Salt Communications: A Global Leader in Secure Mobile Communications



The evolution of digitalization has brought various benefits to the growth of businesses but also raised concerns over securing organizations from data theft and other malicious activities. Their severity ranges from slight annoyance to catastrophic, and malicious attacks will undoubtedly continue as long as the internet exists. However, as frightening as it may appear, there are numerous forms of security dangers that are both identifiable and preventable. Cyber threats are becoming increasingly complicated, yet recognizing them is the best approach to properly protect your networks and systems.

To eradicate the unwanted quandary faced by various companies, many cybersecurity professionals are offering pre-eminent solutions. One organisation that is leading the charge is Salt Communications formerly known as SaltDNA. The company’s rock-solid encryption framework together with its focus on mobile usability, deployment flexibility, and comprehensive control functions make it effortless to strengthen and reinforce its client’s security posture. Cybersecurity and mobile security are serious issues faced by every individual who owns a mobile device. Thereby making it a prime market for malware because of the ubiquitous use of consumer technology and its reliance on connectivity. The company claims to be the best solution for the organizations that have to protect trade secrets and other sensitive, strategic, and proprietary information when communicating on mobile devices. “It is a software solution that is more than a secure mobile app: it has a web-based management platform for dynamic provisioning of secure mobile voice and text communications,” says Founder and CEO Joe Boyle. 

Joe feels lucky to serve as the CEO of his business venture and has focussed his ardor on the growth of the company. He values that the company actively encourages flexibility and remote working when required. He has always been driven by success, which includes his ability to share gratitude towards supporting people and encouraging collective success. That is reflected remarkably in the course of Salt’s procedures and has assisted its many clients and partners altogether. The company focuses on continuing to build its customer base, employee numbers, and to innovate as well to add new features to its product. 

Unlike other solutions on the market, Salt provides its customers with the highest level of security, control, and flexibility. Allowing organizations to integrate its platform with their pre-existing systems and host on their infrastructure, Salt provides a highly differentiated and reliable solution for organizations that need to ensure their communications remain private and secure.

Salt offers ‘Peace of Mind’ for Organisations who value their privacy, by giving them complete control and secure communications, to protect their trusted relationships and stay safe,” Joe emphasizes

Joe Boyle

An Industry Leader

Salt is a multi-award-winning cybersecurity company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, that builds secure enterprise mobile communications solutions. It was formed in the year 2013 by a group of tech entrepreneurs with a shared professional history in enterprise security, telecoms, network optimization, and app development. However, it is the first company to provide a solution for encrypted communications between devices with centralized control for the enterprise. Its product provides secure voice, messaging, conference calling, broadcasting, and image or file transfers for busy professionals who have to act decisively when needed. From critical infrastructure to security services, military, legal, finance, energy, and practically every other enterprise sector, it has offered the security and ease of use necessary to increase productivity while staying safe. Being a single site organization with one premise across the globe, all products are developed under one roof; making it undeniably feasible and systematic. Meanwhile, its powerful platform has become the choice of clients with unique or sensitive security concerns worldwide. It offers a secure communications platform for businesses and organizations that provides the same convenient user experience as consumer apps but in a safe and protected manner, enabling the customer to have full, centralized control of the system consistently. 

Moreover, the company deals with enterprise and official organizations and has built its features around this market. Salt’s secure communications system allows professionals to carry out one-to-one and conference calls, one-to-one, and group messages, file/image transfer, and secure message broadcast capabilities. It also provides organizations with the ability to own their secure communications platform, by provisioning an on-premise deployment or developing a full white-labeled version of the system, or both. As many other unique features such as the ability to restrict users from taking screenshots, the ability to prevent users having the capabilities to download documents & images, and the ability for users to purge messages from their device & all recipients devices too—a function that can be done manually, or have a timer setting.

Surmounting all Obstacles

With COVID-19 wreaking havoc and generating massive upheaval around the world, many people have had to modify their way of life and work. Businesses have been at the vanguard of this transformation, with many needing to adapt the way they do business and the locations where their staff work. “Businesses have had to grapple with a more serious component behind this transition and the concomitant technology advancements: an increase in cyberattacks and data leaks,” he mentions. Across the last twelve months, there has been no shortage of data breaches and cyberattacks all over the world. Many firms were forced to swiftly modify the way of working by work-from-home culture resulting in the cost-cutting and the security requirements being overlooked. “The global reforms resulted in an upsurge in cyber threats, with businesses in the United Kingdom alone witnessing a 31% increase in cyberattacks during the first lockdown,” says Joe. Since the national lockdown, Joe has noticed a huge move towards video conferencing technologies. Joe reckons, in the future, organizations will be strongly willing to harness this technology to provide flexibility to workers, reduce travel costs, and speed up decision-making and information sharing. “Many of these conversations are very sensitive and the mainstream systems are not secure enough,” says Joe. As for Salt, the company culture has remained consistent throughout COVID-19, with everyone working closely together as a team, which has proven to be very effective. That’s the perk of having developed a communication platform: we have an easy way to communicate securely every day,” says Joe. We feel as confident as ever in our business and the technology we have developed.” In 2021 and beyond, the digital world will continue to evolve, and organizations must remain attentive and monitor ever-changing dangers suggests Joe. As reflecting over the last year and introspecting the coming year, he feels that it’s important to remember that cyber dangers are unlikely to decrease in the post-COVID era, instead may even increase.

Aspiring to be the Finest

For many years Salt has had to compete with questions around the security of popular consumer applications when discussing our platform with potential clients,” says Joe. Salt’s proposition, as a secure closed communications platform, is ideal for security-conscious customers; and as reports around vulnerabilities of these consumer systems continue, selling the proposal to governments and large organizations becomes feasible. As the world continues to become mobile focussed, the monumental rise can be witnessed in consumer messaging systems usage for non-work-related communications. While in the case of organizations, there will be an overlap when simultaneously these systems are being utilized for work-related conversations. At Salt, Joe and his team have globally recognized reference clients and continue to add global brands to their customer bases. This allows Salt to continue developing its product positioning message and ensure that similar organizations understand the threat that consumer messaging systems provide to organizations.