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AR technology may be commonly known for gaming and entertainment, but more and more traditional industries are starting to leverage it. This includes some of the oldest professions, such as construction and job training. By applying AR technology to job training, there is no longer a need for new hires to read dense manuals or sit through day-long presentations, both of which can be expensive and time-consuming. Instead, AR lets training departments create on-the-job experiences that new hires can train with. For example, new factory workers can become comfortable with high-powered tools they’ll be using without the risk of doing it wrong or sustaining any injury. Again, AR technology is providing greater insights into projects before they are put into motion. Today, AR experiences allow architects to visualize how a building will fit into its surrounding areas without the need to create cumbersome or costly physical models. Instead by presenting the models up front with a level of detail beyond any drawing, builders and their clients can pinpoint any possible issues before the build starts, ultimately closing the gap between design and completion. Additionally, with AR, there is no need to imagine the finished product because it can be seen right in the real world. So, if you are building your dream home, you’ll never have to worry about the master bedroom being too small because you can experience the home before it is ever built!

With AR, the world is moving into the next stage of media consumption. Sounds exciting? Conversely, the AR industry is still in its infancy and several endless use cases for incorporating AR into everyday life and work are yet unexplored. "I've been in the industry for many years already and for many years I keep hearing, "this is the year AR goes mainstream" but it still hasn't happened yet. We need to move away from the hype and roll up our collective sleeves to get mainstreamed AR experiences which provide actual value", asserts Matan Libis, CEO of WakingApp who foresees AR beyond the obvious coolness of the technology to where it becomes a living breathing tool.

To the Founders of Waking App, their rationale is clear: People are fed up by the time-consuming, costly solutions available that require dependence on programmers and third-party licenses. WakingApp has decided to create something better and Libis has positioned WakingApp perfectly to capture this need.

People are fed up by the time-consuming, costly solutions available that require dependence on programmers and third-party licenses. WakingApp has decided to create something better​

Matan Libis, CEO, WakingApp

WakinApp AR Studio

Founded in 2013, Israel based WakingApp's vision is to revolutionize augmented reality content creation through a platform that enables individuals and businesses to effortlessly create advanced interactive AR content. With the introduction of visual scripting, a capability that converts drag and drop functionality to coded design, WakingApp allows even non-professional coders to independently create AR experiences without breaking the proverbial bank.

WakingApp’s AR studio offers a cloud-based system that lets anyone easily publish content for leading smartphone and tablet devices. Again, with WakingApp AR Studio any individual or business- with no prior programming skills of any kind- have the power to rapidly produce outstanding AR experiences as stand-alone apps or integrated into existing mobile apps. Content can be easily and quickly updated anytime, anywhere, without submitting a new app to the App Store.

WakingApp is already working with companies in a wide range of sectors, ranging from education to industry to design. Their AR creation and integration technologies are changing the AR industry by facilitating millions of people to turn their AR dreams into reality. Thus, creating new businesses, new jobs, and new income for everyone – not just programmers. "I am passionate about being a part of the community which helps develop AR and brings it to the mainstream", says Libis. So are the seasoned team of AR professionals at WakingApp. "We work closely together and have very candid discussions about our work. This helps develop a strong level of trust and respect. We are also a team comprised of humble individuals. There are no larger than life ego’s who need to have it their way all the time. If there is no respect for each other nothing would ever get off the drawing board", carries on Libis.

Even so, Matan remains candid about the glitches they have encountered. He elaborates, "The absolute necessity for an AR experience is having an operative camera. This means potential privacy invasions as consumers will be walking around with their camera is in constant "on" mode. So, in theory, there could be some pushback on this technology but since phone/camera usage has become so pervasive we don’t foresee this becoming a major obstacle".

When Matan is not working on solving the problems of AR, he can be found playing the piano- mostly classic rock!

A Future worth Exploring

After spending time developing their technology and studio, WakingApp is now focusing on market expansion and plans to break into new demographics. Matan isn't stopping here though. "I love the constant evolution in technology. There is always so much to learn, and the technology moves at such a rapid pace", adds Libis with excitement. While WakingApp is at the forefront of the AR revolution only time will tell if this is going to be yet another niche play or the beginning of an AR movement.

As long as we have entrepreneurs like Matan, we at Aspioneer's believe it will be the latter.....

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