Ron Ballman: Challenging the over 70-year-old motor problem.



The story of this revolution began with Gerald Goche’s invention, who was struggling to find the right partners who would genuinely appreciate his hard work and help him deliver his technology to the right audienceAs Ron Ballman, the CEO of Adventech says, “it was the most innovative efficient industrial technology this world has seen in 70 plus years- once in a lifetime opportunity.” Sharing this belief Ron stepped up and embarked on his new venture to present this opportunity to the rest of the world in April 2019. The interest in the Maxeff Motor by Adventech is growing at a very rapid rate prompting the opening of their new manufacturing site. As of today, Adventech is based in Florence Alabama, with two separate sites- one for manufacturing and operations, and the other is the executive office. Partnering with Flanders Electric for distribution and service, there are 18 service center points globally. Its R&D center is located in Sarasota, Florida which is directed by Director of Research and Development of Adventech and the inventor of the Maxeff technology Gerald Goche whose main focus is on improvising and innovating the technology as per current industry requirements and latest developments in the tech world. “I believe Gerald Goche should be recognized as one of this century’s true revolutionary thinkers, he has delivered a solution that the industrial world has been seeking for decades. Innovation is often driven by necessity, and this technology is necessary.” 

“Adventech’s mission is to develop unique solutions that inspire, drive, and power the world through value-added technology,” says Ron.

Induction electric motors cause energy waste and have other flaws. The electric motor industry needs a real shake-up, and that’s precisely what Adventech aims to do.

The reinvented motor

Adventech is the world’s only electric motor manufacturer that is entirely focused on delivering revolutionary levels of efficiency and enables remarkable savings through waste elimination and higher performance levels.  Their hallmark product, the Maxeff Complex Motor Generator, is an inductive motor that converts negative reactive power into leading inductive energy. Combined with the Adventech Soft Start, a Maxeff motor can start and stop without experiencing high amp inrush. Unlike traditional models, it has a built-in, all-in-one induction generator circuit. Maxeff’s two-circuit design uses the same magnetic field, rotor, and stator to produce more shaft power than similar induction electric motors. The Maxeff circuit, therefore, compensates the grid that feeds it. This eliminates virtually all wasted energy of standard induction motors as the Maxeff also works as a power factor correction unit. It also requires substantially fewer amps to do the same work. Finally, unlike all other induction motors, Maxeff has no reactive components, so it does not pollute the grid. Thus, apart from improving the plant power factor, Adventech’s technology allows the facilities to run responsibly by preserving the environment and reducing their carbon footprint. 

Adventech supports any mechanical equipment that requires electric motor drives such as pump drives, cooling towers, fan units, baghouses, etc. Along with the newly furnished motors, Adventech also provides an option to remanufacture an existing old motor frame with their technology to reduce waste, enable savings, and at the same time improve efficiency.

Ron Ballman, CEO, Adventech

“I never stop appreciating what I learn daily from my team- teachability, and adaptability. Although trusting people to execute has always been a challenge for me, I have come to realize that collaborative planning/strategic team-based problem solving is the key to trusting and allowing others to be in the lead.”

Being in business for just 1.5 years, Adventech is still quite young but is quickly getting recognized as a global leader in the industry who’s revolutionary Maxeff complex motor-generator is becoming the new industry standard in terms of productivity, performance, and conservation of energy, environment, and cost. Adventech is currently working on becoming the only IE5 rated drive motor in the world. Speaking of how this technology can bring a real change in real-time, Ron asserts, “Over 65% of the world’s energy is consumed by a drive motor, if Adventech was able to own 75% of the inductive drive motor market we could reduce energy consumption by as much as 30%.” Adventech powers several businesses including Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Miller/Coors, InBev, Moffitt Cancer Center, Rio Tinto, Solvay Chemical, the Jamaican Water Authority to name a few. At present, 3000 Maxeff motors are operating globally.

Turning difficulty into opportunity 

Adventech has always been change-ready. Amidst coronavirus pandemic, the company has taken all the necessary actions to ensure the welfare and safety of their team members, their families, workplaces, and communities. The company has changed its marketing plan from simply delivering savings through efficiency to delivering a responsible way to manage budgets without sacrificing reliability and capital spending plans.  Although some of the projects and onsite visits had to be rescheduled, their customer had one positive factor to consider which is the budget relief that is facilitated by their Maxeff motors at an unprecedented performance level along with the new financing programs aimed to assist the valued customer. Apart from this, as an organization, Adventech has also been utilizing this slow period to evaluate their Business Interruption Planning along with their Business Continuity Planning to ensure the wellbeing of both their customers and employees in addition to providing job security. Ron shares, “Ultimately, we want to keep our stakeholders safe and healthy. Our organization is reviewing opportunities to improve daily through constant contact with the CDC, local health agencies, and OSHA guidelines. This is a learning process that evolves daily.” 

