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VR Vision

With a goal to use technology for the greater good VR Vision Inc was founded in 2016. Headquartered in Toronto, VR Vision also maintains operations in New York. Through their technology solutions, the company is dedicated to enhancing business with immersive technology. How are they doing it? “Our mission is not to simply make world-class experiential solutions easy and accessible but to prepare organizations for the future. The path to digital innovation is ever evolving. This is why we place a focus on the journey before the destination”, says Roni Cerga, Co-Founder and CEO.

The path to digital innovation is ever evolving. This is why we place a focus on the journey before the destination

Empowering Businesses

VR Vision provides a full range of virtual reality solutions to power organizations and brings their vision to life with innovative, immersive & impactful experiences that drive engagement. Their offerings include a wide range of fully turnkey solutions that allow for adoption from not only the hardware side but also with unique custom content creation developed in-house by a team of VR, AR, 360, 3D Web professionals. As an authorized distributor the company prefers the latest next-generation standalone VR headsets like the HTC Vive Focus Plus, Oculus Quest and Pico Neo 2.

VR Vision serves businesses across a wide array of verticals namely Virtual Reality Development, Augmented Reality Development, 360° 3D Production, Web & Mobile Apps. Furthermore provides a full range of scalable, sustainable and immersive technology services -- including Healthcare Solutions (to improve the quality of life with technology), Immersive Training (to innovate learning and instruction using virtual reality), Education & Learning (to enhance marketability using the latest in augmented and virtual reality), VR/AR Marketing (immersive training programs that boosts human performance)-- bringing businesses to the forefront of immersive technology. "We are using virtual reality to create real-world scenarios that can relate to life-like mechanics. We are using XR for training, education, and are developing our own internal products for the healthcare industry to help with a variety of patient care needs", says Lorne Fade, Co-Founder and COO. The organization has quickly gained market share and traction in the industry in a short period of three years because of the novelty of its platform. This explains: "We are currently working with Toyota to train over 10000 employees in virtual reality using real world 360 3D video immersion to help identify risks and hazards on their factory floor", carries on Lorne.

Serving powerhouses like Toyota, Siemens, Royal Bank, Q4, Tennis Canada, CGI, University of Toronto, EY, BLG, SOTI, Alchemy Systems Lithium Werks, Flynn Group, Thales, Great West Life, CBC, Veeva Health; VR Vision is rapidly becoming a leader in VR marketing, trade-shows, 360/VR productions, and custom content creation.

At the Forefront

VR Vision grew under the leadership of Roni Cerga and Lorne Fade

Roni Cerga, Co-Founder and CEO: A passionate business leader and innovator. His vision has helped create world-class offerings by utilizing cutting edge cross-functional growth strategies. He maintains strong fundamentals by investing in a diverse organizational culture, streamlined process and the very best in product quality. He is a strong believer that the foundation to sustaining exponential growth is the result of empowering & offering a sense of ownership to everyone in the organization and beyond to our clients.

Lorne Fade, Co-Founder and COO: Lorne is consummate digital marketing professional with over 15 years experience creating and designing digital strategy for corporate marketing initiatives. He has an extensive background of experience with Google and Facebook Ads, including certifications across all advertising and marketing automation platforms (Google, Bing, Hubspot). He has single-handedly developed data-driven, performance-based algorithms to enhance digital campaign performance and profitability. At VR Vision Lorne head’s up marketing and operations in order to ensure scalability and a steady stream of brand awareness for the group.

Roni Cerga, Co-Founder & CEO

Lorne Fade, Co-Founder and COO

Unlocking Power of Technology

"We believe in the power of the technology and foresee it will be a driving factor for change in the future", notes Lorne. VR Vision has thus from early on being built to fuel this disruption. VR Vision has a unique leadership style- hand on, approachable and understanding in how to grow a business by effectively communicating their purpose to employees. "We encourage team outings regularly and try to treat our team like a family to make everyone feel welcomed. We take feedback from our employees liberally and try to implement great ideas that are brought to the table as much as possible", shares Lorne. Creating an atmosphere where employees can feel comfortable, spontaneously express themselves is important to VR Vision. Additionally, the company promotes break-the-tension and a have-some-fun work environment, "We have a “mandatory” policy internally that all employees must spend at least one hour per day in VR".

The benefit? VR Vision employees are committed, passionate about their work and are very result-oriented. "The broad diversity and talent of our team really help us identify and relate to challenges from a wide array of backgrounds. The passion for the work that we do really helps us provide solutions and a drive for innovation that wouldn’t be possible without it", adds Lorne. Thereby developing an exceptional culture of productivity, unlike organizations that only care about performance and profitability. "As we continue to capitalize on the tremendous technological opportunities ahead we must always respect the competitive advantages that form the cornerstone of our brand-- our people and our culture,'' asserts Lorne.

There is certainly a long way to go. But what can we expect to unfold? "As the technology matures we will see more and more portable hardware that gets smaller and starts to bridge the gap between AR and VR to provide a better mixed reality experience that encapsulates both technologies", says Lorne. He went ahead and clears skepticisms about negative side effects surrounding the technology to add, "At the current rate AR/VR provides a great user experience without any physical health concerns. The headset lens brightness is around 1000x lumens, and the average person will be able to spend up to 30 minutes in VR without any issue". Instead, Lorne proposes like every new technology even reality technologies will also face some key challenges on their road to mass adoption. The key being: "In the next 5 years we believe that the biggest challenge will be from moving from custom content to building fully finished products that are useful and impactful on scale".

Voices of Success

No matter what an enterprise puts in the picture, it is the conviction and belief of its customers that makes the difference. Here are the ‘opinions that matter’-

"We hired VR Vision Inc to build a VR-based proof of concept for fire safety training. We wanted to demonstrate to our client base that VR is a viable tool for training employees. They helped us with the instructional design of a VR course that showed factory workers responding to a fire emergency. The course went over best practices and alternative solutions for real-life situations. The team created the product with HTC Vive headsets and compiled the footage using Unity 3D for PCs and Steam as the final player. The product has made a tremendous impact for our company; it was well received by our client base at our annual conference. We successfully demonstrated that VR is a viable training method. What's more, our team is now implementing client feedback on VR into our sales cycle. VR Vision Inc went above and beyond in this respect."--- Terry McGuire, Creative Director, Alchemy Systems.

"We are looking at doing something on-site that bridges technology and tennis together in a unique setting. We want to do something in the VR area that is engaging and fun for fans. Tennis Canada VR Activation was LIVE for 9 days at Rogers Cup and 3days at Davis Cup. All the anecdotal evidence that we got from fans and staff were all positive. The set-up and running of the VR Tennis game were great. Everyone who tried it really enjoyed the game. We found VR Vision to be great and very professional. We came to them a bit late in the game, but they were great and turned things around quickly. Even when we threw some last minute curve balls, VR Vision was always happy to adapt. The VR Tennis Game is definitely easy to use and VR Vision was always happy to adapt. The VR Tennis Game is definitely easy to use and the VR Vision Team was great on being on-site helping out at all times. Now we have a turn-key VR solution that we can use for a number of years and still be at the forefront of entertainment and experience." --- Ben Makarenko, Marketing Director, Tennis Canada.

"The feedback that we get from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive and this motivates and encourages us to continue to create amazing experiences that can have a real-world impact", said Lorne.

The Future is Real

In the near future, you can expect to see VR Vision expanding their global footprint, working on their internal healthcare & training products, and continue the employment of their highest quality solutions in a sustainable as well as a scalable manner to help businesses understand the true power behind the technology. By solving real-world problems through innovation, VR Vision aspires to be a global leader in XR solutions for enterprises.

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