is set out on a mission to help brands make the world a happier and kinder place through passionate storytelling. Established in 2006, New Brunswick Canada-based Hemmings House has grown as a brand and has been consistently delivering the best quality content for its customers both nationally and internationally. 

Producers of various documentaries, branded content, series, and commercials, this award-winning film production company are the reason behind many purpose-driven brands being able to share their values with their stakeholders. The company fills the gap between the brands and its customers & stakeholders through its high-quality filtered content and establishes a relationship that is beyond just business. “Many companies have a difficult time attracting customers that stick. We help our customers be heard in a noisy market by producing films that connect to the hearts of target stakeholders,” says Greg. Hemmings House disrupts conventional practices and delivers quality content in its own signature style. It adds soul and meaning to the products with the intention to create a long-lasting and perennial flow of trust, synergy, and bonding. “The solution we offer is a solution of trust-building. We build trust by sharing authentic stories that demonstrate the values and the humanity of the people behind the brands,” shares Greg. We are heavily process-driven, and deploy local crews around the world to produce high-quality content for our clients and community.”

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Greg Hemmings, Founder & CEO at Hemmings House Pictures Ltd.

"If we want to see the transformation happen in our world and our communities, we cannot wait for governments leaders to make the necessary change. It is we who have to stand up to the challenge and make the change happen"

Making change happen

Committed to bringing a positive social change globally, Greg is a community movement maker who through storytelling has been trying to create a change he wants to see in the world. Change that will keep the world united, change that will spread smiles and make this world a better place to be. He does this by being the change himself first. An inspiration to his team of versatile filmmakers, Greg has been the mind behind producing film content that creates a measurable impact for the brand marketing and global broadcast industries for more than a decade now. Greg is indeed rewriting the script of how stories are told. “If we want to see the transformation happen in our world and our communities, we cannot wait for governments leaders to make the necessary change. It is we who have to stand up to the challenge and make the change happen,” adds Greg. Greg is also building a movement of change by empowering others to become leaders in their own ways, in their own communities. He is a member of the Order of the Wallace McCain Institute and a graduate from the Wallace McCain Institute’s Entrepreneur Leadership Program. An official global ambassador for the B Corporation movement, a HATCH Latin America, and Governor-General of Canada Leadership Conference alumnus, Greg has won multiple awards internationally and regionally including the prestigious Royal Common Wealth Society’s Vision Film Award in London England. 

Though stupendously successful today, did Greg have a flying start in his career? Far from it. Greg too had to face some situations where he didn’t feel one with what he was doing. After completing his formal education from film school, he started his career in the film industry with the camera department. However, after a few years, he realized that it was not what he wanted to do. He did not resonate and was not in the favor of the culture that was followed on Hollywood featured sets. I wanted to work in a creative environment that was inclusive, respectful, and entrepreneurial,” says Greg. Hence to transform his long-held vision into reality, Greg launched Hemmings House. Cashflow and debt management in the early years were a big issue. “When I finally hired a CFO, all of that got cleaned up and I have not worried since,” says Greg. “I deviated once and bought a franchise bathroom renovation company. I thought it would run itself so I could focus on Hemmings House. Boy was I wrong. My supportive wife was not comfortable with this transaction but supported me anyway. It failed miserably sadly, but I learned a valuable lesson to “stick in my lane.”

From the beginning, Greg was careful to build a shared leadership system at Hemmings House where his staff has a lot of say in the company’s decision. Greg adds, “We have the spirit of shared ownership as well. We have a great culture, very low turnover.” Greg rightfully attributes his success to five factors: Surround yourself with people who are smarter and more talented than you, leave your ego behind, share leadership, be grateful, check privilege, and most importantly focus on making positive social/environmental impact as closely as you focus on making money.

A business with a purpose

Hemmings House is in the business with a strong purpose. On its way to massive success, it has seen many other companies sharing stories that create a negative impact. Such companies might become an overnight success and make some quick buck. But in the longer run, they lose their grounds as they lack the material, the content, the stealth, the honesty, and the integrity to repeat their success. Greg through his principles and strategies has always strived to make movies and deliver content that creates a positive and a deeper impact on the target audience. With honesty and integrity at its core, Greg and Hemmings House have won the hearts of millions of people including their investors and customers. “We work with companies that are doing great things in the world, and who measure the triple bottom line… profit, people and planet,” highlights Greg. Our company is built to be a giving machine, making a profit so that we can give more to our employees, the community around, and our planet. We do not support companies or share stories that result in negative impacts.” Going ahead Greg however acknowledges a new set of challenges ahead of his conscious business. “In the TV side, it is getting harder and harder to find traditional broadcasters with budgets to support the quality shows we want to produce because of the streamers. This is also an opportunity,” carries on Greg. “For the commercial work, we are competing with many other local providers around North America, so we need to defend our value with a bit more care.” 

Hemmings House is one of only a few certified B Corp film companies in the world and a proud member of “One Percent for The Planet” which contributes at least 1% of top-line sales to environmental NGOs. “I am excited to be part of the 1% For the Planet movement,” asserts Greg. “I really would love to see our company move towards creating content exclusively for the companies who are focused on addressing environmental and social issues.” By doing so he hopes to inspire others to lead with love when building their business in our evolving economic system. “I need Hemmings House to continue to build value so I can focus on this important mission,” says Greg.