Damir Muhic: Altering the Ordinary of Yesterday into the Extraordinary of Tomorrow

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Furniture gives a complete design to our homes. No matter what the purpose of buying furniture is, imperatively it takes up the majority of space, making our homes feel liveable and complete. It contributes to a healthier lifestyle, both mentally and physically and contributes to a wholesome life. 

Aptha Corp, a leading production, service, and franchise organization based out of Sarajevo is an award-winning design-oriented manufacturer transforming solid wood and sustainable materials into contemporary furniture. Damir Muhic, Co-Owner and COO of Aptha Corp says, “ike so many others, we manufacture furniture. But it’s not what we do, it’s about how we do it. How we design it and how we produce it. It’s about dedication, the love and time spent with and on every single detail until every piece made is not just a wonderful piece of furniture, but a wonder in itself.”  

A Unification of Services

Companies that are part of Aptha Corp. are recognized as leading companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also the region. The organization is present in the countries of Western Europe, the United States of America, and Asia, “for which we owe thanks to a large number of our employees,” states Damir.

This chain of companies employs more than 1,600 employees every day, who, through selfless effort and regular training, manage to satisfy even the most complicated market demands. While the headquarters of the corporation is in Sarajevo, the production facilities are in numerous cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as branches in Croatia, Slovenia, and Germany.

What best describes the organization is its ability to seek out and connect with young upcoming people and their unique offerings. Damir says, “Investing in young talents is very important for the future of our workforce because they bring new energy and fresh perspectives while having a positive and transformational impact on businesses as well.”

Damir Muhic: Altering the Ordinary of Yesterday into the Extraordinary of Tomorrow
Damir Muhic

State-of-the-art Furniture Designs

Furniture is all around us. It is naturally adapted to fit the needs of a modern individual and business. It does for space what clothing does for the body. In an empty room, the furniture decides what that room is going to be. A bed makes it a bedroom. Put in a table and some chairs and you got a dining room. “But extraordinary furniture can do much more than that,” states Damir. “It can redefine more than just the room, it can redefine everything in it.”  

“Our goal is to deliver an experience of man-made objects that possess the beauty of natural materials, inspiring people to start wondering if there is such a thing as a limit to what a space can be.”  Working with some of the best furniture designers in the country Aptha Corp. presents the transformative nature of furniture. From wood to furniture. From furniture to comfort. From comfort to perfection! 

Sustainable Manufacturing

While furniture design and manufacture have traditionally been known to harm the environment, Aptha Corp. is dedicated to reaching a minimal environmental impact. The organization uses only eco-friendly and controlled, renewably sourced materials for all of its products. “This especially refers to our main material – the wood,” explains Damir. 

Firstly, each tree and all wood-based materials are sourced from the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Chain of Custody certified forests. Additionally, other eco-friendly materials such as first-class glues and water-based paint that are used in the process of production, as well as materials to finish and upholster products are sourced from certified carbon-neutral suppliers only. 

Damir states, “We treat our products with oils based on vegetable oils and natural waxes which protect and nourish the wood, thus, balancing between environmental concerns and our strict quality standards. Also, we upholster these beautiful chairs with only 100% natural materials like wool or leather.”

"We are more user-experience-oriented due to the nature of our products, which we like to call our little wooden wonders. We consider it important to experience our products in space."

A Multi-faceted Leader

“My father played an important role in my professional development,” shares Damir. As the founder of a successful company providing transport throughout Europe, Damir’s father served as a role model to him, inspiring Damir to enter the world of business on his own.

“The idea of creating eco-friendly and stunning furniture designs arose spontaneously. The result was the merger of our existing businesses, the acquisition of certain companies, and the establishment of new ones.” Today, with 22 years in the business world and as a founder of Aptha Corp. Damir continues to work on new challenges, seeking opportunities around the world to further scale his various businesses.

As the leader of Aptha Corp. Damir focuses on improving and pushing its boundaries to offer their customers unique product experiences. Throughout the years, adapting to the market conditions and new generations who are increasingly aware and demand exclusively raw materials from renewable sources has played an important role in the company’s growth and success. “Know-how, knowledge about customers, their preferences, and their behavior is the key to growth,” states Damir.

In an era of social media, Damir believes in a more human-based interaction model and prefers building personal relationships with his customers. “We are more user-experience-oriented due to the nature of our products, which we like to call our little wooden wonders. We consider it important to experience our products in space,” he states.

Damir stays up to date with the trends and happenings in his industry by participating in and visiting business fairs around the world. He enjoys learning about the use of new innovative materials and techniques in the production of furniture. “Giving a chance to new ideas and young designers helps us meet the needs imposed by trends,” shares Damir.

In his free time, Damir enjoys traveling and satisfying his pallet with local delicacies. He also enjoys reading quality literature. “One of my favorite books is The Bridge on the Drina – a historical novel by the Yugoslav writer and Nobel prize winner Ivo Andrić,” he mentions.

Looking Ahead

Damir feels incredibly proud to have built some of the most sustainable homes in the country. “We are working on creating carbon-positive houses/positive energy homes, that are so efficient, leaving you with extra energy to use in other ways such as powering your mobile devices or even your electric car,” states he. Furthermore, Aptha Corp. continues its expansion into other markets by seeking and connecting young talent to diverse customers. 

As for Damir, he continues to work to create, “timeless pieces which will bring another dimension to the living space and will be nurtured by the future generations.”