Monday, May 29, 2023

Transforming Global Agriculture through Cloud Computing Technology

Food organizations and governments all over the world are investing billions of dollars in improving agriculture. This investment is aimed towards eradication of food shortages and in the improvement of nutrition without increasing the cost of living. Today the world understands that without smart agriculture, the future of food is uncertain. The agricultural software market is expected to grow at an average rate of 17.5% per year for the next 5 years. At the same time, the agricultural cloud software market is expected to grow at an average rate of 25.3% per year. The value of this market is expected to reach $4.07 billion by 2022. This is where Israeli firm AKOL found its footing in the international market.

AKOL is a leading entrepreneurial software house that provides the agricultural sector with comprehensive software and communication solutions to meet its needs. In addition, AKOL is the only company in the world that has presented working solutions in the past few years in the field of agricultural software. AKOL's IT solutions help farmers, across different sectors manage their resources, providing them with real-time control and the ability to conduct future planning. This is done using off-the-shelf software that AKOL tailors to their customer's needs.

The firm has a development center in southern Israel near the farmlands and representatives in central and northern Israel. World over, the company is represented by its professional distributors. With the motto- From Peasant to “AgriTechnologist", the company serves countries, cooperatives as well as individual farmers.

Seeds of vision, fruits of reality

It is the commitment of a leader, that converts an organization's vision into reality. Consistently strong efforts of Mr. Ron Shani has turned AKOL into a global organization. Along with his squad, the futurist leader implemented the first agricultural cloud solution in the world.

Ron Shani, Owner & CEO

is an industrial management engineer. Mr. Shani has expertise in Agriculture IOT (Internet of things). Shani has an experience of over 17 Years in large software firms. In 2009 Shani joined AKOL as a partner. Since receiving the CEO position in the company, Mr. Shani doubled the company's activities and made the AKOL a global leader in agricultural computing.

Mr Assaf Sufa

Partner and COO

Mr. Sufa is an industrial management engineer. Mr. Sufa has years of experience in developing and managing large software projects in Israel and abroad. He has served as a senior computer consultant for several government bodies. His primary specialization is the design and analysis of complex systems, in the area of technology and business.

Dr. Vladimir Blumkin

Chief Architect

Dr. Blumkin has more than 30 years of experience in systems development. He has more than 15 years of experience in managing various agricultural systems. He has developed expertise in the integration of agricultural and development data. He is also a specialist in agricultural algorithm development.

Elena Mesonjnik

Software Devops

has a BA in specialized software development languages, computers, and agricultural portals. She is leads computing and web design teams at AKOL.

To change for the better what hasn’t changed

Most farmers, even today, work with traditional methods in the same way as they have for the past hundred years. Unlike business and industrial markets, most agricultural industries have not experienced a digital revolution.

“In AKOL I found a great deal of unique agricultural knowledge that had, up until that point been stored in a very old system. I looked for a platform that could bring this knowledge to the world", says AKOL CEO Ron Shani.

AKOL, therefore, wanted to provide advanced management tools to agricultural workers. The company is dedicated to connecting Israeli agronomists and R&D experts with those in need of its services. As a consequence, it gave the world, for the first time, a product that allows for planning and structured monitoring of crop growth processes. Thus making it possible to set up and keep supermarket shelves stocked with agricultural produce throughout the year.

Putting the smarts in agricultural solutions

AKOL has designed and deployed “Smart Agriculture” solutions in China and around the world. AKOL's "AKOLogic" is an ERP platform for agricultural management. It is considered to be one of the most advanced smart software management solution based on agricultural data. "Over a number of years we sat and wrote the AKOLogic leading global system from scratch. Tens of millions of dollars were invested and the system itself was an outcome of 35 years of experience that the company had gained since it was founded,” said Ron Shani. It is built on the top of Microsoft’s Azure computing platform.

The system allows the monitoring of the growth process from the field to the supermarket. It features an authoritative 'full traceability' system which links packinghouses, regulatory bodies, food centers, laboratories, marketing centers, crop, and farmers. This enables it to provide a complete picture of the entire agricultural food chain. Complementing AKOLogic is a web-based agri-commerce (using a SAAS - Software as a Service model) system that helps link, stream, and manage information between different parties in the sector, that also in real time. The system is tuned to all types of crop growth patterns and allows farmers to follow the growth process from the field to the final product.

Farmers also receive tools for professional crop management (growth protocols) and for financials (pricing growth). A country, cooperative or food company, therefore, gains the ability to manage all data from one place through the technology created by AKOL’s suppliers; a system that caters to every need of a farmer. AKOL’s tools enable farmers to maximize resources and improve crop productivity while streamlining processes and increasing profit margins.

Product advantages

  • Food safety (Immediate improvement the quality)
  • Food security (A significant increase in quantity)
  • Plant Protection (Prediction of pests and disease treatment)
  • Efficiency (Considerable savings in expenses and proper distribution of resources),
  • Global Gap, Primus Labs and others (improving growth protocol (known) and international regulatory compliance),
  • Innovation (Implement methodologies and efficient processes in the agriculture sector, including using agricultural sensors and devices),
  • Transparency and information sharing (Allowing the consumer in the supermarket to know where a food crop grows and what materials are used in its production),

What makes their system truly global is the fact that the system fully supports all known languages.

A sustainable future for all humankind

Today Shani invests in a number of other agricultural ventures that have the ability to move global agriculture forward and has pledged to continue to do so. “As someone who grew up in the top 100 software companies managing Big Data, I finally found myself in the world of agriculture that is often thought to be technologically obsolete. In truth, agricultural innovation is only just beginning, and I believe that leveraging my knowledge and experience to move the agricultural world forward is my true mission in life”, Shani declares boldly. At Aspioneer, we believe that the pursuit of such a vision is aspirational and worth fighting for.

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