Slim Chickens: The Finest Hand-Breaded Premium Chicken Tenderloins.

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As proud non-vegetarians, we can all agree on one thing and that is that nothing pleases our taste buds more than some crispy, juicy, and delicious chicken tenders. The US’s first widely accepted printed recipe for fried chicken appeared in 1824 in one of the first regional American cookbooks. Since then, mankind has been on the quest to create the perfect piece of fried chicken, a quest that came to fruition in the year 2003.

On the mission to make the best hand-breaded chicken tenders, using only the freshest ingredients, served in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, Slim Chickens of Fayetteville, Arkansas, has emerged as one of the fastest-growing food franchises of modern times. By utilizing 100% all-natural premium tenderloins, cooked in a time-tested recipe mastered over the years, Slim Chickens has distinguished itself in the “better chicken segment” by delivering culinary excellence in a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere throughout the United States.

An Idea Hatches 

Slim Chickens took flight in 2003 when high-school friends and avid foodies, Greg Smart and Tom Gordon decided to put their heads and experiences together in order to create the “better chicken” experience. Tom had been in the restaurant business already, looking for new ways to revolutionize the food industry, while Greg came from a retail background. With their eyes set on bringing a dose of “that southern hospitality” in a fast and casual setting, Greg and Tom joined forces, and the idea for Slim Chickens hatched.

Jackie Lobell

“Slims is known for having the right combination of crave-able food, a cool vibe, and that extra touch of southern hospitality.”

For its scores of customers now, “Slim Chickens is more than just a quick meal,” shares Vice President of Franchise Development, Jackie Lobell. Guests can expect only the freshest and most flavorsome hand-breaded chicken tenders and wings, which are served with 17 delicious in-house dipping sauces. “Our time-tested recipe has become a household favorite, locking in flavor with our southern-style buttermilk marinade, and lightly breaded by hand with every order,” states Jackie.

What’s more, is that Slim Chickens’ menu is broader than many in the category, offering chicken tenders, fresh salads, sandwiches, chicken and waffles, chicken wings, and a range of other unique side items. The Slim Chickens fans also resonate with its southern contemporary look and feel, and the open and inviting layout of the restaurants, regularly coming back for more. With hundreds of thousands of happy customers, the brand has developed a strong devoted fanbase, also known as “Slimthusiasts,” who are invited to download the Slim Chickens app, earn reward points and receive a bunch of benefits.

A ‘Cut’ Above The Rest

Soon after it began, Slim Chickens soared to greater heights, opening multiple locations throughout the United States. Slims success leans on a simple list of the highest quality ingredients, using the recipes crafted and perfected by founders Tom and Greg. In order to serve the finest quality of chicken tenders every single time, Slims uses its Always Fresh philosophy to ensure mouth-watering flavors in every bite, by cooking each meal to order. The diverse menu that Slims offers ensures that there is something for everyone extending far beyond the classics with options like southern fried craft sandwiches, sweet-savory chicken & waffles, decadent seasonal jar desserts, and more.

Slims is a family,” says Jackie, a big, hungry, friendly, and welcoming family of servers and customers. For Slims, the customer always comes first, and creating the best possible dining experience is what they strive for. Whether you’re dining in, driving through, or carrying out, the Slim chicken staff will greet you with hot food, a warm smile, and a desire to please.

Tom Gordon

“Slim Chickens is more than a quick meal. Guests can always expect fresh, hand-breaded chicken tenders and wings cooked to order and served with 17 house dipping sauces. Always Fresh!”

Apart from serving great food in a great environment, the entire Slim Chickens franchise is also very heavily invested in their communities. “We serve our communities as we serve our customers—beyond expectation,” states Jackie with Slims regularly organizing fundraisers for local non-profits, donating food to community events, and even donating portions of their proceeds on busy nights to a local charity. For Slims, it is all about giving back to the community they serve, empowering the people around them in a way that helps each community become a better place to live and work in. Today, the restaurant has spread to more than 140 locations, which they use as platforms to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace employing people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Spreading their wings

The success story of Slim Chickens is no small accomplishment. What started with a tender and a sauce has now expanded into a sprawling innovative menu for those who crave the juiciest chicken tenders and wings. Despite the difficulties that the restaurant industry faced due to Covid-19 last year, Slim Chickens witnessed revenue growth of over 35%, signing over 400 franchise units since the pandemic’s start in March 2020, placing them as an attractive proposition for multi-unit restaurateurs looking to diversify.

The Slim Chickens franchise is piloted by its excellent branding, strong unit economics, passionate corporate teams, and a structured franchise model that drives everything from training to operations to marketing for their partners. “From site selection through grand opening, our team is with you every step of the way,” says Jackie.

“As a 40+ unit Sonic franchisee, I wanted to expand my portfolio with a brand that had a significant opportunity for development in attractive markets. Slim Chickens was a natural fit - the product, operations, marketing, and leadership team has been nothing short of amazing. Diversifying with Slim Chickens has been incredibly rewarding. In fact, even though markets are selling out fast, I was able to just sign a new agreement to add 10 more Slim Chickens restaurants to my portfolio in Tennessee. I can’t recommend this brand enough - and now’s the time to get in!” - Scott Davis (Slim Chickens Franchisor)

Looking ahead, Slims remains poised for exponential growth. Their steadfast commitment to their customers to create the most wholesome dining experience; and to their franchise partners, intricately guiding them through set up and develop every step of the way, has made Slim Chickens a name that most of the country is familiar with today. Having already opened 28 locations in 2021 with over 20 to go for the remainder of the year, Slims is on the road to continued, sustained expansion, swiftly closing in on their target of 600 locations by 2025, making this a very exciting time to be a part of the Slims family.