To further extend its community service and helping hand, Adventech is continuously improvising its process and eliminating gaps to help gather enough resources to fulfil the basic needs such as PPE, food items, medical supplies and financial assistance of the people associated with their organization and even those who are outside of it. 

The way Revolutionists do it  

What does a game-changer like Ron actually do? Every day, Ron wakes up at 5 AM and often  attends the daily team brief at 6 AM after which he takes a stroll on the shop floor to speak with teammates one-on-one, just to be visible and hopefully a resource for the team. By 8 AM, Ron is at the office where he goes through his plan for the day. He shares, “There are usually a number of conference calls through-out the day, possibly an internal meeting or two (financial, commercial, marketing). I spend time studying the market, looking for new opportunities. Normally I spend a lot of time in market/traveling but due to the pandemic I have been spending more time than ever on the phone.” Before he is done for the day, Ron makes sure he has answered all the emails and addressed everybody’s queries so that when he comes back the next day, it’s always a new day to move forward.  

The secret to his success lies within his leadership style of being transformative. For him, along with the structure, the human element of an endeavour is just as crucial to achieving outstanding results. He says, “I never stop appreciating what I learn daily from my team- teachability, and adaptability. Although trusting people to execute has always been a challenge for me, I have come to realize that collaborative planning/strategic team-based problem solving is the key to trusting and allowing others to be in the lead. I now identify as more of a “we” as I just don’t believe that I am me without my team,” says Ron. “Our culture is collaborative, we operate much like a silicon-valley technology team, while we work hard there is a sense of ownership at each level of the organization.” To keep everyone motivated and further raise their potential, Ron makes sure he stays engaged with his team but while carefully allowing them enough room to develop their craft and skills.  Being involved is critical, incredibly talented people want to be engaged in every way possible. Allowing my team to blossom and grow, I cannot be an obstacle to their happiness. I find myself getting out of the way and letting my team be a team,” shares Ron. “There are mistakes and issues that arise, but we are so much stronger by working through them together. Never a better development plan existed than being hands-on, engaged, involved, and allowing experienced leaders to operate as consultants and guides.”  Knowing the challenges that arise while launching a new technology, Ron was prepared to contribute as much effort as needed to create a sense of comfort and understanding in the prospective market. He advises, “Never assume people know what you’re talking about when you launch new technology, even though you and your team may be comfortable with the terminology and/or science/data, there is an enormous amount of effort that must be put into creating a sense of comfort and understanding for your prospective market.” 

When he is not disrupting his industry, Ron loves old Detroit muscle cars and is an avid collector of classic cars. To unwind, he likes to read or spend time with his wife. Most recently, he intrigued himself with “On the Shoulders of Giants” by Steven Hawking, a tribute to the great personalities in the past who laid the foundation of the very civilization we are privileged with. Ron shares, “I would not be in this position in life without the great sacrifices these people made. We forget that people once died for their contributions simply because it did not fit the narrative of their day. I say daily that we are standing on the shoulders of giants.” When he finds himself stuck creatively, reading helps Ron clear his mind by giving him a new perspective to stay motivated. Also, he unhesitatingly reaches out to his Board of Directors and team members to brainstorm and resolve the challenge. According to Ron, from his business to daily operations to his passion, everything has equal significance and he approaches them with the same enthusiasm and drives. “My passion is driving this business because of the profound importance of our technology to the world,” says Ron. “The daily operations are the tool in which our technology reaches our partners, without a direct link between our operations and our passions we will surely fail to consistently deliver a remarkable experience for all involved with this business.”

Legacy in the making 

Looking at the future, Ron shares that they have many exciting launches coming up including two very interesting developments that will play a big role in revolutionizing the transportation market in regards with the duration of charges and the mileage in between, and eliminating the need of VFD which reduces the savings on operating cost from 25% to 10% max. When asked what he hopes his legacy will be, Ron speaks like a true revolutionist and says, “My team will be my legacy, continuation of what we started and growing this brand into the world-changing technology that we now know it will be. Our technology is so profound that I am certain I will not see it reach its full potential in my lifetime, so my team will need to be equipped to drive this forward.”  

By providing solutions for the transportation market and changing VFD applications, Adventech is looking forward to a potentially bright future as they have already developed a reputation as a reliable and innovative brand that just wants the world to benefit from their solutions. Recently in April 2020, they also announced their partnership with Flanders Electric, an organization that specializes in full integration and deployment of advanced technology into the largest machines containing electric rotating systems. Flanders Electric will further help them deliver their hallmark technology all across the globe which is a huge step for Adventech in the direction of acquiring the topmost position in the industry. “The Maxeff Motor by Adventech will become the efficiency standard for all the electric drive motors. When this standard is established other motor companies will need to license our technology in order to become compliant with DOE standards,” proclaims Ron.

“As Adventech gains momentum in the marketplace and our partners realize the deliverables exceed their expectations,” adds Ron, “Adventech will become the world leader in efficiency solutions.” 

“Our motors are not only changing the way we conserve energy, but they are also changing the way the world thinks about electric drive motors.”

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