Tiffany Pantozzi creates a customized real estate experience for each client

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Tiffany Pantozzi is the founder of ALIGN Real Estate, which laid its foundation in 2021 and serves top markets across the state of Florida, including Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Miami, and the Space Coast.

Tiffany was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Growing up, she developed an interest in fashion and sports. She always had a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a desire for independence; thus, it was natural for her to pursue a career in fashion. While studying for her bachelor’s degree, she was fortunate enough to cheer for the Miami Dolphins as a captain and Pro Bowl cheerleader in 2010. “It was an incredible experience that taught me a lot about professionalism and helped me grow as a woman,” she mentions. Post-college, she combined her passion for fashion and sports to start her own sports-licensed apparel company. There, she designed and marketed fashion-forward merchandise for the sports industry, securing all the necessary licenses on her own. She was proud to have her products featured at top retailers across the country, but the industry was tough and highly competitive. “I always felt like I was at the mercy of my factories and the quality of their work,” she says. It was a frustrating experience, but she quickly realized that she had to find a field in which she could have full control over her success.

Eventually, she sold her company and was at a crossroads. Though she was unaware of the outcome, she was surrounded by encouraging people who suggested real estate as a great industry in which she could apply her skills in sales, marketing, and negotiation to benefit others. Tiffany has found that helping people with their most important and valuable assets brings her great joy in her profession. She respects the degree of confidence placed in real estate agents and the significance of developing deep relationships. This led to the inception of the company. Despite being relatively new to the industry, she gained success in a mere two years as a real estate agent. She and her team are in the top 1% of all agents in Central Florida and have sold over 50 homes a year. “It’s been an amazing journey, and I’ve been able to use the skills I learned from my previous careers to help me in my current one,” Tiffany exclaims.

Tiffany Pantozzi creates a customized real estate experience for each client
Tiffany Pantozzi

Exceeding expectations

The key advantage of working with Tiffany is her deep understanding of the luxury real estate market. She has extensive experience working with some of the most notable homes in Central Florida and has a track record of success selling luxury homes for her clients. She understands the importance of marketing properties to the right audience, both locally and globally. She has access to exclusive marketing tools that will ensure properties receive maximum exposure. She asserts that when clients list their home with her, they can be confident that it will receive the attention and care it deserves. She works with clients to create a customized marketing plan that highlights their property’s unique features and the lifestyle of the community, showcasing it to the right buyers. From professional photography and video to virtual tours, she utilizes the latest marketing techniques to ensure that her clients’ properties stand out in a crowded market.

In addition to her marketing expertise, Tiffany has extensive knowledge of the local lifestyle, amenities, and history of Central Florida. For her, it’s important to stay on top of this ever-changing market by using intelligent technology, curating creative and innovative digital strategies, leveraging her social reach of thousands of followers, and simply outworking the competition. She also brings a wealth of negotiation skills to the table. She understands the intricacies of the high-end real estate market and works tirelessly to ensure that her clients receive the best possible price for their property. “Selling a high-end property can be a complex and emotional process, and I am there to answer my clients’ questions, address their concerns, and ensure that everything goes smoothly,” she adds.

Investing in oneself

Tiffany’s success in this business can be attributed to a commitment to investing in herself and her business. This involves continually educating herself to know the numbers, the market, and effective prospecting techniques. She has also prioritized building and maintaining a strong online presence and actively engaging with influential individuals and businesses to extend her network and enhance her credibility. She emphasizes, “In this ever-evolving industry, we can’t afford to wait for success to find us. We must step up, ask for the opportunity, and have those crucial conversations. By following these principles, I’ve not only developed as a professional but also consistently delivered value to my clients, making it a mutually beneficial journey.” When she began her career in real estate, she was unaware of the rapidly growing pace of the industry and that business demands could be an obstacle. She quickly realized that to keep herself afloat, she had to delegate tasks to specialists and hire the right people so that she could focus on providing the clients with the best service while still being able to scale the business.

Tiffany is seeing firsthand how the sector is expanding significantly and how everyone wants to work in this field because it has low entry barriers. This is becoming the cause of a lack of professionalism. It is also raising an eye over inadequate emphasis on ethical standards and education. Moreover, part-time agents do not provide the level of service clients deserve. To address these issues, Tiffany suggests regulating the industry to some extent. She would like to implement stricter entry requirements and higher educational standards for real estate agents. To maintain professional conduct, she feels mandatory ethics training and certification must be conducted. She also likes to encourage more real estate agents to work full-time, ensuring a higher level of dedication and service quality.

"It's been an amazing journey, and I've been able to use the skills I learned from my previous careers to help me in my current one"

Acknowledging the gender imbalance

Tiffany believes that the gender imbalance in the real estate industry is partly due to the lack of senior-level female role models. Many women in the industry may not see clear paths to leadership positions. The lack of representation can discourage women from pursuing such roles. She reckons that there are still challenges in how women are accommodated during and after pregnancy in the workplace. It can be discouraging for very successful women to want to build a family because it is still seen as a weakness or disadvantage sometimes. However, in residential real estate, being a woman can be an advantage, as women often excel at navigating emotions, which is crucial when assisting people in finding their dream homes. This emotional intelligence can foster stronger client-agent relationships. Tiffany understands the significance of encouraging gender balance. She suggests that individuals can educate themselves about gender biases to raise awareness of these issues. Companies should actively encourage and support women to apply for leadership positions, combating imposter syndrome. Lastly, she believes society should celebrate and promote successful female real estate professionals as role models to inspire the next generation.

Growing in the real estate industry

Looking at the growth of the industry, many desire to make their way into real estate. However, these aspiring individuals are unaware of the hard work, grit, and endurance it requires. Tiffany advises these budding real estate experts to be patient, as success will take more time and effort than one thinks. She advises them to not be afraid and to get the right team around them. She says opportunities are everywhere; one only needs to look for them. “This career is not for everyone. It is hard work and very stressful, and you must stay motivated to become successful. But nothing is easy in life, especially when the rewards are big and totally worth it!” she adds. Lastly, she states that one needs to invest in their business to get the business.

Tiffany is currently working on creating a comprehensive contract course for realtors. This course will delve into various listing and buyer contracts, equipping agents with the knowledge and skills to become more effective negotiators and advisors to their clients. By providing this resource, she aims to elevate the professionalism and competence of real estate professionals, ultimately benefiting clients by ensuring they receive the best guidance and service throughout their property transactions.

 You can follow Tiffany on Instagram and Youtube @TiffanyPantozzi.

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