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Are you aware of the quality of the air you breathe? Air pollution is a major threat to the new civilization. With rising levels of toxins in the air every day, the impact on human health and the environment is getting severe. Based on long- and short-term exposure, it has different consequences including allergies, headaches, anxiety, fatigue, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, neuropsychiatric complications, and even cancer in the worst cases. Now the question arises- what measures are being taken to address this issue? Several policies, awareness campaigns, and reformed ordinances are into play all around the globe to contain harmful emissions on a large scale. In the meantime, let’s look at the immediate safeguards such as allergy masks or the air pollution masks specifically designed to keep out the airborne pollutants and protect us from the damage. But do we ever use them? The answer in most cases would be a big fat no. The reason being most of us still don’t consider this a grave situation and therefore we are not ready to compromise our carefully assembled ‘look for the day’ with a mask that makes one look as if they are ‘carrying a disease’. 

Hazel Solle, who grew up in the countryside in Costa Rica faced the reality of this matter when her husband, Carlton Solle, got sick due to poor air quality while on a trip to China. When the doctor suggested using the air masks Mr. Solle was reluctant and wished if there was something better than those white masks that made him look like a person bearing afflictions. As they returned home, on hearing what had happened, Hazel remembered the time when she was just a little girl. Her favorite toys growing up were two hand-me-down dolls whose clothes were worn out and old. Therefore, anytime she got her hand on fabric scraps, she would try and upgrade their outfits by making scarves and such, since the scraps weren’t big enough to make a whole new outfit out of them. Reflecting on this memory gave Hazel and Carlton the life-changing idea to make ‘Bioscarf’ that would serve as both- a fashion accessory and a protective mask. After the successful launch of Bioscarf, they realized that their unique design can have a lot more applications if integrated with traditional apparel and that led to the formation of G95 Inc, which is based in Georgia, USA. 

“We are as passionate about making sure our products are not contributing to climate change as we are about creating a gear that helps protect you from it! Our cold-weather gear is made out of recycled polyester which is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles. Our warm weather gear is made out of hemp and organic cotton blend.”

Climate Change Gear

G95 has successfully designed the world’s first gear that has inbuilt filtration technology to provide protection against air pollution. The Bioscarf is the first functional and fashionable air filtration mask to step into the market. Not just scarves G95 offers gaiters, travel gear and other protective gear with the same properties. And to make sure they are not failing the cause, G95 uses recycled polyester to make their products. Carlton exclaims, “We are as passionate about making sure our products are not contributing to climate change as we are about creating a gear that helps protect you from it! Our cold-weather gear is made out of recycled polyester which is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles. Our warm weather gear is made out of hemp and organic cotton blend.” According to test reports, the Bioscarf filtered out an average of 99.75% of all airborne particulates which means it can help provide better defense against pneumonia, strep, influenza, tuberculosis, pm 2.5, pet dander, pollen, smoke and many other airborne contaminants that not only cause allergies but can also be harmful to an individual’s health. With G95, anyone can play their part in supporting the community against the health risk posed by polluted air. Through their Bioscarf Plus One Program, with every bioscarf sold the company donates one item to those in need around the world.

Still contemplating if it’s that serious?

Speaking on climate change, Hazel says, “The effects of climate change are causing existing air pollution health threats to intensify, and new health threats to emerge. Warmer temperatures and increased C02 levels are causing plants and grasses to grow faster, leading to higher pollen counts for extended periods thus lengthening and intensifying allergy seasons. Flu season is becoming longer and exacerbating. Urbanization has led to large populations packed close to one another, increasing the ease at which bacteria, colds, and flu are transmitted from one person to another. New antibiotic-resistant bacteria and viruses are emerging which significantly increases the chance of an airborne pandemic happening. Exponential population growth in our cities has led to more industrial production and increased energy demands, inevitably leading to more fossil fuel emissions. More people mean more cars and buses on the roads, which means more air pollution in our cities. All of which is increasing air pollution-related health issues like asthma, autoimmune disorders, respiratory diseases, and some cancers. Traditional apparel and apparel accessories have not been designed to address these health risks nor engineered to protect us from them. That’s why G95, Inc. created ‘Climate Change Gear’ the world’s 1st gear with built-in filtration technology to help protect you from air pollution.”  

Solles have been in the business for two years now, and as entrepreneurs, they face various challenges every day but never has it slowed them down. Carlton shares, “As they say, starting and running a business you will go over mountains and through valleys. What they don’t tell you is that you will spend the majority of your time in those valleys. It’s the passion and determination that allows you to survive the grind. Sometimes you have to step away to catch your breath but the little accomplishments or satisfaction you get from customers enjoying and utilizing your products help make all the work and the valleys worthwhile.” 

Usually, the Solles like to spend their day talking with customers around the world, creating new products, designing, marketing, dealing with manufacturing and everything that comes their way.  Hazel says, “When I reach a roadblock I usually fall back on design and graphics and start designing something completely different to take my mind off the other thing I was struggling with.” When Mr. and Mrs. Solle are not busy with work, they try to engage themselves in cardio or kickboxing every day and spend most of the time together as a family.

As for their future ventures, the couple hopes to expand G95’s portfolio to sustainable medical supplies. Carlton exclaims, “We are currently developing the world’s 1st sustainable single-use masks for the medical and professional markets!”

We at Aspioneer’s believe people like Hazel and Carlton bring color into the world fading with ignorance and we need more people like them.

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