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Data is the biggest asset in the current continuous-evolving business sphere. Ever since the digital revolution, every business is intrigued with the idea of being digital or adapting to the digital transformation. The highly essential aspect for businesses, to attain a successful stature, is to secure the oil of the new business era i.e., the digital data. Securing data is a growing challenge for all organizations these days, and who could be more aware of it than a professional with over 25 years of experience in this sector? Chandra Shekhar Pandey has witnessed multiple phases of the industrial evolution and the technological shifts in his professional journey. He has worked on the biggest real-time challenges that the industry faced in networking, digitalization & cybersecurity. He clearly understood the significance of cybersecurity and discovered that a large number of organizations are still striving to achieve cybersecurity solutions that meet ever challenging cyber threats. He feels the pain of organizations being told on constantly that attackers have to be right just once to but you have to be right all the time to protect your organization and always have to keep adding many silo’s products continuously. Therefore, he founded Seceon with a motive to provide organizations with a platform that is capable of offering comprehensive cybersecurity for digital-era and making it affordable for any size organization with multi-tenancy and multi-tier multi-tenancy feature from day one.

Seceon is headquartered in Westford, MA, USA, and global staff of around 90+ employees. It has more than 200+ channel partners, distributors, resellers, system integrators, and service providers around the globe providing managed cybersecurity services and selling Seceon Solutions to more than 5600+ customers all over the globe.

“We all step together towards our goal of making world ‘Seceognize’ by providing the Comprehensive Cybersecurity solution for the digital era.”

 Chandra Shekhar Pandey

A brief on Seceon’s Inception  

Seceon started six years back with a clear vision and goal for providing the Comprehensive Cybersecurity for Digital Era. It offers easy to comprehend, fully-automated and reliable solutions to enterprises in distinctive industries. The goal was to create an automated platform, which eliminate all the complexities and challenges of dealing with sophisticated and evolving cyberthreat for end customers. This platform includes functionalities like SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, EDR, IPS/IDS, NTA/NBAD, ML, AI, Threat Intelligence and VA at a single platform with Continuous Real-Time monitoring, Proactive Threat Detection, auto stopping of Threats and Breaches in Real-Time. 

Besides, the company is driven by innovation, works tirelessly, and is equipped with an enthusiastic team. Chandra claims, his company is employed with passionate individuals, and their zeal to innovate is impressive. He shares, “Initially, it took around a year time to develop the platform but once we moved to market with the comprehensive cybersecurity platform, we started receiving great response from the market.” Seceon Open Threat Management, OTM™ platform was quickly adapted by many Managed Security Services Providers, which onboarded thousands of customers and help drive the innovations to make the platform available to wider customers bases largest enterprises, SMEs and SMBs in different vertical at affordable cost point.

At Seceon, Chandra believes in providing an opportunity to young talent and allowing them to bring their creativity and innovative thoughts upfront in discussions. He says, “We all step together towards our goal of making world ‘Seceognize’ by providing the Comprehensive Cybersecurity solution for the digital era.” His remarkable team includes highly experienced technical experts who have a vast knowledge of working with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big/Fast Data Platform, Data Science, Security Analytics, and UX. Their collaborative efforts resulted in the creation of real-time highly scalable easy to use platform. He ensures to maintain direct interaction with the team to understand—what they are doing and how they are planning to execute things. He empowers his team members to make decision as a leader without worries about making the wrong decisions since team is always their to help. Seceon passionate R&D team has develop industry’s first and only fully automated threat detection and remediation platform with dynamic threat models, behavioural analytics, advanced machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) with proprietary feature engineering which does not requires writing of rules and tuning for each customers. “It is unique, as it is capable of handling millions of events/second (logs, flows, identities) and correlates them together generating prioritized threat alerts in real-time, enabling organizations to detect cyber threats quickly, at the earliest stage, and to stop them as they happen, preventing the infliction of extensive corporate damage,” states Chandra. The platform is hypervisor and cloud agnostic and supports deployment on-premises, multi-cloud, or a hybrid, and has subscription-based licensing.

Exceptional products worth Appreciating

Seceon goes beyond traditional defence-in-depth security to comprehensive cybersecurity for the digital era. It pioneered the industry’s first fully automated cybersecurity platform, called Open Threat Management (OTM). This platform empowers Enterprises and MSSPs to analyse operational security data, manage threats and vulnerabilities, and respond to security incidents threats in automatically in real-time providing zero-trust security for an enterprise.

