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The challenges that arise while setting up a new business can put you in a place where it can seem almost hard to breathe. All the pressure of getting things done correctly and keeping to your timeline can take a toll on our body, your mind, and even your relationships. Still, you keep on moving and pushing, thinking that once everything is properly dialed in, your success will make all of the hard work worth it.

A business with a purpose

David Wescott, the CEO, and founder of Transblue knows the challenges of becoming a successful entrepreneur all too well.

Founded in 2004, Washington based Transblue is a general contracting company. Transblue is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has won a variety of business awards, including the 2019 Torch Award for Ethics, the most prestigious BBB award, presented to exceptional organizations for their dedication to integrity and ethical business practices. Transblue works with commercial and residential clients to develop projects that enhance their properties and living areas. “Because we are in the field of construction, we have the opportunity to make people’s dreams become a reality,” says David. “Our projects increase the livability in a home or business as they change the way a space is utilized and viewed.” Transblue handles a variety of jobs, including landscape improvements, wood and composite decking, outdoor kitchens, stamped concrete patios and driveways, spas and arbors… pretty much any enhancement a location needs to make it a more enjoyable and functional living space for families or employees. Transblue addresses every aspect of a project, saving their clients from having to work with multiple trades and vendors. It is their turnkey operation that gives Transblue an edge over others in the industry. 

“Our projects increase the livability in a home or business as they change the way a space is utilized and viewed.”

When Transblue reached its apex in late 2018, David decided he wanted to share his knowledge with those looking to fulfill their own dreams of owning a successful business. He tells Aspioneer, “I was at a snow and ice conference, a speaker was sharing a story about how he was at Disneyland, taking his first-ever vacation with his wife and two girls, and he got a work call as they were walking into the park. He took the call, spent 1.5 hours on the call and ended up getting in an argument with his wife, not even going into the park that day. You can imagine the disappointment of his two girls. Six months later he couldn’t even remember what that issue was. I looked around the room and about 160 people were nodding in agreement. I knew then that these people were using a business model that was fundamentally broken and that I needed to share the process I had built. I needed to share this process with other business-minded people so they could experience the quality of life that I live every day. I needed to franchise, not to make more money but to help my fellow business owners.”

Having worked in his own space for 20 years, David saw that many business owners become totally exhausted as they work to build their businesses 60-hour workweeks without a single day off was a normal operating procedure. Their struggle to keep their lives and family together was real and intoxicating. David wanted to help such people grow with their business while living their lives to the fullest. He says, “The Transblue franchise was born from the idea that we could help those in business not be consumed by their business. So, we built a highly profitable business that does not require a high investment in labor and equipment.”

David Wescott, CEO & Founder, Transblue

Positioned for growth

Transblue operates in the general construction industry, which is typically thriving since it is vital in all markets. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the construction industry will be one of the fastest-growing industries in 2020. A report from Timetric’s Construction Intelligence Center (CIC) predicts that in 2020 the construction industry will have one of the largest increases in real output and reach almost $1.2 trillion in gross revenue. By using both residential and commercial income conduits, Transblue constantly drives revenue in their business. David has developed a true recession-resistant business model.

Under David’s leadership, Transblue has made a commitment to achieving 100% franchisee satisfaction. The combination of their asset-light business model, flexibility and high margin projects creates a unique recipe for success as a Transblue franchisee. David is clear in his goals for spreading the Transblue brand. “We are committed to 100% franchisee satisfaction. It’s not a fancy buzz word; it is our lifestyle. We are committed to the success of our franchisees.” For a client, he says Transblue creates unique value. “It is a turnkey construction solution that provides true peace of mind.”

Agreeing with that sentiment, Bree S., one of Transblue’s clients says, “We hired Transblue to transform our front porch into a multitiered deck with a landing. They did a superb job from start to finish. The project manager was always on time and had excellent communication throughout. They managed to stay on budget even with our multiple change requests. We highly recommend this company for their attention to detail.”

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This is not a unique review:

“Best contractor ever. Transblue was just awesome. I guess I was one of the most troublesome customers they’ve met. The scope of our project was changed twice even before it got started due to a lot of reasons, but Transblue was so patient with me and came to my house three times just for an estimate. They gave me very professional advice and even if they would make less money. ………… Overall, everyone was so nice to work with and I can’t be happier with the result. I will definitely recommend to my friends whoever needs landscaping services,” says Shuxiu Zhou.

“We hired Transblue to replace a grassy area in our backyard with flagstone, cleanup all our planting areas and put in an irrigation system for our garden. Perfect that Transblue could do it all. We really weren’t sure what we wanted to do in one area that gets very little light. Transblue helped us with suggestions and gave us multiple options based on our budget. Our project manager was readily available on the phone when we had questions and to update us on progress. He helped us out with a change order and kept to the schedule. Great outcome,” mentions Bill Q.

For Transblue, the goal is simple: to exceed the expectations of their customers! David shares, “Jim (my partner) said it best when he said, “The fantastic growth of Transblue was no accident. From the beginning, we were determined to make God the senior partner. In a crisis, the problem was turned over to Him, and He hasn’t failed to help us with the answer. Each project must reflect the integrity of management. If sometimes we fail on our end, because we are humans, we find it imperative to do our utmost to make it right.””

Transblue ultimately aims to provide their franchisees unparalleled customer service, stability and a high quality of life achieved through proper work-life balance. “It is a fun, rewarding business and the shortest distance between the quality of life and substantial income.”  David believes that God and family come before business. Therefore, his mission is to grow Transblue into a world-class organization that is focused on entrepreneurs coming together to follow a system that yields maximum profits while providing adequate time for friends and loved ones. They achieve this by integrating technology in their operations and always looking for an easier way to generate profits without heavy equipment and labor, in a defined process. “Transblue prides itself on world-class processes, high margins, quick paying projects and the proprietary asset-light business model it has developed to share with other enterprise builders. Transblue is not the status quo; we are a business focused on building a group of premier franchisees who are trained, diligent, professional, profitable and care about the communities they live in,” says David. “We have built the box; you won’t need to think outside it. Just follow the process.”

On the Move

Transblue handles high-end residential, multi-family and commercial properties. Presently, they are looking for enterprise builders to be franchisees who are committed to working towards significant wealth. David exclaims, “We are a system-driven business with a low overhead platform that was built to drive business performance and quality of life into the lives of our stakeholders. In fact, our culture is built on driving sales and increasing our franchisees profitability. We are a Christian based company and last year helped support 135 different charitable organizations. We are a business with a purpose and are working to change the world, one project at a time.” 

A Transblue franchise costs $77,200 to $121,800. This includes the $50,000 initial franchise fee. It also includes the start-up costs related to marketing, insurance, office furnishings, and other business expenses, including several months of working capital.

Transblue expects its franchisees to be honest and hardworking people who want to give back to their communities. Transblue appreciates entrepreneurs who have general knowledge about how franchises operate and have prior business experience. However, Transblue will train individuals who are self-starters and possess the ability to learn the skills necessary to manage the business.

In order to support their franchise partners, Transblue offers onsite visits to the franchisee’s office and territory, weekly project, sales, product knowledge, and accounting calls, specialized bidding platforms and templates, IT support and is continually available to help in every aspect of business support required by a franchisee.

David opines, “We are there for our franchisees regardless of what they are working through on a day-to-day basis.  We are 100% committed to their success.” 

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