8MSolar: Leading the Solar Revolution.



Launched in 2015 by two friends Usman Noor and Ali Buttar, 8MSolar is a Solar EPC firm known for its innovative solar solutions. Headquartered in North Carolina, 8MSolar is on a mission to provide best in class Solar PV solutions to clients in the residential, commercial, non-profit, and government sectors. 8MSolar is a NABCEP certified Solar PV Installer, a Chapter 87 Engineering Firm and is licensed as an Unlimited Commercial General Contractor in NC. Formed with the aim to provide the best solar systems, 8MSolar has a combined experience of 15 years of providing residential and commercial PV systems as well as electricity generation.

 “We are a full-service Solar PV design & installation firm with in house engineering and unlimited commercial construction capabilities,” shares Usman.

The beginning 

8MSolar was established to help generate clean electricity while reducing environmental impact and to offer energy independence to everyone. Though the journey has been fun, they have had their share of challenges. In starting a second solar company in a new state, they divested their interests from their first successful solar installation firm in Ohio. As they could not capitalize on their previous success, they had to create a new brand from scratch. The first year was indeed difficult. However, with persistence and an unwavering focus on delivering high-quality products, 8MSolar earned a solid reputation for itself in the industry and has glowing reviews from residential and commercial clients.

“We provide custom engineered solar PV solutions for each customer we work with. We approach each project as its own entity and deliver the best possible solution based on the demands of our clients.”

Advancing Energy Independence

8MSolar is renowned for its best in class engineering, top-notch installation, and excellent service. 8MSolar’s offerings include premium solar energy generation systems and services including solar system design & engineering, installation, testing, commissioning and troubleshooting existing solar PV systems. 8MSolar is also a Tesla Powerwall certified installer. 8MSolar is proud to be preferred partners with some of the largest names in the solar photovoltaic industry such as Solar Edge, Silfab Solar, Solaria, REC and Tesla. The company is also able to provide guidance on solar tax credits & rebate programs. “We provide custom engineered solar PV solutions for each customer we work with. We approach each project as its own entity and deliver the best possible solution based on the demands of our clients,” says Usman. “The purpose behind this is to generate clean renewable energy, reduce the carbon footprint of our homes, businesses and to preserve our planet for ourselves and our future generations.” 

Every solar system installed by 8MSolar is carefully planned, designed and installed to meet stringent safety and quality standards before it is put into service. To do so 8MSolar ensures up to date product knowledge through continuing education, and the staff is diligently trained on every new solar development. “All our employees have mandated solar PV training twice a year,” shares Usman. “Our sales associates and design teams interact with all our hardware manufacturing partners and actively participate in training sessions.” Its matchless expertise in solar technology and attention to the finest detail makes 8MSolar completely outshine its competitors. 

Usman Noor, Co-Founder, 8MSolar.
Usman Noor, Co-Founder, 8MSolar.

“I aim to make 8MSolar the most well regarded commercial and residential solar installer in the Eastern US.”

Being preferred partners with all the major solar equipment manufacturers, 8MSolar is completely hardware agnostic and is able to advise the best solar components and designs irrespective of hardware alliances. It is also the only organization whose owners hold all the licenses themselves. This ensures a level of continuity and a commitment to excellence from the top of the organization down to the installation personnel. Committed to exceeding customer expectations, they personally get involved in the planning, engineering, and execution of every solar project. “We always want to put ourselves in our customer’s shoes,” emphasizes Usman. The superior standards set by 8MSolar are not only adopted by local cities but their competitors too. Being the only solar firm in NC to hold both unlimited construction and in house engineering licenses, 8MSolar believes in providing the highest quality solar design & construction. 8MSolar unparalleled quality of work and unwavering focus on customer satisfaction fuels their relentless growth. “Our project goals are complete customer satisfaction and high quality affordable solar energy production,” says Usman. He continues, “One example of us looking out for our customers would be how we handled the Duke Solar Rebate for a customer named D. Hays. Mr. Hays filed for the rebate per our recommendations but Duke Energy’s website faulted out and his submission failed. He did not get any notification and initially was not given the rebate. 8MSolar representatives worked with him to find out a way to extract his browser history and show the submission to Duke based on his browser history report. This was successfully transmitted to Duke and got him a very substantial rebate”

“8M was the lowest bid for my solar project,” shares Hays. “They were honest and upfront all the way through the project. They took care of dealing with my HOA and securing all permits needed. They listened to me and worked with me throughout the whole process. They got the job done on the agreed upon time. Their crew and representatives were respectful and cleaned up after themselves. I like the fact they have a local office to deal with and look forward to working with them in the future. I was one of those caught up in Duke Energy’s web-site crash the morning of January 2nd, 2020. I was initially put on a waitlist, which translated to, “I would not be getting my NC Solar Rebate”. Duke Energy offered very little help in straightening out the mess their website caused by failing during my (and countless other individuals) application process. The first Duke Energy rep. I reached out to was actually quite rude to me. Usman Noor and his team worked effortlessly in helping me to eventually secure my promised rebate.”

Due to its sheer consistency of performance, 8MSolar was again recognized as an industry leader and one of the best-rated residential installers in a recent survey conducted by “Build Solar” and sponsored by Enphase Energy. By repeating its success year after year, 8MSolar has proved that its success is not a fluke and that it is here to stay for a longer run. In fact in 2020, 8MSolar was also recognized as one of the Top 100 solar installers in the entire United States by Solar Power World.

Thriving through the pandemic

COVID-19 has had a major impact on businesses across sectors. 8MSolar being a service business is no exception and saw slow sales in March and April. The COVID-19 pandemic indeed slowed down installations and caused some cancellations lingering into May & June. However, the company refocused on delivering no contact proposals and design consultations. 8MSolar rebounded strongly and is positive about a successful Q3 and Q4. With business rebounding strongly and predicted to get back up to 2020 forecasts, 8MSolar continues to see strong growth and is expanding its operations with a new service group and a larger office recently purchased in Wake Forest, NC. 8MSolar will now be serving North Carolina solar clients through both its Cary and Wake Forest locations.

Usman now sees a future of steady growth. The company is looking forward to expanding its operations in South Carolina and Virginia next. “I aim to make 8MSolar the most well regarded commercial and residential solar installer in the Eastern US,” says Usman. 

With a clear vision, great leadership, and world-class products, 8MSolar is indeed driving the future of the solar industry.

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