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According to a recent McKinsey survey of 2,500 business leaders, three-quarters of respondents say organizational agility is a top or top-three priority, and nearly 40 percent are currently conducting an organizational-agility transformation. However, the rapid rate of change in technologies needed to support this digital transformation can pose a challenge. According to the Cost of Cloud Expertise Report (2017), 60% of 5,600 global executives reported a struggle to keep workforce skills relevant and up-to-date during periods of technological change (Turkington, Joshi and Snedaker, 2018). Flux7 addresses this requirement by providing a framework and technology platform to quickly and securely adopt, implement, operate and scale enterprise IT platforms.

In 2013 Flux7 was founded with the vision to liberate people from workplace mundanity and make it possible for organizations to experiment more, fail cheap, and measure results accurately in the digital world. “We remain committed to diversity and our cultural values of innovation, humbleness, and transparency deeply define the foundation of Flux7,” says Aater Suleman, CEO, and co-founder of Flux7.  The IT consulting organization excels in helping customers modernize their systems using cloud, containers, configuration management, and CICD. By working with Flux7, enterprise organizations customers gain access to knowledge experts with technical skills and experience with concepts such as DevOps and Agile. 

Flux7’s technology stack includes leading cloud platforms including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. The company works with  DevOps tools including Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift;  Red Hat Ansible, Chef, Saltstack, HashiCorp Terraform; CloudBees Jenkins,  Circle CI, Travis CI, Bamboo, JFrog Artifactory, Nexus Repository, Black Duck, Synopsis, SonarQube, SonaType Nexus, TwistLock, HashiCorp Vault, GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket,DataDog, New Relic, Splunk.

What makes Flux7 stand out is that the company “teaches its customers how to fish,” ensuring they are able to manage and extend their infrastructure moving forward.

Accelerating business innovation

As a business accelerator, Flux7 assists companies to scale to new heights. They start with the customers’ business goals and build solutions to address them.  “Through a series of meetings with stakeholders including IT, security, networking and development, we identify through our proprietary assessment platform which solutions map to the organization’s business objectives, building a solution unique to their needs and goals,” shares Suleman.

As a result enterprise technology teams benefit from Flux7’s unique combination of services that helps customers achieve agility on their own terms. These include DevOps consulting and implementation, landing zones deployed by Flux7 for a fast and secure platform for the first steps with infrastructure as code, application migration, and advanced security. The landing zone solutions are built on cloud-native services to deliver configuration-as-code, automated provisioning, infrastructure design, and deployment guidance and include essential services and production accounts to enable organizations to quickly and securely adopt, implement and operate their AWS environments. Application migration is simplified by creating cross-functional alignment of business and technical requirements in advance, applying common patterns, automation and security best practices for repeatability.

As Flux7’s focus is on “Security with Agility,” the company is committed to building secure environments without slowing down the engineering teams’ work. Flux7 builds security in from the start, creating a secure foundation based on best practices.  By using configuration, secret-keeping, monitoring and alerts, guardrails are established to keep access, provisioning, workflow and production on track. Higher levels of compliance are achieved with less effort through automation, helping organizations comply with PIC, HIPAA and other regulations. 

Aater Suleman, CEO & Co-founder, Flux7

In addition, what makes Flux7 stand out is that the company “teaches its customers how to fish,” ensuring they are able to manage and extend their infrastructure moving forward. Flux7 has a knowledge transfer methodology where they work hand in hand with their customers to teach them along the way so that they can simultaneously address internal skills gaps while also obtaining an agile infrastructure that meets the demands of the business — today and well into the future. “Our services emphasize training, documentation, and resources to help teams new to AWS and cloud technologies get the skills they need for long term business agility,” highlights Suleman.

Enterprises rightly rely on Flux7 to improve the security and efficiency with which IT services are delivered and accelerate IT modernization projects.  Customers see a faster route to results by focusing on outcomes that produce the most ROI and reduced risk using proven configurations. It will be justified to state that Flux7 is the innovation lab for their customers, helping them try new things that will drive their business forward. 

Flux7 is headquartered in Austin, Texas with a branch in Chennai. Flux7 is designed to be 100% remote in order to deliver efficiencies, access the best talent and provide a better customer experience with rapid, high-quality results. Their nearly 100 employees are primarily split between the US and India though they have a global team that spans eight countries around the world. With multiple locations in the US and India, Flux7 can build relationships face to face while leveraging global teams to provide the best skills for unique customer challenges. Suleman cheerfully adds, “We are proud of the diversity that exists at Flux7. Our team members come from all walks of life and from a range of experiences that allows us to leverage our collective desire to learn from each other and challenge our ways of thinking. We support multiculturalism and embrace the values that diversity gives us: respect, inclusivity, and continuous learning.” 

Striving Ahead

In the future, Flux7 aims to grow organically and maintain a focus on culture and quality service delivery.

For more information, visit www.flux7.com

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