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“My desire is to be a global thought leader and influencer in pushing software companies to be ethical, responsible and transparent by ensuring the user’s data is secure and private,” says Shamsh Hadi, Co-Founder, and CEO of ZorroSign, who is determined to drive a change by relying on his innate strength of doing things differently.

Founded in 2015, ZorroSign is headquartered in the USA. The company has offices in San Francisco, CA, Dubai, UAE, Colombo, Sri Lanka, and Mumbai, India, and will soon open up an additional office in Canada. ZorroSign’s core purpose is to remove barriers for businesses and governments to go digital by developing a secure Electronic Signature and Digital Transaction Management platform that promotes an efficient paperless business environment; saving money and saving the environment, one eSignature at a time.’

ZorroSign is the developer of the ZorroSign unified platform, a complete Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solution. ZorroSign streamlines and automates end-to-end transactions involving signatures.

A Business with a Purpose

ZorroSign is the developer of the ZorroSign unified platform, a complete Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solution. ZorroSign streamlines and automates end-to-end transactions involving signatures (while reducing paper) using its core technology including eSignature, templates and workflows, digital forms, Document Management System (DMS), and Document 4n6 (forensics). Furthermore, ZorroSign’s cloud-based SaaS application can be deployed in a Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud based on where the customer data lives, as well as in a Private Cloud Pod, as well, as On-Premise for those customers who prefer to run ZorroSign on their own hardware behind their own Firewall. “We address major pain points for banks, credit unions, and insurance companies which others cannot. Some of the best feedback we have received is that ZorroSign is easily adoptable within current business infrastructures and installation and set-up is seamless.” says Hadi.

The idea is to provide a highly secure, flexible, seamless, and robust solution to support the end-to-end flow of document signature ceremonies for any situation, any industry, any department – for signatories located anywhere and using any device.“ZorroSign is at the forefront of security and data privacy with our highly secure, unique eSignature and Digital Transaction Management solution. Our Blockchain based 4n6 (Forensics) Token helps Fintech companies mitigate document fraud risk,” says Hadi. ZorroSign’s DTM platform increases efficiency and productivity by completely transforming paper-intensive processes, from creation to authentication whether the users are internal or external to the Company. The end result of ZorroSign DTM is higher accuracy with fewer errors, improved controls, customer satisfaction resulting from a simplified process and a competitive edge.

Additionally, by always putting security and privacy first, ZorroSign is dedicated to developing a solution that is real, mission-critical, and legally acceptable in any court of law. By holding ZorroSign to these standards, Shamsh, believes the company is staying true to their core belief of security first, noting, “my aspirations don’t stop here, we must do all the above and simultaneously work to save the environment.” ZorroSign’s Green Initiative-- PaperLess Life -- is also a leader in this aspect. ZorroSign encourages companies to go paperless and is making a difference by saving trees, saving water, and reducing their carbon footprint. ZorroSign goes beyond its promise, planting a tree every time its customer saves a tree by not printing paper and using ZorroSign instead.

Ambitions Personified

“After learning about the industry and understanding the sore points that people have, I know I can make a difference with my ideas, thoughts and time invested,” says Hadi. He thus envisions the bigger picture; building a socially responsible company where employees and customers make a positive impact on the world.

When it comes to running operations, Shamsh creates outcomes by bringing out the best from his team. “Bringing out the best in someone means trusting, empowering, learning from, providing continuous education to, and motivating,” adds Hadi. He begins by empowering the team to use their skill set to reach its potential, whilst encouraging self-development by sharing material and list of books to read. He carves out time to share best practices he uses or has learned from others, and lastly, shares experiences that he has come across in life, “as there is always something to learn from in each and every experience as long as you are open and receptive to learn from it,” says Hadi. The end goal is for the current team to eventually become the future leaders of the Company.

Shamsh shares his vision for the thriving financial services industry and discusses what is in store for Fintech in the future. “As the world continues to evolve and as more countries and companies devise and execute their ‘Go Digital’ plan, finance will radically change in the next ten years. As more and more financial contracts and deals will be conducted strictly digital, I see us moving completely towards digital whereby when we transact with any entity, we will have full confidence in the individual and the transaction.” He carries on enthusiastically, “The most disruption I have seen in financial services to date is challenging the way banks traditionally work. The process and fees are now being challenged with better, faster, more secure, cheaper ways of transacting. Service fees are being disrupted; lending is becoming more streamlined and easier with private lenders. Banks are closing locations and creating digital branches where more and more products and services can be accessed at your fingertips on smart devices.” Success stories are always good for the image of any industry. Similarly, in the Fintech space we need more solutions that users can easily implement and have complete trust in. Therefore, Hadi expressed, “I would like to see more laws and legislation being passed so that we can empower FinTech companies to continue ethical and purposeful positive disruption in the industry.”

At the end of the day, ZorroSign’s CEO, Shamsh Hadi, says his “innovation, creativity, determination, and purpose have a basis in self-reflection; so I spend time contemplating, exercising and reading daily in order to rebuild my spirit while unwinding from the day and spending quality time with my family.”

Shamsh Hadi, Co-Founder & CEO

Moving Towards a New Future

Today Shamsh only integrates with and uses technology that has similar values and ethics and who hold themselves to the highest levels of compliance and audit. As he has pledged to evolve the industry to ensure that all solutions in the market follow the same guidelines that ZorroSign has set for themselves.

Recognizing the need to continuously evolve business models, ZorroSign’s solutions were built on the backbone that too will evolve continuously. By constantly developing its feature offering and growing its client base, ZorroSign ultimately aims to become the most advanced eSignature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solution in the market.

With their positive social, ethical and environmental impact, ZorroSign is definitely a great business with a great purpose.

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