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A lot has happened over a few years. We can now send money to acquaintances; snap a picture of a cheque to deposit it; do grocery shopping, pay bills or ride in a taxi without paying with cash or cards. Fintech is indeed disrupting nearly every area of the financial industry. As a result, the number of services that required a physical visit to a bank has dwindled. These innovations are only the beginning. While banks still play a vital role in pushing this information, most people do not read the conventional documents generated by banks. They are too formal and don’t communicate the terms that customers understand. Thus getting the right message to the right person at the right time remains a real challenge for most banks.

FUCO&SOLUTION aka RAWSTONE provides a B2B2C business model to enhance communication between banks and their customers, in an attempt to solve this impasse. Founded in 2015, FUCO&SOLUTION is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. Working towards their mission- 'A better financial management to make everyone a better life', FUCO&SOLUTION is doing their best to make finance a bigger and better part of our lives through FinTech.

With solid and comprehensive financial industry know-how, FUCO&SOLUTION provides strong business document solutions to banks in Greater China to help evolve their customer services for the digital world. The company specializes in assisting financial institutions in customer communication and account management. FUCO&SOLUTION’s mobile statement solutions are interactive, transactional, and socially empowered. This gives financial institutions better opportunities to provide services and help attract and retain customers. At the same time, their services empower people through comprehensive and efficient services. These factors significantly improve customer loyalty. With 20+ and growing major bank clients in the Greater China region, FUCO&SOLUTION has clearly emerged as an undisputed innovator in Fintech space.

"We believe statements are the best communication channels to clients", says Alex Lin, Chairman, and CEO of FUCO&SOLUTION.

We believe statements are the best communication channels to clients

Creative Mastermind

Alex Lin, Chairman, and CEO: With 15+ years of professional experience in information and financial fields, Alex has successfully helped major banks to move into FinTech era by bringing user services to the next generation. Alex began his career with PTC as a senior project manager. Later he cut his teeth in the field of innovation as a project executive at IBM. Given his expertise in FinTech and its practices, he is also regularly invited as a lecturer at Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance.

Your way to FINTECH

FUCO&SOLUTION's customer acquisition solutions are offered in the form of an integrated, interactive, and personalized statement. The products have advisory, educational and real-time features. Key modules that make FUCO&SOLUTION stand out are:

• Mobile Statement - Interactive personalized monthly e-statements with data analysis.
• On-line Application - Quick processing for bank account opening, personal loan, credit card using OCR, e-KYC and live video technology.
• Data Analytic - Collection and analysis of transaction history, customer preferences, purchasing behavior. Information about predictable customer groups, possible future transactions, devices used, time of purchasing, etc for enhanced customer fulfilment.
• Content Management - Drag and drop management tool of financial products.
• CHATBOT - Intelligent customer services 24x7

Knowing a customer's profile and interests not only enables personalized account management but also improves the customer experience and thus strengthens customer relationships. The statements generate high opening rate-- the data analysis smartly suggests precise campaigns and financial products for cross-selling and up-selling which successfully creates a new sales channel for financial institutions. Consecutively when the business idea of monetizing bank statement got realized by Everbright Bank in China net profits of around RMB1,000,000 per month were achieved.

FUCO&SOLUTION can also develop specific financial programmes for a wide range of clients through the custom-made Robo-Statements to simplify money management. Meanwhile, the company is also developing Robo-Advisor and financial product lifecycle management tools so that the statements always provide new products suggestions to customers. FUCO&SOLUTION has therefore shown how to turn bank statements into opportunities for monetization and financial management.

Not that their journey has been any easy. In order to provide such services to its patrons, FUCO&SOLUTION's pushes its own boundaries to offer cutting-edge financial service solutions. This is achieved by a highly performant and creative team at FUCO&SOLUTION who have spent 15+ years devoting themselves to the financial and software world. What sets them apart is their deep knowledge paired with an international diversity that helps to bring a more global perspective to the solutions they design, giving their clients the opportunity to reach a wider base of potential key demographics. Their international team has people from different cultures who are technical professionals with comprehensive financial know-how. They are open-minded, flexible, enjoy learning from one another in order to offer the best functional expertise from around the world. Together they have gained new achievements during their process.

Alex Lin, Chairman & CEO, FUCO&SOLUTION

Target Oriented Future

As the nature of the business is volatile, it demands agility and nimbleness. In the future, the company plans to recruit talents from different cultures in order to further enrich their team. By learning, thinking ahead FUCO&SOLUTION aims to deliver up-to-date technologies and tailor-made innovative financial service solutions to banks. Communicating more. Bridging more gaps. And thus changing lives......

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