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As citizens of today’s fast-paced world, health services such as fitness clubs and gym franchisees have become a part of our daily lives. However, in the constant hustle and bustle of this same world, our focus towards our health often takes a back seat, until it is too late.

Truth is that although we all understand the importance of good health, sometimes we just cannot seem to find the time or the motivation to go to a gym or even just a jog. There are also many amongst us who do not like going to a gym. And then of course there are those who have tried everything – from working out to dieting – but nothing seems to have worked.

If weight loss related wellness is a worry for you, worry no more. Introducing Profile Plan, a cutting-edge health coaching and weight loss organization that provides tailormade nutrition, activity and lifestyle solutions to achieve life changing results. Nate Malloy, CEO of Profile shares, “Our plans utilize a highly structured and simple nutrition plan to control calories combined with a high protein, low carb, low fat diet through the use of meal replacements combined with whole foods.  In addition, our health coaches provide an activity plan and lifestyle education weekly to drive lasting behavior change for sustainable results.”

The Guide to a Healthy Living

Launched in 2012, Profile is a weight loss and nutrition program that was developed by top medical experts at Sanford Health, one of the world’s largest healthcare providers in the world. Designed with the explicit objective of making weight loss simple and sustainable, Profile derives its ingenuity by pairing a science-backed approach to weight loss, reinforced with one-on-one health coaching.

Over the years, the medical experts noted in their research that people lose 3X more weight when working directly with a health coach. So, they created a 1-on-1 health-coaching model for their patients struggling with weight-loss. Nate says, “we utilize real life, certified health coaches to develop plans for our members, combined with high quality, great tasting foods, and technology to provide a comprehensive solution for our members.

All of Profile’s meal plans have been developed by top dieticians, researchers and nutritionists to help people safely lose weight, and keep it off for good. Each member is given a personalized step-by-step nutrition plan that is simple to follow and comes with an array of choices of healthy and delicious meal options.

The diverse line of Profile’s protein-packed bars, shakes, entrees, snacks, and more are enough to make anyone craving for more. Through its various meal plans, Profile is able to cater to the needs of everyone across the board, including those with medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disease, and kidney disease.

“we utilize real life, certified health coaches to develop plans for our members, combined with high quality, great tasting foods, and technology to provide a comprehensive solution for our members.”

A Dream Team

What further sets this brand apart is their drive to provide the highest quality of health coaching services to all their members. Not to mention, the Profile team is comprised of some of the most qualified health coaches in the country.

To make it into this team, all coaches must receive and maintain their Profile health coach certification and stay up to date on the latest dietary research, health trends, and protocols for sustainable weight loss. “Our coaches are there to motivate and support, but, most importantly, they’re there to provide education on healthy habits for long-term weight loss success,” says Malloy. Additionally, Profile coaches also act as an extension of their clients, keeping in contact with members’ doctors to ensure they’re following a meal plan best suited for their health and goals. 

Malloy says that all Profile employees are dedicated and aligned to the organization’s mission – To transform lives, one relationship at a time. “Our coaches create lasting relationships and friendships with our members and are truly valued as an expert and mentor. To this team, working at Profile is not just a job, but an opportunity to transform somebody’s life, enabling them to be the best version of themselves. It is a moral responsibility that they commit and live up to the moment they are hired as Profile health coaches.  

The Profile Journey 

With the vision – To be the premier choice for healthy living, Profile has enabled hundreds of thousands of members to achieve life changing results. “We help people take control of their lives, physically, mentally, and emotionally,” states Malloy. Today, Profile boasts of helping their members lose over 3 million pounds, and continues to celebrate more victories on and off the scale.

From a technology perspective, “Profile is not just an app,” asserts Malloy. For starters, it comes with smart weighing scales that are linked with the app – The Profile Journey App. The platform also comes with DNA testing, called Profile Precise, which is used to help understand how each individual processes carbohydrates. This is then used to tailor and improve the results of the nutrition plans.

Additionally, the Profile 3D scanners that have been installed at the physical locations, provide a 3D rendering of the entire body and help track each inch lost in an engaging digital format. Nate explains, “We have a phased approach to weight loss that is constantly tailored based on your dietary needs, wants and goals.” 

Driven by its client-centric culture, proven weight-loss solutions and innovative technology, Profile has spread its wingspan to over 68 locations with coaching services available throughout the US and select parts of Canada.

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Being in the Business of Changing Lives

Born and raised in a small town in north-central Iowa, Nate graduated from university with a degree in business administration. In 2004, he completed his law degree and joined the family business – a law firm. After many years of business litigation, Malloy sought out a new pursuit and got into franchise development.

Malloy joined some friends to create a new fitness business. He began as their attorney and ended up a partner. He split time between the law firm and franchising, though spending 50 hours a week doing each was hardly splitting time. He knew he needed to make a choice. Eventually, he and his partners sold their franchise concept to Snap Fitness in Minneapolis, where Malloy and his family then moved. He spent a year successfully transitioning their concept into Snap.

One night, at a Minnesota Timberwolves game, Malloy met up with his law school buddy – President of Sanford Fargo, Nate White. White was attending the game with Sanford Health President and CEO Kelby Krabbenhoft. It was during the game that Krabbenhoft and White shared with Malloy the concept of a revolutionary weight-loss solution, known at the time as the Sanford Diet. Excited by this proposition, by the end of the game, Nate had already decided that he was going to move to Sioux falls for the development of this new ground-breaking platform, and in 2012, Profile took flight. 

As CEO, Malloy focuses on ensuring that the right team is in place inside Profile, as well as on building client relationships aimed at future growth and associations with health franchisees. Beyond that, he takes great interest in following other franchisees, closely examining their successes and challenges, and in finding new solutions that can further enhance the Profile franchise offerings.

In his free time, Nate enjoys traveling with his wife and 3 kids. His kids participate in various athletics such as basketball, football and gymnastics, which mostly keeps both parents occupied. Other times, Malloy can be found at the golf course, chasing down some birdies.

Looking Ahead

Looking into the future, weight-loss platforms such as Profile are poised for rampant growth. With the world getting more and more tightly wound as the days go by, coupled with unforeseen circumstances like the recent pandemic, people need outlets that enable them to live a safe and healthy life. Through Profile, Nate and his team continue to create these pathways for their clients enabling and encouraging them to transform their health.

With continually evolving nutrition plans and partnerships with healthcare & fitness organizations, backed by a convenient virtual experience to deliver individualized plans to anyone, anywhere in the world, the future of Profile is nothing but rock solid.