Puparazzi Mobile Pet Spaw: The ultimate furry franchise



It’s been a hectic day at work. You have hardly eaten. You complete your work just before the set deadline and phew…you heave a sigh of relief. The feeling of hunger is long gone and the only thing that comes to your mind is reaching home at its earliest. Upon opening the door, right in front of you is sitting an entire fur army waiting to pounce on you and give you the warmest welcome one can receive. Before you can even react, they are all over you and all you can do is drop your weapons, put your hands behind your back, and surrender. The frustration, the exhaustion you have been carrying for the entire day vanishes in a matter of seconds. Everything starts to seem so pleasant. Wow….

This leads us to a very interesting question. For all the love and affection they bestow on us, don’t these short-lived bundles of joy deserve a red carpet treatment?

"We are passionate pet lovers that cater to serving your pet like the celebrities that they are," says Tammy Rodgers, CEO & Founder of Puparazzi Mobile Pet Spaw.

Where your Pet’s the Star

It is estimated that around 85 million families in the US own a pet and are willing to spend any amount of money to give their pets the best grooming experience. However, pet parents are still longing for a pet salon to provide them an aha experience. With life getting busier day by day, taking your pet to a grooming center is another challenge. With missed appointments becoming a pain in the neck for groomers, it is also an equally painful experience for the pet parents. Along with excellent grooming experience, pet parents are also longing for an option that will give them the flexibility to be able to groom their pets without disturbing their work schedule.

Tammy Rodgers, CEO & Founder of Puparazzi Mobile Pet Spaw knows this frustration all too well. Founded in 2010 Surprise AZ based Puparazzi is committed to delivering a better, safer, and more convenient spa experience for all pets while giving pet parents the flexibility of having their pets groomed at the comfort of their doorsteps. With their state of the art grooming vans, and services including all breed mobile dog grooming and mobile cat grooming, teeth cleaning, ear cleaning, and other services, Puparazzi is here to give your pet a Hollywood themed truly red carpet treatment. Puparazzi also partners with local rescues or shelters to bring awareness of adoption and help the dogs get furever homes. The altruistic attitude and the unparalleled desire to promote the welfare of all pets make Puparazzi stand taller than the rest.

The Genesis of Puparazzi

It all started when Tammy was going through a heartbreaking divorce in 2008. Rather than allowing life to take over her, she sprang into action. Using this life situation as motivation, Tammy started Puparazzi Mobile Pet Spaw. When life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade out of it, and that is what Tammy chose to do. With an experience of 40 years, and having gone through all the ups and downs, Tammy knew that she would succeed for sure. Virtually there was nothing that could deter her from what she wanted to achieve. “I believe my 40 years of experience in the industry allows me to understand all aspects of the business and I am able to help with customer service issues as well,” says Tammy. “I love animals, I love educating pet parents on proper care of their pets and I love giving back to the rescue community and saving one dog at a time through exposure and donations and education.”

When you do what you love, success comes to finding you, and Puparazzi is the best example of it. Though it was started amidst the global recession of 2008, Puparazzi achieved stupendous success and continues to grow even in the current pandemic situation. What motivates them? The love for pets and what they do. At the core of Puparazzi lies their passion for pets. Everything they do is backed by their love and passion for pets. They strongly believe that pets are nothing but family members and deserve the same level of love and respect. “We understand that our pets are more than just animals– they are members of our family,” adds Tammy. They recognize that they are dealing with emotions and give their best to keep the pets and their parents happy. The products and the services are developed keeping the comfort of the pets and the convenience of their parents in mind. “We are a very grassroots type of business. Our fully wrapped vans speak for themselves in the industry and allow us to brand ourselves easily on the streets. People on the streets commonly mouth the words Puparazzi and stare as we drive by,” says Tammy.

Pet industry and growth

Over the past decade, the revenue of the pet grooming and boarding industry has nearly doubled. As pets are seen as an integral part of the family, pet owners are willing to spend more on their wellbeing. Due to rising pet ownership, the demand for pet grooming is at an all-time high. Between 2015 and 2020 the market size of the pet grooming industry in the US has grown by 4.3% per year on average. Measured by revenue, the market size of the pet grooming and boarding industry is a whopping $9.2 billion in 2020.

Every year, the American Pet Products Association publishes a compendious report that analyzes the growth of the pet industry. The pet industry continues to show the trending growth seen in the last three decades. The reason for these numbers is no secret. Statistics also show more Americans are likely to own a dog or cat. With 65% of the population owning a pet with around 77.8 million dogs and 85.8 million cats, these rising numbers are just a prelude to the growth this industry can achieve.

The franchise route

Building on the growth the industry offers Tammy always had the vision to share the opportunity with other like-minded people and groom them for success at a grand scale. Adding vans and employees to her fleet was effective but was not the preferred method to scale her business. Finally, after a lot of analysis, Tammy and her family decided to offer the Puparazzi franchise as a part of their business expansion plan. Having met people who had the emotional readiness to move forward but don’t have the financial means or credit, Tammy intentionally decided to keep the franchising process simple and transparent.

To successfully qualify as a Puparazzi franchise, the aspirant franchisee has to satisfy the below criteria: The need to be like-minded, they need to have conformity for the brand, and most importantly they need to possess unconditional love for pets.

The business model and the support provided by Puparazzi give its franchise’s the ability to do what they love and to be able to make a living and make a life doing it. Once selected, the franchisee receives full support, and the staff at Puparazzi will be with them at every step- willing to go another mile for the franchisees’ success. Tammy wants people to be in the business for themselves and not by themselves. “I don’t believe anyone should have to feel alone in the business so I am there for them every step of the way,” affirms Tammy.

With ethical business practices and the right mindset, Puparazzi is just the right opportunity to live the life of your dreams and achieve financial independence. “We are not about making it difficult to be a part of our brand,” says Tammy.

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