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Are we secure? Can a security breach happen to us? As every organization is vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks, all organization large and small across all industry sectors can benefit from using SafeBreach- ‘Breach and Attack Simulation Platform’. “Our mission is to innovate the way the industry validates security risks—from static to continuous, from theoretical to practical. Our groundbreaking security platform provides a “hacker’s view” of an enterprise’s security risk so you have the advantage of time to mitigate issues,” says Guy Bejerano.

SafeBreach was founded in August, 2014. They are headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with R&D offices in Tel Aviv, Israel. SafeBreach has customers spanning in all sectors but as certain industries are more targeted for various reasons, the company serves most of its clientele in financial, retail, high-tech and healthcare sectors.

The Champions of the Arena

SafeBreach was co-founded by CEO Guy Bejerano and CTO Itzik Kotler. Bejerano and Kotler teamed up and launched SafeBreach to address a glaring gap in the security market. Enterprises were gaging if their cybersecurity was effective when they were either successfully blocked or fell victim to real attacks. Rather than waiting for a breach to highlight security flaws or rely on limited point-in-time validation like penetration testing, the duo built SafeBreach’s platform, giving security teams the ability to automatically, continuously and safely validate security across the entire “kill chain.” With this new approach, enterprises are able to better implement data-driven security to eliminate security blind spots and weaknesses and to validate that controls are working as expected. In the short time since founding SafeBreach, the co-founders pioneered a new

cybersecurity category – Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS), a term that analyst firm Gartner now uses. In fact, under Bejerano and Kotler’s leadership, SafeBreach was the first in the BAS sector to be granted numerous patents for unique innovations in its approach.

Prior to SafeBreach, Bejerano led information security and red team operations in the Israeli Air Force, served as chief information security officer (CISO) at LivePerson (NASDAQ: LPSN), one of the world's largest cloud platforms providing security for more than one billion web visits across the internet each month, and as CISO at Ness Technologies (NSTC).

Itzik served in the Israel Defense Force's (IDF) elite cyber intelligence Unit 8200 and as the CTO at Security-Art, an information security consulting firm, and was the security operations center (SOC) Team leader at security vendor Radware (NASDAQ: RDWR).

Overturning the Hackers Playbook

SafeBreach isn’t the traditional defensive solution—it’s not trying to detect and mitigate the next “zero-day” attack. Instead, SafeBreach is simulating hacker breach methods (safely and in production, to show how an attack could occur and its ultimate impact. This allows teams to validate security defense efficiencies, challenge SOC teams and more intelligently enact fixes that disrupt and disable critical attack paths.

SafeBreach offers the most comprehensive breach and attack simulation platform in the industry -- with a “hacker’s playbook” of over 4,000 breach methods, along with the most flexible prioritization capabilities and most extensible remediation options. The platform is designed to be continuous, automated and intuitive, removing human testing biases and eliminating the need for manual creation of methods. As a result, SafeBreach has been able to uncover unknown or unexpected security issues in the most sophisticated security environments.

“It’s time to play the hacker. Complement existing reactive and defensive security with offensive tactics. Think and act like a hacker to gain a better understanding of how exactly you will be breached,” says Guy Bejerano.

“It’s time to play the hacker. Complement existing reactive and defensive security with offensive tactics. Think and act like a hacker to gain a better understanding of how exactly you will be breached”

A Melting Pot for Excellence

In 2017, SafeBreach gained momentum across the industry and had been recognized for its strategic partnerships with FireEye and Phantom Cyber (now NASDAQ: SPLK) and was selected to the Momentum Partners' Q1 2017 Quarterly Market Report Watch List, a periodical assessment of cybersecurity market activity featuring a comprehensive assessment of deal-making, market momentum, and M&A activity. Soon after, the company announced a strategic reseller agreement with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). SafeBreach also announced integration with Visa Threat Intelligence to help the payment industry weaponize threat intelligence. SafeBreach Labs also became an early partner in The MITRE Corporation’s research and knowledge base of post-compromise threat intelligence known as the Adversarial Tactics, Techniques & Common Knowledge (ATT&CK) Framework.

In May of 2018, SafeBreach announced that its bookings increased more than 470 percent year-over-year with expanded traction in the Fortune 100. The company closed $15 million Series B strategic funding led by Draper Nexus with participation from PayPal and existing investors Sequoia Capital, Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners, and HPE Pathfinder. Three months later, the company announced its Global Channel Partner Program. Partners are now delivering significant value via continuous security validation of enterprise risks with BAS. Coupled with high-margin, differentiated services to prioritize and remediate issues, SafeBreach’s technology is creating new opportunities for channel partners. In October 2018, SafeBreach was part of SC Magazine’s (SC Media) first ever breach and attack simulation emerging group test, which SafeBreach brought before SC Labs (SC Magazine’s Labs team that reviews today’s most innovative cybersecurity solutions).

From the very beginning, SafeBreach has earned numerous accolades, including:

CNBC’s Top 100 promising startups to watch.
CRN’s Emerging Tech Vendor—CRN’s the most widely read channel partner site in the U.S.
• Bloomberg 50 Most Promising Startups list.
Gartner Cool Vendor 2017.
SINET 16 Innovator in 2016–SafeBreach was named a WINNER.
RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox 2016—SafeBreach was named a FINALIST. RSA is one of the world’s most highly recognized cybersecurity conferences in the world.
San Francisco’s Chamber of Commerce’s Ebbie’s Award for the Innovation through Technology Award category. SC Media, Industry Innovator 2017 - Security Infrastructure.
Dark Reading, Finalist in the Most Innovative Startup category.
Network World, Hot Security Startups to Watch.

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