TruBlue Total House Care: “Aging in Place” starts with a safe and well-maintained home.

Before COVID-19, nearly 90% of all senior citizens had the desire to “age in place” … remain in their home for many additional years. They want to live independently and stay close to family, friends, neighbors, social clubs, favorite stores, doctors, their pharmacy, place of worship, and their fondest memories. After COVID-19 and the tragic death of so many of the elderly in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, however, that desire to “age at home” has only intensified… now it’s not only a matter of lifestyle choices, but it’s also about health and safety…even life and death. Now the adult children do not want grandma or grandpa, or mom and dad to go to a nursing home or assisted living center until it is totally unavoidable. They want their loved ones to age gracefully at home for many additional years. But to properly, safely and independently “age in place”, a critical component is that the actual physical house must be safe and well-maintained, inside and out. And as seniors age, they don’t have the physical abilities or balance to do many of the common household chores and on-going maintenance. Though heartbreaking, it is a fact of life called old age. Seniors do need help and there is no exception to it. Along with personal care, they need help with chores such as housekeeping, yard maintenance, raking leaves, home repairs, cleaning leaves out of the gutter, moving patio furniture, installing new filters and batteries in smoke detectors and on and on… They also expect it to be done with love, care, and professionalism. Undoubtedly, there are several senior homecare companies focusing on the individuals, but no one focuses on the home itself. There are few companies that offer assistance for handyman work and some that provide senior modifications. But none offers a complete solution. And again, you can’t age in place if the home environment is not safe.  That’s where TruBlue Total House Care is unique among all senior-care franchise systems. They don’t directly take care of the senior citizens, instead, they maintain their home, inside and out, and on a year-round basis. TruBlue provides on-going maintenance, handyman repairs, cleaning, yard work, seasonal projects, and even help with moving and lifting heavy objects. A one-stop solution TruBlue Total House Care even offers house care packages, where they visit once a month or once a quarter to keep everything in tip-top shape. Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2011, TruBlue is a one-stop solution for senior house care so the elderly can “age in place” with confidence, comfort, safety, and independence. TruBlue serves busy families, as well. The goal here is to help busy adults gain greater freedom and flexibility to spend more time with family and friends doing the activities they truly enjoy. They want to enjoy hassle-free living, not doing endless chores. Over the years, TruBlue has grown to become the most trusted and respected national house care company with 48 locations across the US and a dozen more locations in the process of launching.

“Adult children do not want grandma or grandpa, or mom and dad to go to a nursing home or assisted living center until it is totally unavoidable. They want their loved ones to age gracefully at home for many additional years. ”

Since aging-in-place starts with the home, the home has to be safe and well maintained. By offering an array of home services, and providing the most trustworthy House Care Managers, TruBlue values senior citizens and intends to be with them at every step. TruBlue understands that independence of senior citizens is directly associated with their self-respect and pride, and hence their goal is to always ensure that seniors are able to properly maintain their house and enjoy independence for as long as they can. TruBlue believes in offering a helping hand with respect and utmost professionalism. “TruBlue offers one-call-does-it-all services for our clients, whether they are interested in an individual service or our on-going weekly or monthly house care packages,” says Sean Fitzgerald, President of TruBlue Total House Care. “Our dedicated house care manager oversees the work so that our customers can enjoy convenient, worry-free and hassle-free living. Our skilled home technicians are insured, bonded, licensed (where applicable), and background-checked professionals who make client satisfaction their number one priority.” As happiness plays a key role in the lives of the senior citizens, the time they spend with their loved ones matters a lot. TruBlue maintenance packages and monthly services are designed to ensure that the seniors’ age safely and get to enjoy more time with their families, especially, if they are playing with their grandchild. By offering the much-needed help, TruBlue enables seniors to enjoy a greater degree of freedom and the flexibility to spend quality time with their friends and family. “We are providing a better quality of life to our customers, who desperately need our help,” says Fitzgerald. “Plus, we are providing “peace of mind” for the families that want their loved ones to thoroughly enjoy the remaining years of their life in an enjoyable, healthy and safe environment.”

Safety is a serious matter, and when it comes to the safety of the seniors, TruBlue is very stringent. With zero compromises on when it comes to caring for seniors, TruBlue is one of the nation’s only companies to perform Senior Home Safety Assessments through Age Safe America®. To remain on the top of any potential issue or threat, TruBlue has been continuously upgrading itself technologically. To expand its services, TruBlue has added the Senior Home Safety Specialists Certification and home assessments to its service portfolio. To spot potential home safety issues in advance and correct them right away, TruBlue has joined hands with SimpliSafe which is a prominent provider of whole-home protection and security systems. This technical collaboration with SimpliSafe has given TruBlue an upper hand and has propelled it further ahead of its competitors. The current pandemic has in-fact proved the need for TruBlue services which has allowed senior citizens to stay safe in the comforts of their homes. To ensure that seniors get assistance on time, TruBlue is always ready with its top-class services, latest technology coupled with care, and professionalism. As this industry involves catering to the senior citizens in the times of their need, it is not just a business for TruBlue, rather it’s a mission and an opportunity to prove the respect they hold for the senior citizens. On one end, when the industry is struggling with professionalism, TruBlue is setting standards for others to follow. With highly skilled & professional technicians, warranties, firm quotes, and more, it has truly raised the bar. By providing one-call-we-handle-it-all, a total house care management approach to seniors and busy adults, TruBlue has indeed completely revolutionized the senior care and home services franchise industry sectors. Though the TruBlue franchise has the potential to work with any client, they have deliberately chosen to serve senior citizens for the last two years.


Some of their franchise owners chose TruBlue as they have been a part of the senior home health care previously, and were able to relate to the vision of TruBlue. Being a founder of a few other senior home care franchise systems, Gary Green understood the industry very well and was able to locate the loopholes in this industry. He observed that home care companies were taking care of seniors. But the home was being ignored and that was the missing link. “With my experience within the senior home care industry, I saw the strong demand for this type of service,” says Gary. With “aging at home” considered as a wise option financially and emotionally, as well as the safe and healthy option, Gary foresaw this industry growing faster than anyone predicted. Sean Fitzgerald joined TruBlue in 2019 after working for a national in-home care franchise. He realized the void TruBlue was seizing upon to fill. Having lost a parent to a fall at home, Fitzgerald understands the importance of an aging family member being accompanied by someone who cares. This personal loss has been motivating Fitzgerald to do better and reach out to as many seniors as they can through their services. With their services, TruBlue is not only raising the quality of the lives of seniors but are also saving lives. Sharing the passion as a franchise partner, TruBlue looks for someone who intends to build a business that has the inner drive to succeed, and the passion to cater to and satisfy their senior and busy family customers while delivering a quality experience. Though having a handyman’s experience can help, it’s clearly not a must. Being a good project manager and good with people are essential skills. Or, you need to be good with marketing and can hire an operations manager. Bottom line, what matters is that the person needs to have good business sense fused with an undying passion for customer service. TruBlue, being affiliated with Strategic Franchise Systems (a portfolio of 5 national franchise brands with a success record spanning 30+ years), has a vast support infrastructure and resources of over 70 employees. This enables the franchisees to reap the benefits of being part of an emerging franchise as well as the stability of a large and mature enterprise. “Our franchisees love the support and the direction the company is going. We have broken several revenue records recently so it is exciting,” cheers Fitzgerald. In the next 5 years, TruBlue aims to have 200 new franchise locations and is assertive that with quality services and the right attitude they will achieve this target. With a growth mindset and right business partners, TruBlue is well on its way to becoming the next great senior industry franchise.


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