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An inventor, and the founder and CEO of Total Communicator Solutions, Inc.(TCS), Erik Bjontegard is all set with his ‘Spark Compass’ to redefine medical care and monitoring practices. Erik founded his company in 2012 and within a small span of eight years, they have managed to assemble team members across the globe from San Diego, Los Angeles, Boston, Austin, in Mexico and Norway, Manchester, Bristol, London, in New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Erik says, “We are a small, innovative and agile company with dedicated team members who follow the mission of turning data into actions using technologies to deliver improved outcomes.” TCS collects real-world data from multiple sources using a series of technical tools along with their patented Spark Compass –an augmented intelligence communication platform for platforms– to deliver curated content, information, and instructions based on that data while measuring the outcomes. Explaining further, Erik says, “This approach of aggregating data from multiple sources leveraging technologies and solutions that are the best in their vertical markets and point solutions into one data aggregator where it all is controlled enables us to deliver new types of oversight as well as the real-world real-time data-driven outcomes.”

The inspiration behind Erik’s invention is to solve the typical problems related to communication and intelligent use of data. He is driven by the need to find suitable applications for already existing technologies instead of inventing new ones. “Generally speaking,” says Erik. “Technology is often developed just for the sake of competing with some other technology without necessarily taking into account the way it is going to impact the life of end-users.” Instead, Erik’s Spark Compass is designed to provide improved outcomes based on the activities of real people and the technologies used by them. This is a very powerful communication protocol that enables “augmented intelligence” instead of artificial intelligence. The core principle of this type of advanced AI is to support human operators rather than replacing them. Erik adds, “It is critical for the future that we look at ways to improve the way that we assumingly operate and work, particularly in health care. This is the core of what we have built and the core of the invention- leveraging technologies to deliver better outcomes.”

“My end game is to build a legacy about a company where we have used technology to improve the lives of all of us and knowing that we did it right with our customers, investors, the end-users and the professionals that are using our systems.”

With that in mind Erik along with his dedicated team, built their Spark Compass platform for platforms to monitor care, learn what works to continuously improve. He shares, “The Spark Compass platform is modular and has been proven in enterprise solutions. It’s been vetted and endorsed by the world’s leading technology companies. We have partnered with fortune 100 companies. We have powered some of the most powerful and biggest sports events in the world, and we have had global reach for millions of people creating new interactions with new content deliveries.”

But, revolution is never easy

In the early days of his venture, when Erik described his invention to people, he was met with their disbelief and negating opinions. But when he demonstrated it in actual practice, they couldn’t help but be amazed at the number of ways it could be used. He shares, “I have always believed that just showing and proving it is better than telling tales and painting pictures. Therefore, we focused on building small and big solutions in the early days to prove that this concept of delivering the right message to the right person at the right time and place on the right device using data that we capture from the real world combined with data in the digital world to deliver measurable actions, thereby verifying that we create improved outcomes. It was critical. Doing this has turned all the naysayers and doubters of the early days into believers that endorse and encourage us to continue going forward.”

Erik Bjontegard, Founder & CEO, Total Communicator Solutions, Inc.(TCS)​

Erik Bjontegard, Founder & CEO, Total Communicator Solutions, Inc.(TCS)

TCS is indeed a team of dedicated professionals with a go-get-them attitude that they picked up by watching Erik. They are experts in their fields who are never afraid of undertaking big tasks or trying something new. Erik adapted these values from his father, a renowned industrial leader who changed Norway and made it into the oil-producing industry it now is. He says, “I learned that there is nothing that cannot be solved. Go get him! Try new horizons and do it fearlessly. If you find something that doesn’t work- it doesn’t need to be a failure. It is just something that didn’t work. We have to try another way. This attitude has created a powerful platform- proven, tested and now validated. Not to forget- created by a small team on a low budget.”

Being at the helm of a cutting-edge company, Erik usually gets to spend his little spare time with his family during dinner time. When he needs to unwind, he finds meditation very resourceful. He enjoys reading, going to the beach, and traveling or just being on the road. Also, he loves taking strolls to keep himself fit as well as enjoy the sweet weather of San Diego.  

Going after big goals

Today, when most of the world revolves around capital gains, the healthcare industry doesn’t stand too far. The care providers are not given enough time and credit, instead, the quality of care is being compromised just to make some more dollars. A system is needed to be developed where the output and the quality of care are derived by the effects in actual human life rather than profits. Erik exclaims, “With proper continued care monitoring in a fashion that provides intelligent data to those set to oversee care, we feel that we can overcome and reverse this trend. Care has to be provided more intelligently. We are doing this now! We are leveraging devices such as Alexa combined with our augmented intelligence platform to aggregate data from a large population of individuals where each feels like they have a personalized experience. We are currently doing this in the UK to the delight of all participants, even our lovely Rita who is 94 brags about us!”

Erik’s system learns through real-world interactions. Their combination of augmented intelligence voice commands data storage in blockchains, 9 intelligence communication protocols integrating 0G to 5G incorporating with sensors in our day-to-day environments, provides them a platform that enables a security provider to have continued oversights effectively and efficiently in a manner where they see anomalies before they become issues. He shares, “Having a system that can learn from this is truly the future of care. This is what we will be focusing on in the next couple of years- working with global leaders from IBM Watson to Microsoft and care providers from Scripps to National Health Services in the UK. Exciting times”

Well, Erik’s intent is clear: “We are not driven by money necessarily but by delivering the desired outcomes, improved outcomes. The money will follow in time and is coming soon. My end game is to build a legacy about a company where we have used technology to improve the lives of all of us and knowing that we did it right with our customers, investors, the end-users and the professionals that are using our systems.”

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