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Every big company talks about the one-word solution ‘innovation’ to champion through the market expectations, global competitive pressures, complex changes and to raise the bar. But it’s no secret that it is really hard to innovate and companies end up spending a lot of money on it. Yet time and again, companies have found that high innovation investments do not necessarily translate into accelerating sales, share, or profits.

Angelique Mohring, founded GainX, in 2012 to tackle this problem. GainX is a software company that is synonymous to Cutting edge. Collaborative. Inspiring. GainX’s patented software solutions leverage Artificial Intelligence technology, Advanced Organizational Design Theory and Social Network Analytics to help big businesses drive greater returns on their innovation and transformation spend. How? By providing intuitive tools and dashboards designed to manage multi-million strategic portfolios, global transformation, and exceptional regulatory & corporate governance.

“Leaders, including my leadership team are getting 1000x the data at 1000x the speed then they were even 3 years ago - and this speed is about to go quantum. It is no longer possible to consume all the data required to make smart decisions. We’ve designed GainX for our customers and ourselves – in order to successfully compete in the market and to be ahead of the change”, says Angelique Mohring, Founder and CEO of GainX.

We’ve designed GainX for our customers and ourselves – in order to successfully compete in the market and to be ahead of the change”

Unleash your ROI

Headquartered in Canada and London, GainX stand-alone platform delivers unprecedented insights into a company’s people and projects, allowing them to transform faster and more effectively. GainX ProjectsTM helps organizations manage complex, multi-million dollar strategic initiatives up to 85% faster and with 20 – 30% fewer resources. GainX PeopleTM enables resource, talent, and in-depth risk management in real time. GainX PossibilitiesTM lets companies assess and compare the performance of prospective initiatives (or potential acquisitions) before any money or resources are allocated.

As a result, GainX has helped banks recognize over $1Billion in savings in 2018 alone. The company has helped banks reduce duplicative projects, totaling nearly $500MIL this past year and has helped banks keep key talent in house, reducing executive turnover (which is at an all-time high in 2018). Customers have also seen major reductions in delivery times – up to 75% - for major change programs.

This explains why: GainX has achieved critical acclaim globally as a top Fintech Company in NYC, London, France, Toronto, and the Valley. GainX was also the only Canadian Company chosen for the elite Microsoft Venture Accelerator program in 2017 in London, UK. GainX is a proud partner with Microsoft and after launching their UK Headquarters in 2017; the company was also invited as one of only 20 companies globally to join the London Stock Exchange Elite Program.

Worldwide Fintech Influencer

Being a strong change maker, Angelique works in this industry “because it’s ripe for change and in desperate need of change” so that she can add real value to society. Angelique elucidates that the world has entered a state of digital and economic transformation the like of which we’ve never experienced before and in which we are gravely unprepared. “Our entire global economy is going through a major shift. We’re moving towards a gig economy in which businesses must learn to do more with much less in house resources and a much larger external network”, shares Mohring. Additionally, the rapid pace of technological change creates challenges for large businesses reducing their lifetime and sometimes even kills them which have a profound economic impact. “We’ve all seen the impact of large companies suddenly becoming obsolete. Communities – local, national and internationally – suffer. Helping large scale organizations navigate the complexity of change with grace, ease and without incurring losses – is a huge motivation for us. Everyone wins”, adds Mohring.

In addition to spearheading GainX’s growth, Angelique is active politically to help the Individual understand why they matter in today's future, why and how Corporations must navigate the tsunami of change in the next decade, and the roles Governments must play in economic stability. Recognized by both Innovate Finance and Forbes as one of the most powerful women in Financial Services in the UK, Angelique is a sought-after speaker delivering over 200 speaking engagements in the US, Canada, the UK, and Europe, on topics that include AI and machine learning, the future of the FS, global cultural and digital transformation, the Future of Work, and uncovering the unspoken dependencies across economic and business ecosystems. Angelique is one of 9 female founders recognized by the PwC Scale program and is soon to be featured on the BBC. The Canadian and UK Trade Commissions recognized Angelique as an exceptional innovator. For the last four years, she has been nominated as one of Canada's most influential women in Tech. Angelique sits on several boards in Canada in business and government and has served as a board member with the Royal Bank of Scotland Innovation Gateway for three years. Angelique has collaborated with Nobel Prize Winner, Professor Muhammed Yunus, on making economic opportunities equally accessible to underprivileged women through micro-finance, globally. She has won several awards over the last decade for her volunteer work and her work in STEM. She also has another objective and is looking forward to investing in women-led businesses. “We must change the VC funding model! Only 1% of female founders in the UK got VC funding in 2018”, exclaims Mohring.

When Angelique is not fixing big problems, she can be found hiking along the Bruce and Grand River trails in Ontario with her playful – but gigantic - Black Lab, Bandit. She kicks-off her high-octane days watching the sunrise through early morning runs, doing Yoga, listening to audio books for work while traveling and unwinds after a long successful work day over a glass of wine.

But the moment that really changed the life of this ambitious entrepreneur was a moment of adventure. At age of 15 after a week of survival training, she was left to camp alone in the Rocky Mountains in Alberta Canada for two weeks - with nothing but a piece of string, a knife, and one match. “Having successfully navigated 20 miles of mountain and forest for two weeks – I knew I could go anywhere, adapt to any situation, and that anything was possible”, says Mohring boldly. She eventually turned this discovery into an asset. “I don’t see the world through disappointments or failures. It’s insanely exciting, beautiful and full of challenges and promise. There is always something new to try, explore, and that challenges me to grow”, says Mohring. Henceforth, the leadership team at GainX is the perfect balance of grit and passion. Each person is unique, diverse, full of brilliant insights and opinions. “If a member of the team can’t challenge the CEO’s ideas – they won’t last long in GainX”, affirms Mohring. As everyone is expected to contribute ideas, collaborate, and lead. “No one gets shamed for taking chances, making mistakes, asking questions, expressing new ideas”. Mohring carries on, “Our culture is in line with Ms. Frizzle on the Magic School Bus: ‘Take chances, get dirty, make mistakes.’ And, change the world....”


Angelique Mohring, Founder & CEO, GainX

Investing in the Future

With the goal to build a global tech company, GainX is partnering with some of the biggest companies in the world and will continue to build global partnerships to help many more businesses survive the NEW ECONOMY. “Navigating the future is going to be a global, community effort”, concludes Mohring.

So, how do you plan to ratchet up your success? well move over vanity metrics and stay on top of the change...!

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