Skie Molinar: Educating and Empowering people to Live Healthily.

Flying like an Eagle above the storm clouds, facing adversities, overcoming challenges and the ability to adapt is what drive women like Skie Molinar. For her “SKIE” is the limit. Her philosophy is simple, “Your Health is your Wealth, without our health, we can’t be productive or continue being productive.” Skie had a revelation while working as a medical professional with diabetics, amputees, heart disease, cancer, stroke, multiple sclerosis, vertigo to orthopedic issues, neck, back, knees, hips, ankles, wrists, shoulders, doing physical therapy, and coaching them. Despite scientific evidence that proper nutrition and exercise lead to healthier, longer, and more fulfilling lives, she discovered that millions of people continue to live unhealthy lifestyles.

Impetus: First Steps

It was 21 years ago while living in Texas, Skie Molinar, had her eureka moment. She founded the company and now manages as CEO of Skies the Limit Wellness & Fitness Clinic. SKIE derives its name and motto from Skie’s name: S – Speak life into, K – Know your purpose, I – Inspire others, E – Empower others. Armed with an associate degree and a plethora of experience in working with patients, she understood the methods of strengthening and guidance that were needed to reach their client’s goals. It was during her childhood that molded her to be brave, determined, and passionate. She shares, “I am the youngest out of 10 children raised poor but we never knew it because we were taught that we were just as important as anyone else. We were raised with good work ethics. My Father taught me; “fear not and just go for it.  My mother taught me: “never give up until you figure it out. My sons were and still are my motivation as a single mother I became their Hero but in reality, they have become my Hero’s.

She knew the healing process for the patients would start once, they start building back their confidence, have self-belief, and get back their willpower, which would require a conflux of different approaches. She points out, “After working in hospital settings I realized that I could make a bigger difference by educating and empowering people, guiding them to take better care of their health through changing their lifestyle with proper nutrition and exercise, along with weight training depending on their conditions and what exercise programs would best fit their condition and needs.

Skie Molinar

“I don’t believe in luck, I believe in God's FAVOR!! When you believe in yourself and your passion for helping and empowering others, the Lord opens the doors of the Universe to Favor you. If you find that one door doesn’t open, prepare for another door walkthrough. Have FAITH never giving up pursuing your DREAMS.”

Going all Out: Grit & Determination, never give up

As a leader who has been put to the test time and again Skie firmly believes in the words- Never give up. “It’s not an option for my family. People say I’m strong but my strength comes from God for I could not travel this journey without him. God is my strength!!” says Skie. As with any new venture naysayers will always try to dissuade people especially women who have a vision and requisite expertise for the future. Skie points out, “Many will discourage you from following your passion because of the risk involved. When I decided to start my own business in Wellness & Fitness, I was a single mother raising two sons so yes it was quite a risk. That was the biggest concern coming from friends and family. There were very few that told me I couldn’t do this because they knew I was a woman of Integrity and if I said I was going to do something they knew I would follow through and make it happen.” It was here when Skie discovered people are just jealous, they are unhappy seeing other people succeed. She shares, “I still get stereotyped, and yes I have had to deal with sexual harassment from men and women.” As a seasoned leader, she always took herself seriously and professionally, dressing appropriately to avoid unwanted attention. She says, “I have overcome that by continuing to stay professional making sure I cover all my bases legally. It’s vital to conduct yourself Professionally not leaving any cracks for those with malicious intent to come in.”

Pandemic hit us hard, but nothing hits harder than life, in the words of the indomitable Italian Stallion, “Life is not about how hard you can hit, but how much you can get hit and still keep moving forward.” Skie’s character and determination helped her take these adversaries head-on. “Due to a divorce, I’ve had to start over yet the business has continued. I’ve had to sell equipment and have continued with the left-over equipment out of my garage at home,” says Skie. “Covid 19 has affected it, but I continue to keep the business open. My equipment is all paid for and I am having to once again be creative which is a wonderful thing. You have to fly above the storm just like an eagle to continue moving forward to what you were gifted to do in this world to give back and help others.

Passion & Dreams: Legacy and Impressions

It was during her initial days when constant interruptions and a non-conductive environment compelled her to start her venture, while it was a huge risk the dividends started slowly paying off. She has not only been helping clients with physical problems but professional bodybuilders and models as well. She shares, “Physical Therapists began to refer clients once they were done with their therapy and to continue to make progress. These were usually therapists I had worked with in the past. They trusted me with the client’s condition. At the time I was a Professional WNBF and NGA drug-free bodybuilder competitor.”

Skilled leaders always have aces up their sleeves, and Skie is no exception; she believes in the following values and strives to live up to them: 1. Respect and Value others by actions and practice what you preach. 2. No matter how dark the world around you becomes. Quitting is not an option!! 3. Spending quality time with employees/clients listening to their concerns, sharing knowledge, stimulating creativity getting feedback. 4. Integrity, Honesty, Respect, and treating others equally regardless of race, rich or poor. 5. Leaving a Legacy that will Inspire other single mothers and fathers or anyone who came from humble beginnings.

Trials and tribulations have shaped Skie to be an inspiring beacon of hope for so many people. Her unwavering determination and steadfast resolution have motivated many women to follow her lead and give back to society by helping people lead healthier lives. Many more avenues have opened up as a result of such opportunities, including guest speaking engagements, infomercials, magazine appearances, local television appearances, writing articles for magazines, and movie roles. As a successful businesswoman with years of experience, Skie has accumulated vast amounts of knowledge which she believes in sharing. These ideals, life lessons, and learning curves pave the way for future leaders. It helps them in choosing the right path and following in the footsteps of women who have achieved immense success. As she explains, “I don’t believe in luck, I believe in God’s FAVOR!! When you believe in yourself and your passion for helping and empowering others, the Lord opens the doors of the Universe to Favor you. If you find that one door doesn’t open, prepare for another door walkthrough. Have FAITH never giving up pursuing your DREAMS.