Seceon aiSIEM™, Seceon aiMSSP™, and Seceon aiXDR™ are part of Open Threat Management, OTM™ Platform.  Seceon aiMSSP™ provides MSSPs the ability to offer outsourced security services, which include 24×7 security monitoring, threat intelligence, detection, remediation and auto-remediation in real-time, at nominal and predictable linear costs. Its “SOC-in-a-Box” capabilities allow MSSPs to expand current service offerings while bringing advanced threat detection and mitigation capabilities to small-to-medium businesses at a very affordable cost because of increased operational efficiency. Seceon aiXDR™ completes Seceon’s vision of providing comprehensive cybersecurity for any size organization. It takes a holistic approach to cyber security by gathering deep insights from endpoints, servers, network devices, applications, IoT, and security systems. He adds, “It also gathers intelligence , user identity, threat intelligence and vulnerability assessment to establish threat profile, generate threat indicators, raise essential alerts and offer remediation path – automated or push button.” In essence, the solution ensures Défense-in-depth threat detection and response, relying on EDR, Network Behavior, Advanced Correlation (SIEM), Network Traffic Analysis, UEBA (ML-based), and SOAR for an All-In-One experience that is organically and seamlessly fused.

There are multiple vendor claiming to be a XDR. Basically, Industry’s other XDR lack complete organizational context and do not have capabilities to put in context what has happened in past with current activities across the whole organizational view and situational awareness. By the time threat is found out, Botnet + Encryption has been triggered. aiXDR CMDS “Continuous real-time Monitoring, pro-active Threat Detection & auto stopping of any Ransomware in early stages so that you have to never deal with Ransomware attack” Just ask one of 5600+ customers to know the difference. aiXDR enables organizations of any size to afford the cybersecurity solution offering industry best EFFICACY, EFFICIENCY & ROI.

Seceon is a customer-centric organization. Chandra and his team are steadfast in their commitment to providing the best services to their customers. Most of Seceon’s current customers have had trouble resolving their cybersecurity issues with other solution providers in the past, and they have fallen short of expectations. They lacked the required features thus customers were forced to try multiple vendors for a different feature and later co-relating them all became complex. Seceon’s solution has earned its name in the market by offering unique products and services as compared to other providers in the industry. It reduces all those in-between complexities and provides the apt result, discarding earlier processes where it took 40+ engineers to handle all the different functionalities separately to correlate and draw out the conclusion. 

Definitely they came to know about us, requested to see the trial to know if we are providing what they are looking to secure them from Threathunters, they were satisfied with our solution,” asserts Chandra. The company’s solution was deployed to such customers and within a couple of days, it started providing the alerts. But questions from customers started to rise on ‘how we are improving the things for the cybersecurity posture point of view’. “So, we explained well as we are not only detecting the threat but also improving the cybersecurity posture week by week,” he states. Within a few months, customers favoured its solution, and not only did they deploy themselves they started referring to other organizations who can take advantage of Seceon’s platform. “We are thankful for them and for our team to show that there is a kind of platform that tackles some of the biggest challenges that they had working with other vendors for 3+ years and not able to achieve what they wanted to do,” says Chandra.

Building a safer digital future 

Every business irrespective of its size is either digitally transformed or is preparing to reap the benefits of digitalization. The sensitive data of these businesses are conventionally transacted through a digital modem. The dependency on this technological revolution to transfer business data is increased, leading to the possibility of data being compromised with malicious entities if the organization is not equipped with an adequate Cybersecurity solution. The current malicious attacks have significantly increased and coming up in as different propagational phases, according to Chandra, band tthese attacks are multi-phased, and if detection and action do not occur in real-time, the user will be adversely affected, with the result being the ransom. Seceon provides organizations with detection, action, and remediation all in real-time, as the platform is capable to do push buttons and auto-remediation to stop the progressing threat vector or attacks. In the current era, not securing cyber data is undoubtedly the biggest mistake. “Not only they are impacting immediate financial result but also any organization working with them they start having a second thought that whether they want to work with them or not as they can be the next one to be exposed,” he adds. Through Seceon, Chandra and his ardent team have enabled the smallest and largest organizations to achieve the highest levels of Efficacy, Efficiency, and ROI while not spending a fortune. The company will continue to be laser-focused on building innovative solutions on its platform and winning partners as well as customers around the globe. Seceon envisions encouraging organizations to adopt cybersecurity for their data protection and will continue to make efforts for these endeavors to happen.