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We are in an era where technology evolution is at its highest. The way government, industry, and the general public organize, communicate, process, and store information; and conduct business is changing drastically. This change will only accelerate with the increasing adoption of IoT, reaching 300 billion devices expected by 2030. The changing expectations of consumers and massive technology adoption by the business will increase the complexity of the ecosystem. This impacts the related data flows across the environment and between the involved parties, making it extremely hard for businesses to reach, for example, compliance with privacy laws. On the other side, the design, manufacture, operation, and disposal of information must consider the continuous increase of attack vectors due to new technologies’ integration. The confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, especially personal data are becoming more vulnerable, impacting the security and even the safety of societies.

In fact, the risk for the businesses has shifted from the traditional, old-fashioned to new emerging cyber risks. Thus, addressing cyber risks requires specific skill and knowledge. Responsible Cyber, with the mission to keep people safe in the digital world, since 2016 is assisting customers and helping them build cyber resilient businesses.”

Responsible Cyber is based in Singapore, and promotes awareness, raising an important message -‘Everyone needs to be cyber responsible’. The company specializes as well in cybersecurity advisory and training including but not limited to vCISO, risk management, cyber security advisory, training, as well as ISO implementation.

Worldwide Cybersecurity Influencer

Magda Chelly is the Managing Director of Responsible Cyber by day, and a cyberfeminist hacker by night. She is also an official contributor and brand ambassador on one of the major cybersecurity platforms - peerlyst.com and has founded a diversity platform ‘Woman in Cyber’.

She speaks five languages fluently and has a Ph.D. in Telecommunication Engineering with a subsequent specialization in cybersecurity. She also was nominated as global leader of the year at the Women in IT Awards 2017, and awarded TOP 50 cybersecurity influencer internationally, as well as Top 58 Women In Cyber Security to follow on Twitter, CISO OF THE WEEK by the Cyber Start-up Observatory, Top 10 cybersecurity keynote speakers experts - London Speaking

Bureau, Top 20 Cyber Security Experts alongside with Kevin Mitnick, and Brian Krebs, 10 Cybersecurity experts to follow on Twitter in 2018, Top 17 Cybersecurity Influencers in 2018 you must hit the follow button, and 30 Cyber Security Female Role Models 2018. Magda is a big

to-do list person, she begins her day penning down all the things she needs to accomplish each day. She sets high expectations, in-fact very high towards herself, first and sometimes very ambitious goals. “It allows me to prove to myself that I am achieving and performing, reaching good productivity every day. Writing and monitoring my long-term and short-term goals give me the motivation to achieve the vision I have for my company. A regular review of those brings me clarity of where I stand and what improvements are to be undertaken. I always set also very high, almost unachievable goals. This creates more pressure for me, however, everyone is different. Thus, this needs to be adapted to the individual’s character”, says Magda explaining her productivity tips.

Writing and monitoring my long-term and short-term goals give me the motivation to achieve the vision I have for my company.

Indeed, running a cybersecurity firm is no simple task, building strong values, making sure that they are clearly defined and shared with the team. “I work day and night to build my company’s reputation, as well to enable my team to thrive. Our industry is mainly based on trust and therefore, to succeed in leading effectively, I must show others respect, trust, and understanding. Creating an open environment in which everyone knows that problem sharing is welcome, and challenges are addressed together make the daily life much easier and positive for everyone”, asserts Magda.

Magda spends most of her time supporting chief information security officers in their cybersecurity strategy and roadmap. Her clients vary from Fortune 500 companies to Medium Size Local Businesses, to high-tech innovative start-ups. Being a strong change maker, Magda works in this industry so that she can add real value to society. She is continuously raising cybersecurity awareness and diversity on a global scale. “My aspirations are to build a worldwide service company that allows understanding cybersecurity risks, and mitigating them accordingly with or without budgets constraints”, says Magda.

Security beyond Corporate Services

Responsible Cyber is all about creating valuable services for their customers, so it focuses on building an innovative service portfolio in order to add real value to the cybersecurity space. The firm provides proven training programs and best practices around cybersecurity. They integrate cyber training into an industry-specific environment with up to date and practical case studies to optimize the learning process. On the other side, Responsible Cyber advises its clients on understanding the different challenges related to cybersecurity and cyber risks. This is achieved by working hand in hand with the clients on their specific needs, and making a cultural change within the employees along with valuable knowledge transfer. The objective is to allow the company to continue its cybersecurity journey even when the consultancy service is over. “I, honestly, would not let down a client calling me at 3 am in the morning because he/she needs assistance with an incident. Have we done it? Yes, we did, and I would say it does make a difference, especially when the client knows that we are not there only for the money, as such. We are working with our clients to make a change and protect them”, exclaims Magda.

Responsible Cyber’s focus is to help the customer to choose the most suitable solution for the customer, making sure that the clients are able to see solutions they didn’t think were possible, within their budget and within their requirements. “Numerous times, customers come with a mindset of buying an expensive solution to fix their problem. They didn’t realize that the solution was possible, for example with an alternative measure bringing the overall maturity of the business higher through the right process and awareness. Our clients highly appreciate that and believe that our suggestions are objective and only based on the true customer’s interests”, says Magda.

Driving for Excellence and Trust

Responsible Cyber wants to produce adaptable cybersecurity services that meet both the stringent requirements of the market; continuous landscape changes and the varying customer’s expectations. With the Vision to become the ‘World’s Most Trustful and Affordable Cyber Security Firm’, the organization intends to sustain long-standing relationships with their clients. In addition, they are focused on providing value-added services such as cloud security, IoT security and ensure that they adapt their services to a growing cybersecurity landscape.

The firm plans to expand their range of services by launching new products in the approaching year and are by also leveraging their international network to tap into cross-border business opportunities through strategic alliances and/or joint ventures. These are exciting times for Responsible Cyber and the world of Cybersecurity!

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