Talisa Paris strives to bring the highest level of care to each transaction

Women in Real Estate


The real estate industry is a vast sphere with huge profit margins for realtors. This has attracted many newcomers to enter and try their luck in this industry. Yet, very few have reached the pedestal of success like Talisa Paris.

With a decade of experience in the real estate industry, she has created a benchmark and a trail for many to follow. She worked six years for a different agency prior to joining MRE as a residential sales executive. MRE formally known as Melbourne Real Estate has two offices located in Yarra Street, South Yarra, and A’Beckett Street, Melbourne, CBD. She is known to offer robust tactics for negotiation and presents a service-driven, coherent strategy to deliver a highly successful outcome. She takes pride in providing unmatched services with real results when dealing with real people. Her priority is to create a smooth transition for both buyers and sellers. Talisa’s genuine care and love for the clients have always been the driving force behind her success. She understands that buying and selling property is a huge part of client’s lives, so she considers it earnestly. She ensures that she will be assisting the clients on this journey through every emotion. Her clientele finds pleasure in dealing with her and respects her approach.

Talisa’s love for real estate grew with time, reaching a current phase where her eyes light up whenever someone brings up real estate. She has always visualised her professional journey as a long game; she knew the nature of this business was a marathon and not a sprint. She took her time to learn the craft and got better with every sale. Over many years, she has attained a loyal clientele and has now built a tailored role that works for her as a sales agent.

Talisa Paris strives to bring the highest level of care to each transaction
Talisa Paris

The residential sales executive

Talisa always had a love for the process of buying and selling property. Her family’s history of flipping homes gave her valuable exposure to the industry when she was growing up. Her love for socialising and connecting with people became more and more evident as she grew older. Combining both her passions led her to a career in real estate sales, where she was able to utilise this skillset daily. She believes the most important thing she learned in sales is that ‘it doesn’t matter how young you are if you’re male or female.’ “If people trust you and if you can demonstrate that you are the right choice for the job, they will select you as an agent,” says Talisa.

Being so young and going up against more established and experienced agents who had been in the industry for 30 years was a brave move to execute. She was excited when she paved her way into the arena. She used to get chosen as the client’s agent over other agents, although they had more experience. “They still wanted to work with me and believed in me,” Talisa adds.

Talisa and her team are experts in urban liveability, helping people across Melbourne rent, purchase, and sell great homes for real living. They believe that selling is a transfer of enthusiasm, as selling a property can be a crucial moment for any homeowner. They are committed to ensuring that the sale of your property is a seamless experience. They diligently work to leverage the company’s extensive local and international networks to position a client’s property with a tailored marketing campaign and selling strategy to match it with the perfect buyer.

"as a PA or buyer associate, take the things you like, bin the things you hate, and become your own elite agent from this."

Spearheading real estate  

Talisa asserts that there is a general imbalance within the real estate industry. “This is not accurate at MRE,” she continues. Its staffing ratio is 70% women, with most of its heads of departments being female. She thinks in real estate there is an expectation to always be readily available to your clients, no matter what time or day it is. “If you are choosing to also become a mother, this is an impossible task,” she shares. At MRE, women, including Talisa, have been heavily supported while transitioning into motherhood, with a maternity leave program that includes keeping-in-touch days. Her team worked closely with her when returning to work to see how they could best accommodate her so that she was able to be a fantastic mother to her son. She also achieved the results that she wanted for herself and became the salesperson she is today.

Becoming a mother made her realise promptly how hard it is to do both. “It was the most amazing but hardest time in my life,” Talisa adds. She states that she went through a huge transformation as a person, ultimately becoming stronger, more resilient, compassionate, and more relatable than ever before, which assisted her in her professional life as a real estate executive. Although having a career and being a mother is challenging, the constant battle of guilt, the sick days, the list goes on. She does believe that it is doable, and in return, it is so rewarding. She feels so grateful to work for a company like MRE that helped her come back to work so effortlessly. She adds that more companies need to employ more female sales agents. Women need to understand how much of an advantage it is for them that this industry is dominated by men. “Once individuals and business owners realise how powerful they are to not only a team but their business, it will be a no-brainer,” she asserts.

In addition to that, Talisa thinks that it is imperative to acknowledge gender inequality and educate others on the subject. She states that women typically exhibit greater levels of compassion and care when interacting with clients than men, and clients value these efforts more. “We care about them and their needs—not just looking for the next sale,” Talisa asserts. Women do not tend to convey the ego that is mostly associated with a lot of male real estate agents. Women are approachable and easier to talk to, not only for the owner of the property but also for their buyers.

Some advice to look upon

Talisa has gained her success through sheer determination and hard work. In her professional life, she has come across various individuals who have taught her effective life lessons that have helped her flourish. She is aware that dealing with certain situations might be challenging for a leader. At such moments, she advises them to believe in themselves, as the business requires belief to convert leads into clients. She advises budding leaders to build a team around them swiftly, especially in real estate, to be at a high level and give great service, one needs a strong team. They must learn from more experienced agents as a PA or buyer’s associate. One must soak in every required piece of information like a sponge. And see, “as a PA or buyer associate, take the things you like, bin the things you hate, and become your own elite agent from this,” she suggests. Lastly, she asks these leaders to set goals with timeframes—daily, monthly, and yearly.

Currently, she works from home for most of her working days, with MRE having employed Buyer and Client Managers who help the sales executives deliver the same high-quality level of customer service. This initiative by MRE has enabled her to focus on the aspects of the job that require her daily attention. “I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s so worth it,” concludes Talisa.

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