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Many, if not most of us are now connected to the internet and we have become familiar with it in our daily lives: we shop, we bank, we research and we socialize online. The Internet of Things is not a different internet, but refers to the connection of “things” that are also on the internet.

The “Things” in “Internet of Things” are literally, “things”. Stuff. Objects. Everything from your lights, light switches, smoke detectors, security systems, thermostats and car all can be controlled from the web, mobile and voice-activated applications from anywhere you have a network connection.

Imagine sitting at your desk in the office and controlling the appliances in your home, ready for the end of the day. You could adjust the heating or find out what’s in the fridge for dinner. When you arrive home and sit down in your favorite chair while your partner is traveling on business, your partner will be able to monitor your presence, vital statistics and location in the house all while you simply read a book.

“IoT is going mainstream”

Matthew D Edwards, Founder & CEO, Trility Consulting

However, big challenges remain before the Internet of Things becomes a feature of our everyday lives. There are social implications and questions to be answered regarding our understanding of, and exposure caused by, a factorial increase in data types trafficked to and from our homes and personal lives. Recent revelations about access to, storage and use of our human-human communications data have caused widespread consternation - but consider the implications of having all of your interactions, with all types of connected devices in your home, monitored and recorded in the interest of machine learning.

Given that many people find it hard to correctly configure and secure single devices like PCs and home networks, how will they fare when presented with the “smart home” - effectively a complex distributed system containing many tens or hundreds of networked devices, including critical domestic systems like electricity and water utilization, water heater settings, heating and cooling, refrigeration, washing machines and lighting? How will we collate, store and manage the rich, and often privacy infringing, data streams from all these tracked and connected things? This point to a need to enable meaningful Human-Data Interactions with these devices and the datasets they produce.

Organizations around the world are trying to find solutions to such problems by making devices useful and data meaningful. Just because we have data, doesn’t mean we know what to do with it. Sometimes, we don’t even know what we want to know. And interestingly, just because we can purchase and implement a device (or collection of devices), doesn’t mean it really has a valuable use. Though it may very well be interesting.

To use the Internet of Things solutions usefully in our professional and personal lives, there needs to exist a thoughtful, purposeful plan deeper than the “coolness” factor that sometimes influences our purchases. If you and your company do not currently have the expertise and don’t want to take the time to build it right now, you need a business partner who will help you get to where you want to go.

Trility Consulting is the partner you’re looking to find. Located in Urbandale, Iowa, Trility Consulting is a business and technology consulting firm with a wide range of products and services in the secure internet of things industry. With expertise in security-by-design cloud platforms, custom development and nearly every IoT device in the US and EU markets, the Trility team knows what it takes to aggregate disparate devices from different points of origination into consolidated platforms that securely gather, organize and present data in a manner that enables timely business decisions for you, your partners and customers.

Trility Consulting helps their clients make the leap from having a vision with no plan to a generally available consumer implementation with the help of a four-step experience:

• DISCOVERY: What problem are you trying to solve? Let’s identify and refine it.
• DEFINITION: What options do you have for solving this problem? Let’s define it.
• IMPLEMENTATION: Let’s implement the planned solution together.
• EVOLUTION: Hosted, managed services in public and private cloud combinations.

The Trility Consulting team has deep experience across many industries in secure cloud adoption, custom development, internet of things, information security, performance engineering, devops, and data management. Interestingly, the Founder and CEO, Matthew D Edwards, suggested to us that what differentiates the Trility teams from many other companies is their people-first, business and security-driven focus. Matthew communicated that the Trility team members seek to focus on business-driven strategic objectives first in order to avoid technology science projects. “We sometimes run into great folks that want to solve very interesting technical problems, which, upon collaborative review, may not actually be tied to the larger strategic objectives of the business,” said Matthew. “When we run into this situation, we simply work to understand what motivates the requests, how they are or are not related to larger business objectives, and refine the problem statement and solution direction into something that addresses the needs of the stakeholders and business objectives at the same time, in a security-first manner.”

Trility Consulting helps their clients make the leap from having a vision with no plan to a generally available consumer implementation with the help of a four-step experience.

And while the Trility team focuses on people, business and security first when working with clients, another interesting aspect of the Trility Consulting team is their internal operational culture of “we” and “get it done”.

Members of the Trility team all have expertise in one or more areas of interest spanning business management consulting, technology consulting or both. Interestingly though, their expectation of themselves is that they are a team from beginning to end. Matthew communicated that when a team engages with a client, every person has a role and set of responsibilities which helps the team operate quickly, effectively and completely. However, any person on the team will do any and all work necessary to help the client experience success. Matthew stated, “It is always ‘we’; it is never ‘I’, or we fail.” And this is reflected even in the office.

It is not uncommon to see Matthew distributing coffee, tea or snacks, loading or unloading the dishwasher or changing the work environment in some spontaneous manner to be helpful. Moreover, it isn’t just Matthew; anyone on the teams will do whatever is necessary for their teammates. It shows that the Trility Consulting team is an organization open to change, capable of facilitating disruption even for themselves, and a team that is truly people-first and willing to do whatever it takes to enable client success. In our eyes, this quality makes Trility Consulting particularly well suited in providing strategic consulting especially in the field of IoT which is currently in a state of continuous flux.

Beginning to End

When you consider a partner, consider one that wants to see you succeed across the entire journey, not just during the problem of the day. Trility Consulting stays with their clients for every step of their transformative journey. Not only do they provide valuable competitive market analysis, as well as, products and services development, implementation and growth strategy, but they also provide the teams, expertise, tools, and processes to implement a full top to bottom solution which enables success for you and your own customers and partners.

Product Design and Development, Change Management, Effectivity Analysis, Cloud Adoption, Continuous Delivery Assessment, Security Management, Application Development; these are just a short sample of the many expert services they provide. Looking for a simple analysis and recommendation? Trility Consulting teams are game. Looking for a fully developed application or platform capable of serving large markets with high load, high-security requirements? The Trility Consulting team of in-house engineers is ready to provide you with a fully developed product ready for deployment. Trility Consulting services revolve around the needs and want of their clients and not around what makes their job easier. They will work to help you address your most important strategic objectives with honesty, directness, and expediency. And always with a friendly and welcoming attitude. Your problems and goals are important to you; they are important to the Trility Consulting team as well.

Future Horizons

An organization like Trility Consulting thrives on change and therefore they will keep changing themselves to remain current, relevant and useful to their clients. The philosophy of continuous change and evolution will keep guiding them on their path to success.

Trility Consulting stays with their clients for every step of their transformative journey

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